Game crashing regularly after July 23 update

There has been a lot of reports about this and after the July 23 update it has gotten very bad. I looked/searched, no reports current on this issue. I host, players come in, few seconds, minutes sometime, they crash out of the game. Pop right back in. In 30 minutes I may have players crashing a dozen times or more. Then I, the host crash after the reaper is falling from being destroyed. All players lose their supplies. This is very annoying for everyone that is trying to play co-op right now. Players crashing from time to time has become the norm, but I don’t often crash, solo or co-op host. After the update it has got a lot worse. Devs, thank you for all your hard work and I know you guys will get this resolved, just hope sooner than later.



On a XB1s and it’s always been crash happy but now I get 1 firefight or about 10 mins and I’ll get crashed to the dashboard. Overheats the console after about 4-5 tries. I’ve noticed it saves every minute or so and each time it’s doing so the game drops frame rate and/or freezes. Perhaps the frequency of the saving has something to do with it, or at least for console players.

As soon as I started joining someone else’s game, I’m getting random crashes. There hasn’t been any repeatable way to make it happen, and I’ve not seen any particular triggers for it, it will just randomly drop. I’ve sent the report in every time it’s happened, but I’m not sure what else I could do.


I’m having the same issue. The host’s game is fine but my game is crashing every 5-10 minutes. This just started today, after we obtained, then deployed, our companions. There were no issues prior to the update and we’ve played more than 55 hours.


Same here (Xbox One X). Host stays fine but person joining freezes/crashes multiple times. Always happens when companions both deployed.

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Try to be as detailed as possible.
If there are error messages or code, add them here.
Is it obviously due to recently added new features or just random? Keep in mind that the cause in multiplayer doesn’t necessarly be on your side, but maybe on other players side (like a guest using a companion, game crashes because of known issue during looting of companion).

And much important: on which system do you play?

There is somewhere a pattern for a bug report here in the forums. Try to use it, that helps best.

Sure thing:
PC, Steam
It’s definitely the new patch. I’ve not had any crashes in the 200+ hours of playing until today.
We further discovered that it is the person joining that has the crashes, it seems like the host doesn’t really do it. We tested this by swapping back and forth between host and guest.
The crashes happen if even one of the players has their Companion out.

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The same. After the update we (group of three) crashed frequently. Stopped playing after two hours. Before the update everything worked fine. Playing on XBox Series X, no error message occured, just crashed to dashboard. Happened with and without the new companion.

This is most likely an issue with the Companion. The clients cannot use their Companions as the moment you enter combat, they will crash as a result.

Same thing with me and my friend he crashes almost every 10min on the clock when he joins my game and both companions are out haven’t tested with no companions yet. Also have the quest icon still showing even tho we have mission completed for making friends quest.

I was a host last night and same thing, my guests were crashing out of my game where we couldn’t do anything. There were companions involved. PC/Steam. Some guest would stay longer than others but all of them coming and going repeatedly. I even logged off steam, reboot my computer and started again, same thing, guests would join and few minutes later, back out they would go.

Only time I deployed my pet was when I over looted and needed to get the loot back to my storage, so used my pet.

EDIT: I have played also solo with no issues at all. With or without pet deployed.

Ive had the same and me and my buddy didnt even do the Companion mission yet because we were crunched for time so we were going to just do that mission on our own as we had time. he hosted and I dropped to dash 4 times before he had to get off to go to bed. Deleted my install, reinstalled and played solo for 3 more hours. Didnt try to do multiplayer after but I only really play multi with my one buddy.

I just quote Gysbert.


**Platform: PC/Steam

**Description: Crashes during multiplayer after the latest update

**Steps To Reproduce: It’s random

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client: Client

**Players in your game: 2

**Specifications: PC (intel I7 32GB RAM 72GB Free on HD) with a Nvida RTX 3080 card. After the first crash, I updated the driver. After the second crash, I made sure all my drivers have been updated. Restarted my PC after the driver updates. Problem still occurs. Not using a companion.

I’ve had two different types of crashes recently.

First, when my fire team joins a game for the SECOND time in the session, the host crashes. Doesn’t matter who is hosting, or who joins, but as soon as we break from one game to jump to someone else’s game (to spread out the kills on those **** 7 base assault BS) and someone starts their game, the first person to join the game makes their game crash.

Second, today, I had a crash where I was told that the multiplayer session I was joining was running a different version of the game than I was. I was the host. My fire team and I are all on the same version, AFAWCT.

Our problem is the person who joins the game crashes after 10min or so on Xbox series x & s have tried reinstall and installing on external hard drive but still the same problem for us it’s now unplayable in multiplayer.


So, multiplayer is a dumpster fire. Constant crashing. How to reproduce?

Fast travel more than once, crash.
Play for more than 5 minutes, crash.
Loot anything, crash.


I was just going to ask on the forums if anybody else has seen this. I’ve had crashes intermittently for a while (always when tabbing out, which is a separate issue I’ve seen mentioned on the forums) because my machine is not top tier, but my friends are also crashing after the patch. We were playing the morning of the update and my game crashed, and I had to update since it was released while I was playing. I immediately noticed a difference in the frequency of crashes after updating.

Some things I’ve noticed about the crashes:

• The crashes happen only as a client. The host game will never crash.
• The crashes happen regardless of whether you’re using companions or not.
• They seem to be more frequent depending on the speed of your connection. One friend has a poor connection and the crashes happen to us every 3-4 minutes. Another friend has a great connection (as I also do) and the crashes happen every 40-90 minutes. I have not done extensive testing on this and honestly it could be anything, but its just a pattern I’ve recognized.
• It can occasionally be easy for me to tell when I’m about to crash as the game can sometimes become sluggish immediately before the crash occurs.
• When playing with multiple clients the crashes do not happen simultaneously. The crashes happen to separate individuals at different frequencies.

I’m not a game developer or code tester but I was hoping to see whether anyone has made the same observations I have since this issue can range from mildly inconvenient to severely debilitating.

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I got the same issue when playing with my brother after the companion update release.

My brother is always host and we had some crashes before the Companion update.
Sometimes, my brother’s game would crash or mine but most of the time, we can play several hours straight.

The day of the companion update, we started to play. My brother still hosting.
And my game crashed 5 times in 1 hour play while my brother’s game didn’t.

We play on gamepass.

I play on PC, he plays on Xbox. (with good connection - no wifi)

When my game crashes, no error message is displayed.
I just get some freezes before it crashes.
It happened while in combat once and the 4 other times, we were just looting, searching for schematics etc…

Do you own the companion dlc, too?
Are your companions setup as scavenger?