Half of Safe houses disappeared

Not replicable
After getting the Anl Airbase safe house, fell asleep and got disconnected. Upon waking and logging back in only 12 safe houses were available. The airbase and the ring fort were not among them. All main quest completed.

Both IGA facility and towns to the west SH are gone the one near Kalleby one near salthomen church come to look at it none of the ones in churches are no longer there. Mostly only bunkers remain.

Dont have photo as already went to get them

Multiple restarts no fix

No additional hardware or software being use on PS4.

Ps fnix bases not spawning.

Thank you

Did you try to load the backup savegame from the playstation cloud?

Btw, I have the same problem for some month now… I had recaptured about 53 safehouses in the meantime, but they got lost again… Multiple times.

See this thread for example:

Playing on PS5

It’s just the beginning, soon ”all” of them will be gone. loading backups wont help at this point.

Just got the game less than a month ago, and I really liked it but now at like end game bugs are undoing or restricting all I was looking forward to. Cant even get bases, SHs to stay or hedp bp… I’m crushed.

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