Inventory Suggestions -Pin,Lock,Use,

I’ll keep the suggestions simple as developers prefer functionality to be consistent across their supported platforms.

Locking of items in the inventory.
This could avoid accidental drops/recycling. Also “Store all in Category” will keep our locked items like Adrenaline, Hairpins etc in our inventory.

Pinning of items in the inventory.
Since we basically only have 3 item slots getting access to certain items during combat can be hard and most likely fatal. Depending on playstyle, 3 slots might be adequate but things can be much more interesting. How often I wish I could pull out a fuel tank and landmine when I’m being chased by a bunch of hunters.

Use directly from inventory
Topping off with a simple medkit, dropping a radio or landmine without reassigning your main actions would be of tremendous help. Maybe you want to quickly use that M49 EMP?
(Probably been suggested before but I’ve include it for completeness.)

Assign slot by clicking the button/pressing key
I’m not sure how this is done on the console but being able to click the button or key would be much faster than having to select the ‘slot’ with the mouse or controller.

Caching of item images/icons
It’s super distracting and I find it slows me down when looking for a specific item.

Thanks for reading!


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