Has Anyone Made it Across the Bridge to the Mainland Yet?


One thing I’ve been wanting to do in Generation zero for a long time is to get across the bridge to the mainland. I’ve been basically filling my inventory to the brim with explosives and explosive gas canisters to try and launch myself across the bridge. What I’m wondering is if there’s an invisible wall blocking me from getting across. If anyone knows please let me know! I’m extremely curious. :slight_smile:


I have not gone to these lengths to reach the mainland. All i did was run and jump to try to reach the bit of bridge that was in the water.


@Xezr was there:


There’s no way to reach the mainland or the other islands without the use of exploits, sadly. The video shows what’s there, to spare you the journey :wink:


Okay thanks. Now I’ll try to launch a tank into orbit. :slight_smile:


Please get it on video :smiley:


I’ll try to. Need to find land mines first. :smiley:


I’ll probably put the clip in the humorous incidents thread if you want to see it. I think it would be more suitable there. :smiley:


Launch yourself to your heart’s content, but please try to avoid posting exploits on the forums. I should point out, it didn’t use to be such a big issue but since the devs are starting to consider expanding the game world it’s wise to tiptoe around the topic a bit :wink:


:joy: I’ve done this a few times without even meaning too.