Game breaking bugs in this game

So, you want in this bunker?
Need a barcode scanner? Sure, it’s on that dead robot junk beside the door.

Cool, now I can go up to the door and scan myself in. What? Access denied?
*look in my inventory or log to see where the barcode card went"

Nope, no where to be found.

How the hell did this game get through quality testing in the first place?

Did you guys even play the game and beat it before rolling this out?

This LITERALLY breaks the story.

I have never run into something like this in a game, ever. In all the games I have played, this game lacks A LOT of QA.

Not to mention the ammo for my gun randomly going missing. I go to see if I can unload the ammo and put it back into my inventory. What? A second extended clip? How can I have TWO extended clips on my gun? I unattach it, it goes into my inventory… Okay… I unattach the other… The first extended mag moves to a different spot in my inventory and guess what? Now I have NO AMMO left.


How did you guys end up playing the game without that happening to you as well?.. Yikes.

This being said. The game has massive potential for being a lot better but even being half priced of a usual $80 game.

I still feel ripped off.
This game isn’t even finished.
This game should have been put in early access.

i agree , this game was not polished enough and at release time was in my opinion still at beta.
with that said , it has been released and we can see the staff are live streaming alot , answering social media and forums , and have been bug fixing like crazy. i have clocked about 160 hours on this game so far and love it , i know it has some bugs still , but its still early days , and the team are going to continue support for it.

If you read carefully you will notice that it states that you need to collect enough barcodes to get a fully working one.

It’s part of the game and not a game breaking bug.

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First issue is just you not paying enough attention (not a bug)
Second issue is a bug that does NOT prevent you from playing the game and it’s something the devs are working on (not a game-breaking bug)
If you choose not to read or watch the Q&A (here on the forum, discord and steam or on the youtube, twitch or mixer channels) does not mean that they don’t exists

Please read the instructions on how to report bugs on this forum

Have a nice day :slight_smile: