Have u seen the new collectibles..war figurines

I’m not shore if there new or í haven’t come á crosd them yet …but I’m looking 4 them.

I fond á swedish pastry in the game …lol

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Where did you find it? I thought they removed Semla again.

In rusksele …marshlands region

Was it on a table or in a loot container? I think Semla are supposed to appear on top of plates on tables during special occasions.

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On in the barn on a car …and one in one of the house…I think it was the one on the rigth as u go up from the barns

In a small kitchen all the way back by the sink

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Good find @Vikingur! A one off bonus item since I didn’t find another semla at the usual house.

The red Dala Horse in the other house is just decoration and can’t be picked up.

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So has anyone actually found one of the War Figurines yet? It’d be nice to know what to look for. I imagine they’re up in the Marshlands somewhere.

No not yet …it might be a glitch…hope not

It looks like they put in more weapons to fine… in locations where there was none…one of the location í what to …zero weapons and zero collectibles…found the weapons and the collectible í all ready pick it up before the update…so I think is a glitch

Nothing except this second Semla. That’s sweet :slight_smile: (-727,-3766)

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Maybe that’s the reason, because noone found them yet.

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So “Sowjetische” is German for “Soviet”… Neat.

I play on PC on Steam and that’s how it looks on me too

War figurines are apparently not in the game yet.

:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: This! Apparently they sneaked by somehow but are not in the world to be found yet! Sorry for any confusion!


@Avalanche_Pontus please post an update here when they are confirmed to be in the game :slight_smile:

I have thought on that as i saw the “ÖßÄößÄÄ” in the german language Log. In the English language log was “War Figurines”. So for me was that the clue that it is only a placeholder for in the future upcoming stuff.


The best thing you can eat!! so fantastic

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