June event exp kvn drop

Continuing the discussion from May Update Now Live!: I haven’t played gen zero since the update of machine behavior but I notice the event for getting the exp kvn is back. If the hunters can harvesters can kill spamming weapons I guess I won’t have my first exp kvn weapon then. I do like the game the Easter eggs in himfall was good but the balancing for people that got the game late and for newer players was so not fair. I know with the whole pandemic going on, it is difficult to do patches and all so I am being patient and playing Other games. Those people that keep playing the game and complain, developers have heard us loud and clear. We have two choices, keep playing or stop playing and wait for the patch. Now I also want to say yes it is difficult in these times to make the patch due to COVID-19 but hey I am still going to work so it’s not impossible to get it done. We all need a vacation and time off sometimes so if that’s what the developers done, that’s fine but get back on the horse and make the game balance, especially for new players and then make a harder mode for experience players.

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