Humorous incidents

ohh… he needs some milk

Hey Devs, I don’t mind that you put the Semla in the fridge … it kind of makes sense … but it is unfair when I can’t open the fridge door and get it.


Is it possible to be any more unlucky than this?


I can only imagine what that would do to my precious records

scrolling down, couldn’t resist

Okay, on my bike as usual, got into Ostervick to find two Hunters fighting to the death (both bodies are there if you look). By the time I worked out how to film it, they were both dead, but this is what I saw then.

Explanantion, DEVs?

Now that is a rare case of Tick Armageddon :wink:

Huh! So it wasn’t just me. Someone on fb said it meant there was a gnome close by. I was meaning to go and look… But there were two Hunters fighting it out…

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There most certanly is. Just ignore the hunters next time, they sometimes destroy eachother. It’s the most fun I’ve had in this game by far!

Just chilling…I can’t run anymore. Please, just keep going.


Ok how old are you? Just a curious thought on a very large post

That is a chonker cat

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not in the game, but my profile says that I have received 69 likes, so nobody like my stuff please.
that includes you @Dean


You have no idea how badly I wanted to like your comment!:smiley:

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It’s kind of disturbing! Lol

She prefers being called “a Rubensian Lady Cat”. She finds the term “chonker” a bit vulgar.

Oh yes I see my good sir I will make sure to correct my vocabulary next time my apologies.

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Hold on how did that thing even get in there

“Come on Billy, don’t lay down now. We’re not there yet.”

(Darn it, that shot would have been great if that wrecked Hunter wasn’t lying there!)


I conveyed your apologies to the feline Lady of the House. This was her reaction: