Letter from the Development Team - April 12th


Thanks for this game, but I thanks you more to your interest of what your players feel and need, with this forum we can talk with the dev and not just with a community manager, I like the way you considers us as players, not customers.
I’m waiting this update and I’m sure it will be great, take your time to finish it and deploy it,


I’ve really been looking forward to this kind of update! Major thanks to the developers for working so tirelessly to get this game in better shape. You all deserve huge respect for doing what even some AAA developer teams cant seem to do, which is hearing out your community even during shakey times. :smile:


@uldskule and @Malthezar i do think that you’ll still be able to farm them, you might just need to work a little more to get them. as for the medkit advice, maybe post that in the forum for community feedback :slight_smile:


I’m enjoying the game so far but I feel like you just royally screwed solo players, myself included. First of all, you lowered drop rates for adrenaline shots. And also made ai more challenging, if it wasn’t already challenging enough for solo. I’m just saying facing off against one hunter and four robot dogs is challenging for me because I have terrible aim so shooting at the dogs is kinda hard, for me. And the Hunter isn’t to hard to hit but it tanks damage so much. Let alone how much damage it does to you it really doesn’t seem balanced very well. I still have not met a tank yet and god only knows how hard that’s gonna be to take out. So what I’m trying to say is that, you should take into consideration that playing solo just is not easy when you have nobody to help watch your back. And the only thing we could rely on was adrenaline shots, you kinda just made this game lot more of a pain to play solo. When you run into an infested military base with four Hunters, nine robot dogs and a bunch of ticks. With how bad the difficulty is right now you just made it so much worse.


Yes, please don’t nerf the adrenaline shots for solo players. It was already hard enough playing solo and sometimes battles would consume 15+ adrenaline shots. I can’t imagine I could’ve beat the game without adrenaline shots on solo.


Please address the enemy indicator now! We don’t want it. Make it optional at least.


Oh great… MORE challenging.
As a person who plays solo a lot I might have thought that implementing a sytem of Easy, Medium and Hard might have been both better and fairer.
I feel like have paid for a game which you are now attempting to squeeze me out of. You have a single player mode which is already challenging so why the rush to just make it even harder? Why is it that the only voices to be heard are the most radical or hardline? Harder, harder, harder?
How about fun? Or is that a long lost concept in the modern world of gaming?


The inventory system could use a upgrade like if I have Health packs loaded on the use bar and pick some up put them where my old ones are … please fix the mission tracking!!! I load missions and have no clue where to go find the mission unless I search all over and luck up on it…

That being said you made a Fun game , keep up the great work…


for me, not having runners, hunters, and even tanks partially or completely come through walls will balance out having fewer adrenaline shots. I can’t count the number of times a hunter has nailed me through a wall.


Awesome you guys paying attention, fixing bugs and all, but it would be awesome, if the game wasn’t this mess in the first place.
Frankly speaking it’s outrageous that you put out something this broken - with world literally ripped from theHunter:Call of the Wild, and so little substance (this game is asking to be more - like a real survival title), this shouldn’t be filled with so many bugs, glitches and straight up game-breaking errors.


Awesome…Thanks for the ETA


l hope the 100% cpu usage is at the top of this list… Its has stopped my brother from playing the game full stop.
It would be nice for a future update to see mines and gas bottles that l have placed in robot patrol paths, not despawning , persistence of placed objects would be great , no point to having these objects at the moment… More traps would be cool to , and a place to make them and fix/maintain my rifle, maybe a small island bunker hideout. love the game great job.


Sounds great! This major update will come for all systems, PS4, XBOX ONE and PC ?
Can’t wait…


Everything sounds good except one thing. The Adrenaline issue. In Multiplayer that seems fine, however in solo due to the nature of all your enemy types having a massively overpowered melee mechanic built in already makes solo such a challenge.

So you can either fix the machines or you can leave the adrenaline alone.

You can fix the machines by limiting how many times they can melee in a given amount of time, or reduce the damage they all do. This also needs to include fixing the fact that all melee damage and deflection mechanics effect players through walls. In Fact If you are standing next to a wall after provoking a hunter, it will leap through the air and phase through the wall into the structure you are in and kill you.

How to fix the hunter. Dont let it jump slam you. Why would a mech of that size with that weaponry rely on its melee so much?

How to fix the runner, reduce and limit how often they can do a melee strike. Make its leap attack stop at the point of contact instead of just flying through the player. Its disorienting trying to find where the thing is after its jumped and hit you. Sometimes they phase through walls and objects during the attack and you cant find them at all until they leap through the wall and hit you a second time.

Ticks, Arrest forward momentum when they hit the player. That way they can be tracked in some manner. They phase through objects just like the runners. Limit how many times they can leap to a maximum of 3 and after the 3rd leap, they do their explodey thing.

A huge fix in the right direction would be to stop all phasing through objects. No more bots hitting you through walls unless its by the use of projectiles or fire/explosion.


It would be better to say you and some others don’t want it.

I however would like one that works all the time instead of deciding to ignore the pair of dogs that I have lost site of because somebody decided to stand in front of the TV.

In real life you would have proper audio hints (it a robo dog crashing about) but it’s a game and they need to account for such sensory losses


Looking forward spending the easter holidays playing with thiese fixes/updates =)

All the people saying “you should fix this and this and that”. Wait untill the patch is released and se what is fixed. Then we can start a new list of things that needs to be adressed =)

Soloplayers: I feel for you =( I have not played solo myself, not against hoards of robots or the bigger ones at least. Start hoarding those adrenaline shots now :slight_smile:
As I said above, wait untill the release of the update. Maybe they have tweaked something for solo players already.


I completely agree with @Malthezar, @uldskule, @J4545, @Erkawest and @Zambrick. Lowering the adrenaline drop rate merely punishes solo players.

Even worse, it’s in response to an extremely vocal minority of players, who are now largely absent the forum. Players who had also, from their comments about there being ‘too much ammo,’ never left the Archipelago at the time they made those posts.

Besides, what’s the point in trying to balance the adrenaline when there are so many bugs that result in the players getting wiped in the first place?


Wiped… try 6 shots of rocket launcher and the big ass bot laughs at you while playing solo.


Yeah, I save 12 Granatgevar m/49 rounds (and the weapon itself), for an unexpected pack Hunters. Of course, the trick is breaking contact long enough to switch it with my sniper rifle.

For the big boys I use EMPs + Propane Tanks and/or Large Fuel Cells.


Hi everyone,

Please do not make the game harder this way. I do understand that a big part of the game is meant to be carefully choose your fights and thus to avoid risky moves. I am actually level 17, I love exploring the map to complete missions (and I love the real need to explore) I am getting better at taking enemies down and I am not reluctant to flee when needed. Avoiding enemies and slowly crouching IS important and a big part of the special atmosphere but destroying hunters and tougher enemies is already challenging enough when swarmed. The learning curve is, I think, excellent (both ingame with skills and for real with practice) and it should not be made steeper. In most winnable fights just a few adrenaline shots are enough but you can sometimes find yourself swarmed (destroy seehers first;-) and have to consume some ammo and adrenaline. It would make the gameplay tedious to have to farm too much.
By the way, I play solo and have played twice with my brother (3 hours total). I love both.

Thanks for that great game.