Humorous incidents

Confused Screaming

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That is a great picture. It is like when you are in a barn on the top floor and turn around and see a hunter INSIDE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

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I had that today in a safe-house warehouse, all doors closed except the one I was shooting out of - two of them got inside behind me! Dead, me - never saw them…

As for the barns upstairs - always put a mine at the top of the stairs, that way you at least get some warning…

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Suddenly I can imagine the Hunters giggling manically as they tiptoe over to the barn door, open it gently, go through and gently close it again.

“The human has no idea… He has no idea we can open doors! He’s in for a surprise.”


That is soo awesome, how many people actually called that number before they had that reaction!

My biggest scare was when I was at like 3 health and 8 dogs and 2 hunters ran past me. So I decided the only reasonable thing to do was to blow myself up with 6 fuel tanks. I never went to go scavenge them in fear they were still there.

Not me, where is that?

I won’t tell! :slight_smile:

Might be completely different for you from what I understand.

I will! Heh, heh, heh… It’s in one of the locked-up green buildings, which you have to unpick to get in. I think one of those is in every one, but I always forget to look. PS, you know that once you have unlocked one of those doors, it is always afterwards unlocked, do you? Just in passing…

True, it is always unlocked. And yes, it is one of those buildings. But this one hidden stash was the only one I found in those shacks so far.

Well, shit… Part 2.


Uh, what?

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Take a rest Lillebror and gaze at the stars… sweet dreams…


The enthronement of the real “Conqueror of the IGA-Facility”… :+1::smiley:


How the heck did that harvester get up there??!?

I have absolutely no clue… :man_shrugging:

He’s just holding onto all the good stuff for himself.

“Does not compute.”


Isn’t that yoga?


Ok, as I just wrote in another thread, I dusted off my Xbox and went to Påskallaholm safehouse. After a little while I heard a rather desperate Hunter wailing worse that my cat, when she is hungry. The sound came from the shed behind the red house. I approached, and it started to bang the door from the inside with its machinegun. Had to open the door and put it out of its misery:


Passing by Överby Airfield, I ran into a whole gang of these guys. They snuck up on me.

I got burned to a crisp, then clusterbombed. Good times.

@Bootie We need to rethink our strategies. These guys are quiet. I could barely hear their footsteps.

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