Homebase Gone, Update February 21.02.2023

After today’s update, my home base is gone, the checkpoint is neutral, now I had to build a new one and lost all my first aid equipment in the car as a result.

Platform PC Steam


Same here. I lost two trailer loads of medical supplies. Just went back and reclaimed it again.

what platform are u guys on?

I play the game on PC Steam

That doesn’t work for me anymore. My last self-saved status is 6 months old and I was only in the 1st world, meanwhile there are 3 more

A friend of mine lost his first home base (Tylöveden) too.
He is on PS4.

Hello! I have the same issue.
Please fix. Platform: PC Steam.
No base, no armor in Tylöveden.
Everything is disapeared…

Can confirm this is the same on Xbox Series X.

Tylöveden was the only base I’d ever built. Max size, been there since the feature was added. Gone. Control point reset to neutral.

Also Tylöveden had a giant and expensive base…
How does something like that happen? :confused:

Update bug I think now, there must have been somehow or something incorrectly adjusted / programmed

My base at tylöveden is gone too. PS4 Pro.
All ressources gone and all advance and standard med kits gone. all adrenaline shots gone too.
Base with build with sov. Walls (800 + concrete + steel and I dont know what else).
Srry to say, but that sucks.
How do the devs want to compensate for that???
I have no disire to work this out again.


i’m not sure if this is related to the new update or just bad timing but i just got on today and i tried to fast travel to my home base and there was no option to i found it strange so i traveled to the location to see what happened. My base is no longer there and also there is no option to rebuild and the mission is already completed i’ve tried everything but nothing has worked what do i do now? i have no way to grind for exp weapons and blueprints anymore

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exact same thing for me on the same device

Lost Tyloveden base, >200,000 ammo + base, now neutral base.

This is why i always said we need a bit more of space, storing stuff at the base is not a solution.
One more update that fixes something and destroys something else…
I also confirm i dont have a base anymore, it was my only base, the first base from 2021 at the Forest, the Tylöveden base. (PS4 platform).

A good question, how to compensate for the lost loot and lost base resources?

They should give us 1000 of every resource useful for structures and some extra uranium as compensation, that is what i would do if I was them.
A poor excuse is probably what we will get.

If you have been in close enough vicinity of the base, then the base could have been destroyed by a Firebird, if the automatic defence cannons at the base attacked the firebird when it flew over. :coffee:

Read the comments, its not that at all, multiple platforms.

Just guessing, but the reason could be the new base defense introduction mission. As we didn’t finished it in our progressed worlds, the game maybe doesn’t know that we already claimed that control point and built there a base.

Too bad, that’s sad… This could have, no, should have been tested. Especially because it’s not the first time that they changed something which caused something related to be affected in a negative way.

They never test anything right, the fact they dont ask people for testing in consoles and only on PC give us some answers.
Its been this way since 2019, i even had a joke from 2020 to 2021, after each update I always asked over here “Is it safe?”