Interesting locations

I don’t know if this is already mentioned, but there is some creepy fishing location at Vastra Mark in the Farmlands where you can find 3 burning candles in a row and 4 bodies laying at the lake near the yellow boat.

BUT most important that’s also a place where you can freely walk underwater… YEP
Just try it in the yellow indicated region.

Pitty to see there is no fish… poor fishermen :joy:

Today, when playing, i came across a new POI in South Coast, that i don’t remember seeing, when i was playing FNIX Rising missions back in June '20.

Did i really missed it or was it added in with the Resistance update? :thinking:
It’s located just West of Fiskerbäck with unique looking structure symbol, when viewed from the map.

You missed it :wink:


That’s a bummer. :disappointed:

At least, that shows how big the GZ is and it’s nice to discover new POIs, even after months have passed since i was last there. :smile:

Yep, you missed or forgot this location.

I missed it since when i went there, i got the location discovered XP pop-up and it also showed up on my map as a POI icon.

Did you jump in the water…

Spent a lot of time there, is stunning at night

AliasDJA yes, just do it in the yellow marked region

I found interesting place in Ånnagruvan caves. And Granatgevär… and Ticks.

I tried to gather as many of the in-game maps as I could find.

it scared the flip out of me when it exploded

traveled in memory of
Mathias the Lagome
he did his best

Anyone ever found out if this cave and rock do anything - do they even still exist post FNIX Rising?

Went looking for this tonite, found the cave, but can’t blast the rock out of the way…

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So you had the same train of thoughts as I did - no hidden church behind it. I’m really interested in how many caves exist in-game right now, besides the big ones at Annagruvan, the one below the lookout and the big one on Himfjäll. The exploding-head one is well-known, the one below the shelled radar mast is rather hidden, then there’s the one below the castle ruins with the strange sleeping bag arrangement…

I’m not sure I’ve found the one “below the shelled radar mast” or the the one below the “castle ruins”. Could ya give me a little help where those are?
Thanks :grin:

Here you find all caves: Beautiful Hike Routes - #2 by Gysbert
Click on the route to open it.

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The one with the radar mast is at -1673, 3859 according to @Gysbert’s coordinates. He lists it as Måsskär in his guide.

Below the castle, also his coordinates: 3056, 3072 and 3294, 2906 (Archipelago near Kalviken).

I just checked the guide - for me, the resistance base isn’t there (being on the old version), and unsurprisingly, the ‘occupied by FNIX’ one is missing too…

Guess I’ll have to find another ‘discovery target’ now :thinking:

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Yeah, I have been to them, it’s been a long time and I forgot about them…