Guide: "Music Soothes the Soul" challenge


With June '20 update, a new set of 5 challenges were added to the base game. Created this topic to help out anyone who might struggle with Music Soothes the Soul challenge.

In Music Soothes the Soul challenge, there are 4 tiers where you need to lure specific class of machine, except ticks, with radio/boombox to land mine/ gas tank/ fuel cell and blow them up with following requirements:

  • Lure and blow up 10 prototype or higher class machines
  • Lure and blow up 15 military or higher class machines
  • Lure and blow up 20 FNIX or higher class machines
  • Lure and blow up 25 apocalypse class machines

Overall tips

There are two types of lures and five types of explosives you can use.

Both lures: radio and boombox are easily foundable from houses, big warehouses and inside shipping containers that contain furniture. In my game, every shipping container filled with furniture had either 3 radios or 3 boomboxes in it.

Five explosives are:

  • land mine
  • gas tank
  • small fuel cell
  • medium fuel cell
  • large fuel cell

Land mines are the only ones who blow up by themselves (when machine steps on it). The other four needs to be shot at to blow them up.
You can find land mines in Mountains, Marshlands and North Coast regions.
Gas tanks (red ones) are available all over the map, but mainly in big white warehouses. Per one warehouse, you can easily find 5-10 gas tanks.
Fuel cells drop from machines you kill.

Since gas tanks are readily available with good explosion force, these are the best ones to use in this challenge.

Also, it doesn’t matter how many explosives you place on the ground. 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 etc. More explosives = bigger boom and better chance to blow up tougher machines (e.g hunters). Though, keep in mind that when you’re too close, you’ll also take damage from the explosion.


Sadly, this challenge also has a bug in it which makes completing it harder. Bug report here.

If you try to maximize your lure’s effectiveness by letting it to play it’s tune fully, to get as many machines to your trap as possible, then do note that the challenge, most of the times, doesn’t count the machines you blow up afterwards.

However, if you fire at your explosives while the radio/ boombox is still playing it’s tune, then most of the times, some (but not always all) machines you blow up are counted.

Tips for each tier

Tier 1 is easiest since you need to blow up 10 machines, regardless the class. Just place your explosives, drop radio/boombox and once machine(s) arrive, shoot the explosive.
Blow up 10 machines this way and you’ll get Tier 1 completed.

Below is my gameplay of blowing up few prototype machines to get Tier 1 completed:

Tier 2 is a bit harder since now, you can’t blow up prototype machines anymore and you need to lure and blow up 15 machines.
Blow up 15 machines, except prototype and you’ll get Tier 2 completed.

Below is my gameplay of blowing up several FNIX machines to get Tier 2 completed:

Tier 3 is getting harder because now, you’re limited only with FNIX or apocalypse machines and you need to lure and blow up 20 of them.
Blow up 20 FNIX or apocalypse machines and you’ll get Tier 3 completed.

Below is my gameplay of blowing up several FNIX machines to get Tier 3 completed:

Tier 4 is hardest since you’re limited only with apocalypse class machines and you need to blow up 25 in total. Here, it’s best if you have Alpine Unrest DLC since the map addition gives Himfjäll island which is packed with apocalypse machines. Without the DLC, you’ll meet apocalypse machines in South Coast, Forest, Mountains, Marshlands and North Coast regions.
Blow up 25 apocalypse machines and you’ll get Tier 4 completed.

Below is my gameplay of blowing up several apocalypse machines to get the Tier 4 completed:

And this concludes Music Soothes the Soul challenge guide.



( Made a dumb comment)

Few tips from my own experience:

  • Lay down explosives, then radio/boombox, wait for it to finish playing, wait for machines to start walking away, put another radio/boombox, wait for it… BOOM.

This way you’ll sometimes get more machines lured to your trap. Just have a good hiding spot :wink:

  • Use hand grenades.

From what I’ve noticed shooting explosives with a bullet will get you 1-2 points, if you’re lucky. Detonating with hand grenades gave me some times 5-8 points. Once even without any explosives layed down, just one car.

EDIT: I can confirm, that regular hand grenades do the job just fine. No need to put down any gas tanks or fuel cells (works only against runners).

EDIT 2:" HEDP works too :wink:


@Aesyle I think most of the time only mines work, gas tanks and fuel tanks don´t work that well and it also works better with boombox.
It is indeed a buggy achievement.

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I did try with land mines but since it’s hard to find those and their AOE isn’t as big, nor their force as good, i opted towards readily available Gas Tanks.

On Adventurer difficulty, where machines have the least HP, land mines may be the best option. But on Guerilla (where i play), land mine isn’t effective against anything bigger than a runner. Especially since you only get 1 shot towards machines, before they make your position.

I got to part 3 of the achievement very fast, basically using only mines, because other explosives did not work most of the time.
And i think the boombox tune lasts a bit longer than the radio and has a bigger radius(not sure).
Most of the times i used fuel tanks or canisters it simply did not count, and í´m pretty sure most of the times the machines did not get alerted by me.
Prone stance really does wonders with the stealth…
I played mostly in Skirmish, and in the northern bunkers mines are easy to find.

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That’s true.

Without prone, the challenge would be way too difficult, but still doable. :smile:

I was all over the map, mainly in machine hotspots.

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Yes I read your guide, good work by the way. My experience so far shows me a very sporadic results, example , I lure them in making sure the music is playing while the explosion is triggered. All explosive devises place while prone , no detection , at all, to be clear NONE. For the nay sayers.
Ok 4 killed in the blast, 2 remaining kill them off and you would expect to see an increase of 4 . No , I get 1 ??? If I was detected none would count I think, oh yeah where all military or above yup check, was fooled by that once. I have been doing it mostly on the Island with the dogs being apoc so I never have to worry that the class is not high enough. ANyways done with trying to get it, something is wrong. I want to just have fun playing the game not trying and figure out what game the programmers are playing. Thanks to all for advise

There is place where you can pickup 4 mines, fast travel and pick them up again.
Trench on field, west of airfield safe house.

This is weird one, because things has to happen pretty much as lure is active. And machines cant detect you.
Bug causing machines see you trough walls makes this tricky. Laying down prone helps.

DLC required:
Good place is lighthouse at himfjall. Sneak mines almost to beach, and leave big caps between mines to avoid chain explosion.
Also avoid laying in straight line, that curling runner can sweep long distance.

Covered below.

Discussion moved to proper topic.


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So I’m trying this and having difficulty.

One question I have is, if your detection meter goes white, does that mean you were detected? Or do if have to go brown/ orange?

Also I seen someone said grenades work?

I got to level 4, I’m at 8/25. This is my last challenge and they are all finished.

Most of what you guys said I am doing, so not sure why I don’t get credit. Only thing that I’m not sure of it when you are detected.

Also just reading to rules. It has nothing on there about being detected. Just lure and destroy.

If it’s white, then it shows you have detected the machine but it has not detected you.
If it turns yellow (orange/brown), machine has detected your presence.
If it turns red, machine has located you and will start shooting at you.

I haven’t tested grenades personally, so, i can’t comment on that.

It is to do with the bug within the challenge.

Bug report here: BUG: "Music Soothes the Soul" challenge doesn't count correctly

Recap: as long as the radio/boombox plays it’s tune, killings during it usually count. But if the tune stops, killings doesn’t count.

If machines have detected you, then they do not follow the lure anymore but instead you. And that fails the challenge requirement of: “Lure and blow up.”.

Thanks for all the help Aesyle.

I knew or heard about the bug, but 4 out of 5 times not working is ridiculous.

I always try and make sure music is still playing. If I think it’s gonna stop I shoot the gas tank.

Aisle, do you know if recently a bug came into the game or that radios/boom box’s don’t respond. I ran around my map for a full day looking for them and only found 4.

Again I thank you for the help. Hopefully I can get my last 17 kills before my 15 boomboxs are gone

You mean radio/boombox doesn’t respawn? If so, this is not a bug. Instead it is intended game feature.

From May '19 update:

Persistent Loot
Single items - Items outside loot containers, such as weapons and medpacks found at some safe houses, can now only be looted once per player.

Notes: May Update Now Live | Generation Zero

Few spots where to look:

  • Ă–sterviks Industriomrade
    Open the colored shipping containers. If there’s furniture in them, then there usually are 2-3 radios/boomboxes as well.

  • Nyhamnen (port just South of Ă–stervik)
    Another great spot for several shipping containers.

  • Nilssons Marinbygg AB (Marshlands, SW from FOA2)
    Warehouse + 2 trucks parked outside.

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I ran around everywhere.

I did find a spot where a radio respawns

Wouldn’t be bad if kills counted.

Ran around this morning, set up 6 different traps. Was only able to get 2 kills that counted. I know for a fact I had way more then that.

That’s why I wish they would fix what 8s wrong in this game before bringing in more things that are going to make other issues worse

While the music plays seems simple enough. I just need to toss enough radios out the door to pop them with the grg right? I mean, if a grenade next to a car counts as a trap then those large heating oil tanks, fuel pumps and maybe the tall gas cylinders inside warehouses too. I had a running tank step on those gas cylinders and they only scattered instead of exploding. Electrical boxes on buildings could maybe count as traps too. I’ve just been waiting until I can craft everything instead of running back and forth looking for pickups. I’m going to need a lot of radios!