It's here - Interactive map with coordinates!


You know when you’re really looking for something, and then it isn’t there? Sometimes you gotta make it yourself.
And so I made this online interactive map with coordinates that correspond to the ingame map coordinates (almost). :+1: :sunglasses:

This comes with all kinds of precautions, but is tested to work in Firefox, Edge and Chrome. I’m not really good at Javascript, and I had real problems getting this to work properly, so there are some hack’n slash solutions in the code. Any suggestions and help for optimizations are more than welcome.

Also, if anybody feel they can improve upon this, add more features etc. please feel free to download the source and do something better. I probably wont be able to do much more than this without some serious assistance! :wink:

Anyway, enjoy - I hope you can use this to get the location of certain missions, items etc. without having to go in the game for coordinates. :+1:

Huge credits go to:
Changjiang Yang (original page/code)
Ciprriano1 (high-res map image)

Anybody here skilled with Javascript?

This looks great! Is there a way to zoom in? It could be really helpful for online guides and such, even here on the forums.


On the note of optimization, leaflet.js might be worth looking into. The hardest part would be getting the map split out into variable sized tiles, but if that could be done, leaflet would give you zoom, coordinates, and responsive rendering almost for free, as well as making it theoretically possible to do things like popups with location names and other info without much difficulty.

I may look into doing a clean re-implementation using leaflet myself at some point, but I’d have to find a good way to get an even higher resolution map to begin with for the tile splitting so things didn’t look horrendous when zoomed (I wonder if the devs would be willing to provide one if I asked nicely? I’d rather not have to try and rip one from the game source or try to fixup the existing image that’s out there…).


Thanks. Sorry, no way to zoom yet, I had a hard time getting this to work even. There is a small update now that forces scrollbars on, this should ensure correct coordinates on both Edge, Chrome and Firefox. I’d still like to take another look at the canvas sizing, so it matches the image - right now it’s not done in a good way. :thinking:
Leaflet.js looks pretty promising, and if @ahferroin7 can do some magic and improve this at some point in the future, I would be delighted. :+1: :sunglasses:


Hi. Of course the optimal solution here would be a clean, zoomable map with coordinates. And then overlays that follow the legend that can be toggled on/off for safehouses, bunkers etc (think Hitmanmaps for the ultimate reference). But at the moment I think that’s a bit above my reach. However, I might look into cleaning up the map that we have, since I actually believe that can be done. :+1:


I’m going to attempt to put together a high resolution map without icons later today. I figure that I should be able to stitch together a composite of the whole map if I take screenshots covering the whole thing at Max in-game zoom and then strip out the HUD elements.

Once I’ve got that, splitting it into variable resolution tiles for leaflet shouldn’t be too hard.


Sounds good - meanwhile I fixed the canvas sizing, so now the window should somehow be better sized. :+1: