Game crash all the time

Hello. Since for some days ago my generation zero keep crash very much. It pop ups a window with an error, and then just close the game down. Before i was able to play many days with no crash. But for some days ago, i cant play 10 minutes without a crash. And i have no idea to fix it

Please provide more information.


Which version of the game on which system do you play on?
Does it happen playing alone or with others?
Does it happen in special situations or just after about 10 minutes, no matter what you do?

If you play on pc (steam) : do you use mods?

Thanks for reply, and sorry i forgot more information. It is on PC. Predator intel core i7 - 10700 CPU, 2,9 ghz processor, 16 gb ram. 64 Bit… NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti…

I dont know using mods, only that i once downloaded Nexus to get infinite skill points, because i never thought it will possible to upgrade all skills, when i reach max level.
The crash happens several times near at Himarvet (On an island) I think the coordinates is 4131, -573 (It should be at an apocalypse class tank.

First crash happens in the battle against the tank, and i hear other fights a place not far away (But i couldnt see it) even i was the only player, so i guess it was some robots and tanks fighting each others.

In the middle of the fight it crash (I tried use Magnus to kill the tank to complete a “Challenges”). After i play the game again “Spawned at Gäddön”, i walk up and continues the fight against the tank. Weird enough i used binoculars to check the tanks armor, health etc.

And it didnt have up to 100 health, armor etc. which i think the game still register the damage i do to the tank before the first crash. Then i continues the fight. Another weird thing was the mines the tank shoot out, i could not shoot them (Because a kind of bug). Then finally i kill the tank at last with the Magnus, and i got the challenges.

But just 2 seconds after killing the tank with the magnus, it crash second time. Now i am in the game again, i am lucky to still have the challenges, so i dont have to shoot the tank again with the Magnus. And it is on steam on pc, and playing alone. I have all upgrades to the game except the 2 last upgrades. I use Windows 10.

I havent checked if it happens in random crash after 10 minutes. But yesterday it happens a lots at another place (Also with a tank where a beacon appeared). Second time when the beacon appear again, i fast travel very fast away from that place and prevent the game to crash. I have more problems yesterday with boxes, crates and collectables items are disappeared, and after some time it just appear in the front of me, or random.

Also a gnome “Father gnome” (Collactables) i remember i had collected once, was not counted anymore. And first it was disappeared. I used fast travel, and go to the place again, and then the Gnome appeared, but i could not collect it “No sign of the hand, that show it is possible to pick up”

Especially at Hagaboda and Ostervik there are many bugs for me (Also doors that cant open, also a schematic i am not able to pick up

Puh, it’s hard to read and to answer.
You should use some new lines/ make paragraphs.

  1. Using mods can corrupt your savegames, even if you just used them once but especially if you have them installed while updating the game. Mods are not supported and using them is against the eula.

  2. It should not be possible that there are fights between machines on himfjäll, because there are no soviets. Only possibility is that there is the bug with endless spawning ticks, that attack the fnix machines. This (the endless spawning) could be the cause for your crashes.

  3. With “upgrades” do you mean the paid dlc?

  4. Do you mean the father gnome (blue skin like a smurf) or the classic garden gnome? I just ask because the situation that you are telling (hagaboda, östervik, gnome not collectable, doors can’t be opened, scematic not collectable and probably more) sound like that you have gnomes around. We don’t really know id it’s a feature or a sign of issues yet.

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I took the liberty of adding some paragraphs.


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I will try to make it more short. I am not so much used to add paragraphs etc…

  1. About mods, before installing the nexus to get infinte skillpoints, it still crash sometimes, so i am unsure the mod has something to do with it. I will try different solutions. Like i try add generation zeros exe-file in NVIDIA program settings (To allow the game to use 3d settings). It helps for long time with no crash, but then it came back again.

  2. I have not mentioned Himfjäll. But mentioned Himarvet.

  3. With “upgrades” i mean expansions to general zero on steam like “Alpine unrest”, “FNIX Rising” etc. The only 2 expansions i dont have, are “Resistance weapons pack” and “Tactical equipment pack”

  4. Im sorry about that gnome i cant remember the coordinate. I attach a youtube video, which gnome it is. Generation zero österviks hamn collectible - YouTube
    I dont remember it has blue skin. Maybe i should check?

I will tell my instinct, what i guess make the game crash…

  1. I guess there are too many crates, soldier-bodies, boxes, (cars), health kits and backpacks to open and pick up items (Thats why the game not always can handle some of it to pick up. Backpacks that keep flashing in colours and the aforementioned appears and disappears randomly. And some of it is not possible to pick up anyways)…

  2. FNIX bases make a bigger risk for crash or slow down gameplay because too many things happens at once (Too many enemies spawns. Lots of bombs falling from the sky)

  3. Maybe sometimes the game cant handle during a combat with enemies, at the same time robots are in combat with each other at a nearby place

It’s good theory, but why doesn’t my game crash?

I’m on PC too. Steam. My PC’s stats are less than yours. I have AMD Ryzen 7 1800x Processor, with Nvidea GeForce GTX 1080 ti GPU, 32 ram. And I only play Solo.

Im surpriced if your game dont crash, and if you have all the upgrades to the game too, like “Alpine unrest”, “FNIX Rising” etc. I also guess the crash happens more often longere in the game where there are more and bigger enemies

Well, I don’t know. I’m not a PC wiz. My theory is that if people play coop, the online servers can’t cope somehow. And maybe the AMD CPU is better equipped to deal with a lot of data.

But I’m constantly seeing the battles between the Soviet and Swedish machines, and my system doesn’t seem to be bothered with that at all. Nor with the endlessly spawning ticks. I did a base assault, where this happened, and although it was a lot harder, I at first just thought that this was intended by the devs to give us some real fighting to do.

If I was superstitious, I would say touch wood to not jinx it. :coffee:

I would advise you to tune down your graphical settings a bit and see if that helps. I had it on ultra but with this update I put a few on high. Only world detail I still have on ultra.

Thanks. I will try set down the graphic settings next time. But at the moment i have a big break with the game, because i get easy shocked every time it crash

my PC is even lower I used an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with 3.4 Ghz, a 1030 GT 2GB vRam and 8 GB RAM

Lowered my graphic. And it didnt help. I end a place with 100 of ticks keep running around. And many of the ticks could not be killed anyway. A little time later, then crash. The game is totally full of bugs and errors everywhere. Some of the stupidest game ever played

If all the ticks came from a machine, that issue is being looked into why its happening again.

It was not in östervik, but i cant remember the place. There was a harvester with some hunters around. Suddenly the harvester just died of all the ticks, when the ticks attack it. At later there came new hunter spawning from nowhere. i kill the hunter even many ticks was jumping around, and then the game crash

There was one day when my game would not crash.But now every 15 minutes I crash 3 times I would have to restart my game.

I guess we need to fast travel or stop the game, and back again every time something weird happens in the game (Lots of ticks jumping around, other weird combats). Sometimes i also encounter destroyed hunters, tanks, harvesters or the 3rd big tanks (Cant remember their name) just disappear. Then some times later they just appear flying a little up in the sky, then land on the ground still as destroyed, like the game forgot to let them be visible after killing them

But you’re lucky there, two out of three cases appear when I’ve destroyed a harvester, with the opposite also appear two whole hunters and they are very trigger-happy.

Platform: PC (Steam)

Description: Random game crash

Steps To Reproduce: Happens much more frequently close to control point with issues (see Floda/Dyrbo/Smultron control point bug reports)

Images / Videos: None due to crash

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1 (self)

Cpu: Intel(R) Core™ i5-2310 CPU @ 2.90GHz
OsVersion: 10.0 Build: 19044
Memory: 32GB
Memory Available: >25GB
VideoCard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
GpuDriverDate: 10-6-2021

From what I can tell, my crashes are happening as I get too close to either a control point that’s having issues or the known tick bug. Either way I have set my graphics to the lowest potato settings and it still drops the framerate to low 10’s before the game crashes out. Also I am unable to send reports due to the server not responding (I think that was what it said).

Maybe it’s due to some buffer that’s running full.
If not the RAM, maybe an internal buffer of the game.