Game Settings Suggestions Collection Thread

Setting: Ability to choose “New Game” and/or "New Game+"

For now, the game progression continues on, without players being able to revisit previously completed missions.

Here, it would be nice if players have either of the two choices or both of them:

"New Game"
This needs some form of save slot system, where when you start “New Game”, your previous game is saved in a save slot. So, you can access it and go back to your previous game, when needed.

"New Game+"
With this, players could start the game (mission progress) from the beginning but keep their character progression as it was. Keeping the inventory and Plundra/Recycing Station contents is also one option.

What would make it harder 2nd time around, can be done many ways. For example, locking current and easier difficulties:

  • If player completed the game on Adventurer difficulty, New Game+ will have minimum of Skirmish difficulty.
    Players can’t pick Adventurer difficulty when playing on New Game+ but they can pick Guerilla difficulty at any point and switch between Skirmish and Guerilla.

  • If player completed the game on Skirmish difficulty, New Game+ will have minimum of Guerilla difficulty.
    Players can’t pick difficulty level and have to play on Guerilla.

  • If player completed the game on Guerilla difficulty, New Game+ will have minimum of post-April '20 update difficulty.

As of when players are able to pick New Game+, it can be after player has completed final main story mission (Behind the Curtain, The Resistance or Good Night) or players can spend Prestige points, 200 to 250, to unlock New Game+ mode.

Discussion here: Please add "New Game"


“Survival” mode.

Somewhat like what Aesyle said, meaning it would have a certain minimum difficulty setting. But, it would include things such as hunger, and thirst, weapon wear/tear, and susceptibility to heat or cold; sleep could also be a factor- if you go too long without rest you begin to lose mobility, coordination, and speed.

Loot abundance to change how much loot is found in the world.
And for PC players add button option to close inventory screen, other than ESC.

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I’d like the ability to select which screen the game should be displayed on. Sometimes it randomly switches screens when I’m tabbed out. It’s perfect for the “Display” settings :slight_smile:

Ability to adjust graphics quality, from:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Very high

Can’t check right now, but isn’t that already in the game?


Yes, it is already in the game. For PC at least.

Ok, I’ll look again on PS4.