Generation Zero Speedrun 2:15:58


I’ve done (as far as I know) the first Generation Zero speed run so far, with a 2:15:58 time. I would love to have some people compete with me to overtake this! Here’s my run . Feel free to ask for the route or any tips if you want them. I’m probably going to be doing a few more speedruns every weekend over at so any support there would be very appreciated!

Quest tracker showing exact position of the objective
Change specing down trees

Nice work. What mods are you using?


I dont see the point in speedrunning this game but nice nonetheless, I’m sure other people dont see my point in doing permadeath runs so… :wink:
The video is very choppy, almost unwatchable here. You could lower your settings or perhaps record at 30fps instead of 60 for the next one.
edit Perhaps try activating dynamic resolution at 60fps since youre consistently dipping way below 50 when playing now.


Yeah, I had some issues like that, I tried adjusting the settings to solve I but even with everything at the minimum settings and dynamic res on, the stream still performed badly. No matter what fps I was I getting in game, the streams was choppy no matter what.


Thanks! No mods, was a completely vanilla run.


How are you streaming, x264 or NVenc? If x264(cpu) you could raise the preset. I think unless you can do x264 at atleast medium it’s better to use NVenc(gpu).
Using NVenc should be a very minimal performance loss at decent quality and possibly also giving your viewers a better experience.


if you are on xbone, id be happy to help.


Thanks I’ll try that :slight_smile:


Sorry I’m on PC, but thanks regardless


I was using x264 before and just tried it with NVenc and it seemed alot choppier with NVenc. I also tried lowering the bit rate and that also had no impact. My upload speed is 10 so i’m not sure why its lagging so bad.


You can try to use window capture instead of game capture or viceversa and see if that way stutters less.
Having 10Mb upload you should be fine sending a 6k bitrate stream.


Does the system matter? For example, if I challenged your time, but on a ps4. I think that with optimization, and with the current patches, your speedrun could be sub 2 hours. I certainly couldn’t do it, considering I just haven’t practiced the route, but I’d love to see you do it.


No I don’t think the system would matter too much as it would just change loading times a bit. I could probably get it down to 2 hours if I tried, but I’ve lost motivation as no one else has challenged it :confused:.


I am willing to attempt your speedrun are there any tips you would be willing to share? I’ve watched your livestream multiple times and I am pretty sure I will mainly use your route but if there is anything will be appreciated