Game Settings Suggestions Collection Thread

Since I noticed quite a few different suggestions for new settings to be added to the game on discord, stream and so on and came up with a few myself, I ask you to post Settings / Sliders that you think should be added to the game in here!

  • Please keep it to one suggestion per comment so we see how much approval every single one gets.

  • Check if your suggestion has already been brought up, duplicates will be deleted. Instead, like the existing suggestion so we know that more people want it!

  • Please do not comment anything other than suggestions, I will delete it to keep the thread nice and compact.


Colorblind mode.
This could be as simple as a filter over the game, but quoting @Aesyle:

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Option to toggle Depth of Field
It makes me dizzy. There is already a slider for DoF in Camera Mode, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be added to the normal settings.


custom difficulty, ability to increase the agressivenes and lethality in both ways of robots

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Viewing distance of machines.

Since my gameplay revolves heavy around the hunting rifles, at distances > 200m sometimes Hunter are only visible through scopes. At 400m all machines are hidden which is ludicrous. I had so many times where I followed a tank where the machine all of a sudden disappears and reappears when it is below 400m distance.


Ability to remove lens dirt from the screen!


Sensitivity sliders for all the diffrent sights/scopes.
Been asking for this since the day I got the game, Practically every sight is unusable for me cus the sens is super low, Iron sights is the only one that works for me cus that has normal sens.


Setting: Able to rebind every command in game

Here, it would be nice if players are able to rebind all commands found in game and assign them all freely to keyboard, mouse and/or controller. Also, support for key combinations would add flexibility.

Example (from Farming Simulator 19):

Discussion here: Problems with custom keybinds on PC


Friendly fire on multiplayer. This would add a realistic twist to the game.
(It would be optional, so you would activate it only if you want it)


Setting: Able to choose which way your Inventory, Plundra and Recycling Station are sorted

For now, we can filter the items in inventory/plundra by category but we can not sort the items themselves within the category itself. Instead, they all are arranged by quality. This only works for weapons and attachments, while for everything else, that doesn’t have quality level, is sorted randomly.

Here, it would be best if players are given several sorting options, e.g:

  • Alphabetically
  • Quality
  • Age (from the time it was picked up, e.g newest on the top)
  • Amount
  • Custom (user defined) [*]

[*] For the Custom, it would be nice if players can manually drag-and-drop items within inventory/plundra/recycling station, to arrange all items as they see fit.

Discussion here: Stash Box sorting


Setting: Able to choose which way your Crafting Schematics are sorted

For now, crafting schematics are sorted by their age. Meaning the newest one you picked up, is at the bottom of the list.

This causes quite a confusion when trying to craft correct apparel bonus, ammo or other gear in Crafting Station. Since it takes quite a bit of time to find the correct schematic, when they are sorted by the pick up time.

Here, it would be best if players can manually sort their crafting schematics. E.g drag-and-drop schematics as they see fit, which also translates into crafting station.


Setting: Ability to completely hide HUD or certain parts of it

For now, we can disable POI icons, mission tracking info box, proximity arrow and item bar (for latter: always visible or fade out).

Since different players prefer different HUD options, it would be best if all individual HUD elements can be customized: always visible, fade out or always hidden.

Discussion here: Option to hide the HUD / certain elements


Setting: Ability to colorize HUD and certain parts of it

For now, most of the HUD is in white color, including lettering.

It would be nice if players can pick different color options for different HUD parts.
For example:

  • health bar - green
  • stamina bar - blue
  • waypoint - red
  • compass: N - red, S - blue

Something in between, but neither Aesyle’s “every bind” and “sorting”:

Quick assign inventory item to a slot via pressing slot number along choosing it with GUI.
On the prompt that asks “which slot?” you just press respective button bound slot in KB/M contols (“1” to “7” in defaults).

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Add on Aesyle’s sorting - same goes for apparel: plus “by effect type” (bullet res., blast res., visiblility red. etc)

Already mentioned elsewhere:

Ability to hold on gun’s reloading(chambering in new round) on single-shot/manually operated gun - practical for long-range engagement to see where bullet goes.

Those are bolt-action hunting rifles and pump-action shotgun, optionally for revolver. It is possible to perform sniping with slugs, but due to it being non-tracer it’s hard to track it or measure it’s velocity.

Setting: Ability to choose which multiplayer session to join

For now, game connects us to the first random open multiplayer session.

Here, it would be nice if players can see all open multiplayer sessions beforehand and pick the one they think would suit them the best. Multiplayer menu would also contain different data:

  • host username
  • host character level
  • preferred language within session
  • broad location of the host (helpful to pick better ping session)
  • how may players are already in the game (1/4, 2/4, 3/4)
  • other player usernames within session
  • what difficulty level host is playing on (Adventurer, Skirmish, Guerilla)
  • minimum player character level allowed [*]
  • maximum player character level allowed [*]

[*] These features aren’t part of the multiplayer filter settings, as of now, but it would be handy if they would be added. Game host then can change the acceptable character level range from in-game Multiplayer settings (same spot where you can change who can join your game).

Multiplayer menu can be made similar to theHunter:Call of the Wild game, example:

Discussion here: Changes to the matchmaking system


A split screen feature might be beneficial. There are many times where a split would would have been better than simple multiplayer (in my experience). So, if it was added, it would be good for people who for instance only have one PlayStation, x-box, etc.

It especially makes sense that a split screen feature would be added, because you have four possible characters, so you could just simply pick two of them.

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Film Grain needs to be toggleable. It doesn’t add to the mood of the setting, because I’m not watching a movie, I’m playing a game, and I don’t need to be distracted by it.


Ability to pause the game.
Currently you can not pause the game in any way, so if you have to go to the bathroom, or something like that, you just have to hope nothing finds you, if your not near a safe house.