Known Issues [June 2020 Update]


We have a fix for an issue where your crafting stats would not save after restart.

PS4 : 1.18
XB1 :
STEAM BuildID : 4827006

Hotfix (PC) announced on Steam?
PS4 Patch 1.18?

April Update information is here:

PS4 : 1.19
XB1 :
STEAM BuildID : 4935353


June Update information is here:

This is update is for Steam only at this point. Consoles will be updated as soon as we can. Due to the pandemic, some things take a little longer. Thank you for your patience.

STEAM BuildID : 5179689


We have now updated XB1.
Version is:

More information about the PS4 update is in this “Letter from the development team” video

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.