Problems with custom keybinds on PC

Platform: PC / Steam

Description: Some key rebinds do not work in all situations / on foot or bicycle

Steps To Reproduce: Rebind movement keys off WASD to QWAZ, go into “sight” mode (aim down sights or scope, or use binoculars, with right mouse button) try to strafe left with Q, strafe does not work. Strafing right with W works.

Movement keys for bicycle are WASD even if on foot movement keys are changed to something else.

The key for holding breath while aiming is stuck on space bar and can not be bound to another key, it does not appear in the binds list.

Images / Videos: none

Host or Client: Single player, or host / multiplayer

Players in your game: me or any other person.

Specifications: PC / Steam, core i7 3770, 16 GB ram, windows 7 64 bit


Sorry. Left-handed player here.

I have bound the movement keys to the cursor keys but the bicycle still uses WASD.

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I filed a bug against that weeks, if not months ago with no fix yet, but I’m really more interested in why a left-handed player would bind movement to the right hand? :smile:

Mouse is in the left hand. Been like it since the mouse was invented and I am not changing now. :grin:


Aaaaah, fair enough. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Bump. I also use the cursor keys and I would like this to be fixed as well.

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@Oss133 @Visual-Vincent @Anon302611 I’ve put up a mod on the nexus that might help. It just rebinds the bike controls from wasd to arrows. Nothing fancy.
There seemed enough of us using arrow keys to make it worth the effort.
If you don’t want to sign up to the nexus and there’s another way I can get it to anyone that wants it, drop me a dm.

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Does the mod to let me do a wheelie with the keyboard/mouse?

No. How do you do that with the stick? If I knew how it was done, I’d have a go at adding it.
@kakarron Yes, it lets you do a wheelie. It’s bound to mouse_2.

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Did not know there were wheelies in the game! Or did you do that, Flick? :slight_smile:

@pegnose Console users have two sticks, and one lets you lean back on the bike to wheelie. PC players have no such option. My mod changed some of the hardcoded keys so we have a button for tilt, along with setting it for arrows. Wheelies are a normal part of the game, it’s just that the devs didn’t set us up with the button for them. I didn’t supply any extra magic.

Cool! For me that already is magic. :wink:


Bike seems to use WASD and ignore key-bindings you may have set. If it’s intentional that vehicles have their own movement keys, then the bug is, “vehicle movement keys can not be set in ‘Key Bindings’ menu”. :grinning:

Steps To Reproduce:
Set movement keys to something other than WASD. Spawn bike, mount bike, try to steer using the keys you set. Crash into building, get shot while down, spill your drink laughing.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
1 (host only)

i7-6700K, 32GB, GeForce GTX 1080.

Would you mind please letting us know what platform you are on? (PC, PS4, XBOX). Here is the bug report template for your reference.

So it’s exactly like in The Hunter C.O.T.W. :neutral_face:

It’s a bit frustrating for someone who doesn’t use WSAD.

Very true, long term.
Short term though, go to the church on the second island, the one that always seems to have two packs of dogs and a harvester spawning. The one right next to a beacon. The one with all those low walls and hedges around it.
Spawn a bike. Realize you have no idea how to ride it. Crash into walls. Get shot at while trying to figure it out.
Honestly, it’s more hilarious than it has any right to be. :smile:

But yeah, mid to long term, I’d like to see it fixed.

I don’t get how this hasn’t been resolved if it’s been known since June 2019. It’s almost been a year and something as basic as rebinding the movement keys doesn’t work properly. It also doesn’t work when aiming down the sights.

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here’s another one you can merge Remapped forward movement to E, can't move forward in ADS


I remap my movements to E S D F, while using ADS cannot move forward with E being forward movement, can remap to other keys and move forward in ADS, I can put forward movement back to E and effect is the same. Can still move left to right and backwards with S D and F.

running as host

solo and 2 players in game

msi z390 gaming plus motherboard, i5 9500k, msi 1070