Game Crashing near Tarnboda Skans

Xbox One X’s, and Xbox One S
Game crashes between tarnboda skans and the church above. Usually just outside of the little town. When you first encounter the larger enemies while headed up the hill to the North.
Steps To Reproduce:
While moving North East from Tarnboda Skans safe house the game will buzz loudly when you are engaged by any of the larger apocalypse class robots to include hunters. Sometimes it will happen immediately and other times near the end of the fight.
Images / Videos:
I recorded the event once recently but do not have it on my phone to share.
Host or Client:
It has always occurred on my server from what I recall but consistently across all three of my Xbox one S and and my Xbox one X’s
Players in your game:
It has happened with other players and without.
I have the latest updates as of 17 Jan 2021. Xbox One X, and also Xbox one S.
I run everything off of a solid state external drive.

See if it´s like this.

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