General help for the game

I keep looking up answers for things like “What do the red spotlights at the Minken Bunker do?” or “How do I get inside the Stenungsnas Generator building?”

But there is almost nothing online or even in this forum to help people along…

How about “Where is the weapon in Aso?”
Nope, nothing. I searched all over the place and found the collectible. No weapon.

Is there anything that covers these apparently unimportant questions?

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The reason of forums, besides discussing about the game, is also asking questions about the game. :wink:

You mean those spotlights from FNIX Rising DLC that are NE of the main entrance of Minken Bunker?
Walk into them and you’ll see. :wink:

During the side mission of “Energy Independence”.

There are 2x weapons at Asö;

  • 2* .243 s-rifle
  • 2* AG5

S-rifle is near the main road, Northern side, East from the destroyed building and SE from safehouse.
AG5 is just South of the .243 s-rifle, at the pier.

Exact co-ords (spoiler alert)
  • 2* .243 s-rifle (-811, 1930)
  • 2* AG5 (-836, 2028)

I understand this is part of the point of forums, but there are so many unanswered questions, I’d been hoping for a guide of some kind.
A game this large really needs one for people who are stuck.

Like, for example, I am currently in the Farmlands, holing up mostly at the upper area of Mullvadsberget. I say upper, because I can’t figure out how to get into the lower area. Veronika sits here giving me the opportunity to redo the Tidal Wave main mission over and over again, but I can’t get through the barricaded door no matter how many times I run this. Same with the locked door on the building up top.


You’ll get into that shed during the mission “Piece by Piece”.

And that is unlocked after completing mission “Piece by Piece”. At least that was the point where i got access past that.

Speaking of that, i’ve recorded all FNIX Rising missions but haven’t had time to upload them and make a topic about it.

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Is Tidal Wave supposed to be a permanently repeatable mission?

I guess so, until you eventually complete it. Though, i did it on my 1st try, on Guerilla difficulty and in solo game, so, i don’t know for sure.

I’ve “completed” it three times now. While I like the XP, not glitching a mission and being able to progress is better.

So, i took the time and completed the mission guide: Guide: "FNIX Rising" main missions.

I have “Tidal Wave” as one video and you can look it on how i completed it.

If the mission doesn’t complete for you, where “Piece by Piece” starts next, make a new bug report topic about the mission in #bug-reports subforum, by following this guide: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report.


OK, new question I can’t seem to figure out.
I know exactly where the weapon is on the Stenungsnas Generator in the third Energy Independence side mission.

What I can’t figure out is how to get up there. Doesn’t seem to be any way to climb the building.

When the FNIX generator is completely redacted (inside the ground), jump on it and keep yourself on top of it when it goes up. This acts as a lift, giving you access to the structure roof, and to the dead solider with 2* .243 next to it.

However, if you have completed the Energy Independence mission and blown up the generator. Then the generator won’t move at all and you can’t get up there anymore.

Topic about it: Stenungsnas Generator

And it is listed in here as well: [IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List

5. The Stenungsnäs Generator remains immobile after completing the mission “Energy Independence”. Not a bug per se, but the collectible weapon becomes unobtainable. Could use some other way of reaching it.

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