Letter from the Team - June 12th


Hi everybody! Hope you’re all doing well! Let’s briefly talk about what’s coming up for Generation Zero.

We’re now partway into June and the team has been busy trying to address and improve things in game as fast and best as we can. Two big items that we know are top of mind with everyone is machine corpses floating away and game difficulty. Both of these items are getting attention in our next update as we know how frustrating they’ve been for players.

We’ve put in a fix for the floating corpses that should eliminate the problem, but as usual if you happen to see it continue, do let us know when the time comes so we can stay on top of it. With game difficulty, we’ve made a mix of balance tweaks and bug fixes that should alleviate many of the pain points. By making these changes we hope to better align with the difficulty descriptions we have in-game, so that you know what you’re getting into and not being surprised by how challenging the machines are. As with other things, please let us know how these changes feel so we can continue to fine-tune the experience to match the expectations of each difficulty level.

On top of that, we suspect you’ve been seeing some interesting things coming out of our social channels that may be a hint about things to come. Or perhaps you’ve experienced a new, and rather unfriendly, reception in a certain part of Östertörn. Well if you haven’t yet gotten wind of either of these, now is the time to start keeping an eye out. Very soon we’ll be giving you some more detailed information on our next Update. So stay tuned!

Take care out there and we’ll see you soon!

-The Generation Zero Team


Thanks for the work, guys. Happy to see these issues addressed, and very excited about future DLCs!


That’s great to hear! Looking forward to it!


The artillery made me shit my pants the first time I encountered it.


Thanks Pontus, and congratulations on completing behind the curtain Wednesday


Ya thanks,i really hope you fix the anoying massive respawn and spawn,in normal dificulty,to continue to playing the game and continue the history mode,i really like to teavel in This world…we like challenge,but in realistic way,put the respawn and spawn in hard mode


Very nice! Can’t wait! :blush:


Rock on! (20 chars to fill, :slight_smile: )


Good and overdue news. Fingers crossed your team will find the time to adress the intense and gamebreaking light bug within South Coast region as well. Your hands often seem to be a little tied in terms of communication, which usually originates in overall marketing politics. That said, I hope you and the team (which I just can’t think of as 30 ppl working exclusively on GZ at a daily basis) are doing fine! Thx for all the work you still put in GZ.


I just came back to try this game again after a hiatus due to the ridiculous may update that brought the nightmare level difficulty to all levels of play. My two max prestige point/skill level characters didn’t stand a chance back then and I used to take on apoc tanks and hunters and survive.

After this update I must say that the game is much better balanced. Good job!
Sure, the harvester is still shooting laser rockets but not all. the. time. The mortar round is quicker but not hyperspace quick.

It used to be that I could handle a Apocalypse tank and its runners and hunters by myself and now I can’t. But that is ok. I can sneak now. I can use stealth. I can think and plan instead of run and gun. I like it.

I have been complaining a lot about this game with that game breaking may update. I paid good money for a game and then the team ruined it for no reason by doing what they did with the hyper aggressiveness and physics defying update. Now they fixed most of it and the game is playable again. Thanks for that! Appreciate it.

Now, all I’m asking for is that robots don’t clip through doors and walls so hiding and tactics actually work like they should. Case in point. Went to the artillery base up in the NW corner. Opened the massive door. Saw one harvester and three hunters. Panicked because that usually doesn’t happen. Closed door. Took shelter in the small guard shack outside to regroup and alter load out. Stepped back outside and a hunter had teleported through the massive door and was waiting for me. What?

Keep up the good work.


It was the April Update that changed the enemy AI. The May Update hasn’t been released yet, it got pushed into June. Many fixes for these issues are coming, though.


So, 3 letters, 0 updates :frowning:


I wanna see updates too. But would you prefer if they left us in the dark?


I think Pontus should have Employee of the month bonus :slight_smile:


Interesting that out of all that I wrote you decided to mention my month mistake, May instead of April.


Then help me understand. You say that you left after the April Update, then mentioned that you came back after another update, but there hasn’t been one since April.

It’s literally the same version of the game as it was when you went on a break.


As far as I understand what happened, there was a “update from the developers in May”. That was the one that broke the robot AI, I thought. Regardless, my point was that the devs broke the game IMO with their earlier version this spring and now they have changed it to be more like it was.

Obviously, since you have commented on my posts in the past you know what update and troubles I’m talking about.


The only so-called “update” was actually a hotfix for consoles to repopulate Himfjäll since besides whacking out machine AI, it also removed all buildings in Himfjäll for console players. So, devs released hotfix shortly after.


What concerns me more, is the last 2 lines on the development letter…

Very soon we’ll be giving you some more detailed information on our next Update. So stay tuned!

Very soon…more “detailed information”…so what - no update?


From the looks of it, update will be at the end of June. However, there is a good possibilty that this update also include new missions - as per the previous letters, the bombardment and warboard in the Archipelago Region, plus the clickable warboard in the cellar of Björntunet Hotel (that’s potentially 2 new warboards). :wink: