Generation Zero Memorabilia

There are many gamers who love Memorabilia of their favourite game, either bought, given, or self made.
I have seen a guy on Facebook, who 3D-prints the GZ machines, truly great work. We’ve seen some Lego-artists who built impressive GZ-machines as well.

So do you have GZ memorabilia, bought, given, or self made?

I have been given a GZ T-shirt a while back, and I am in the act of getting something made, which I can show you in about a week time when it’s ready.


2 T-shirts I have

pobrany plik


Show us you must, there is no try! :wink:


Love to have a tee or better still, as I build Model kits, love to have a kit to build. I do have a 3D printer so an STL file or two would be fantastic.

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You could try to contact Sean Brannin, maybe he’d be willing to share a file. I linked to him above.

I have hinted but he will not share preferring to explain you need to extract them from game files.

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Always two there are, no more, no less.


In march '21 I was thinking of printing out the GZ-Map and hang it on my wall. Covid was still rearing its ugly head, so i didn’t do it then. And while the map is just like the game ever evolving I decided last week to just print the version just before New Dawn. I found a online print shop and ordered it. It cost me 45 Euro including delivering costs, so that was not too pricey for GZ-Memorabilia.

To print it I needed a high resolution file. Much higher then the 17Mb file you can view on your phone, which was good enough as a digital file. So I made a high res version for 122x122 format.

@OGDH If you are still are interested to print it where you work, contact me for the newest 2024 version High-Res-file location.


When talking about 3d printing as example the parts of tanks. I think Art station has the highest count of models.

If wanted I put a link for the website in here.

But you would have to contact the owner of the models yourself because they are only shown but not downloadable. Also I think that the Devs should be asked if using the files is OK first. I mean I don’t know how they got em.

So what do you say @Avalanche_Pontus

Does that seem OK?

OK made some Research about the Artist
Daniel Ketterman

Litteraly has it saying that he made the models
for Alvanche during his internship.