Fresh Playthroughs

After maxing out my character, completing all missions for the base game + DLCs, obtaining every item there is to get in the game, and gaining all achievements, it’s safe to say I’ve done everything there is to do in gen z as it stands. Having left the game for a wee while now, I’m wondering if it has been made possible to start a new character and start a fresh playthrough yet. I recall there being an issue with this as far back as I can remember and use to be told that messing around with save files was the only way to achieve any sort of replayability within the game. Does this still hold true or have the devs sorted this out? I’d love to come back and start from scratch again without having to play around with my save files!

Still no built in way to do a whole new playthrough while keeping the first one.
I am not sure if it is planned to be added or not.

But on PC it is quite easy to move the save folders back and forth as you please to get a news save.

Alright, thanks.

The fact you still have to do this instead of it being implemented properly after 2+ years of the game being released is honestly a little disappointing. Oh well.

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Only do not forget that the devs never said/promised they were going to implement this “Fresh playthrough” wish. So it’s not ‘STILL not done’. It just is the same save system the devs have chosen for their game. That’s not to say that they may not implement this idea some day.

I would love it to happen. Maybe even a Game+

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The main topic covering “New Game” and “New Game+” is here: Please add "New Game"

And while this feature has been asked since launch, 2+ years later, nothing hasn’t been done regarding this, indicating that this feature most likely isn’t coming to the game. Of course, there is also the fact that dev team is small and they have to manage their time wisely.

This is a mere theory at this point, i have yet to test this and if you do, make sure to back up your save file first! ( C:/Users/%username%/Documents/Avalanche Studios/GenerationZero )

From what ive gathered; if you were to delete all your characters (in the character select menu), your mission progression will reset, along with your inventory and storage, but rumors have mentioned that the collectables remain.

And if you have a friend playing on the same platform as you, your friend can temporarily move out his savefile and launch the game (for a fresh save file) and then pick up all your inventory in a multiplayer session, holding it while you drop out, delete your characters and re-join your friend and get your stuff back.

Actually, only what is in your Plundra remains (though, it shouldn’t). Everything else goes, including apparel items and collectables. Topic about it: Plundra Idea.... Oh come on, 15 letters... DUH

So, with this, players can cheese the game by collecting loads of gear/best weapons, put them into Plundra, wipe all chars and start anew with loads of high-end gear.

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This is so with all games actually. Even in those games that have randomized map with new game. Since the game mechanics are still same and players already know somewhat how the game works, lessening the fear/challenge factor considerably.