!harvesters should not spawn hunters!

The first time i got back i found 2 harvesters and a tank the 1st harvester i did not see spawning in the hunters but it was not until i killed the tank the harvester showed me its truly horrifying SPAWNING GOD DAM HUNTERS DEVS PLZ REMOVE I BEG OF YOU PLZ.


If you had searched this forums first, you would have found on this.

There is quite lengthy discussion going here:

Ok will go on that sorry.
(person that monitors the form can you lock this plz)

Actually, I love this development of the Harvester enemy. But I do think there should be a limit to how many Hunters they would be able to carry with them. Like 2-3 at max because… gravity :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there should be a limit as well because they are too op.

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As soon as it calls for re-enforcements tag it with a sticky.

You’ll have about 10 seconds to sort yourself out while they take care of the big guy.

Combined then with distraction flare or firework and it’s light work.

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Locking thread as requested. Please mind your language while on the forums.

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