Mysterious artillery? [IN-GAME ODDITY]



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Letter from the Team - June 12th

That’s really something. I replicated what you did, putting down a field radio and then travelling away, then coming back. That artillery shell (or whatever it is, it’s glows red) definitely came from the area around Torsberga Artillery Fortress.


Yeh, it seems to be nicely reproducible. There’s only one condition to be met, from what I’ve found out so far: you must fast travel a bit farther away. The safehouse right next to the camp e.g. does not trigger the shell when you fast travel back to the field radio.

In any case, it’s weird. I spent hours in the camp in previous runs (searching the well hidden RPG in the cave) and it never happened before.

Maybe the team IS planning something with the resistance camp, as suggested here => Potential evidence for a new war board and new missions (spoilers for Archipelago Region)


After reading your post I tried it as well.
Very interesting indeed.
I think the next step would be to spike the guns and then try it again.
At least that’s what I think I’m going to try this week.


even after i have done that mission they are still appearing randomly


@Mewster1 Thanks for keeping us updated. If this was anime we could say there’s a Ghost In The Shell :smiley:


Would be interested to watch Torsberga fort from Måskär camp for a while - when the guns fire there should be a blast visible.

BTW did anyone see the actual guns? Inside the fort, there are only loading mechanisms. Digerhällen artillery base has their guns on top of the fort.


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I don’t think those are the actual weapons, though. They look like WW2 gun turrets, and if you look closely their barrels are capped. It’s possible they are supposed to be the guns of Torsberga, and the devs couldn’t find any better world model for the cannons :thinking:

The arty fired at the Måsskär Resistance Camp glows red… I’m willing to bet it’s some kind of Machine-related hardware.


The arty fired at the Måsskär Resistance Camp glows red… I’m willing to bet it’s some kind of Machine-related hardware.

To me it looks less like a glowing artillery shell and more like a red ball that’s used as a placeholder until the devs have modelled an actual shell.


If it’s even supposed to be a shell. I hadn’t considered that :thinking:


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Went there to see what is going on. Brought my video camera as well. :grin:


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You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since i have 7.1 surround sound, i can pinpoint from where the sounds come from and me looking at seemingly nothingness is actually me looking towards where the sound comes from (West in relation to the resistance camp).

Here are some still images from the vid as well, if the 0.25 speed of youtube doesn’t slow things down enough.

Few screens

As soon as round became visible.

Round passing me.

Best render of the round.

Milliseconds after impact.


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Nice, we were there couple of hours ago. Works really every time when fast traveling with radios.

It feels a bit strange that a shell from Torsberga fort would travel so long - about 7 seconds. May be and artilery which is offshore, maybe a hacked ship? The machines attacked HMS Viborg, dunno what happened there?

I wonder if this is something devs were preparing for May update but it got postponed due to April update issues?


When looking the arc of which it came in, the round was most likely fired almost straight up, it traveled to near orbit height and then came back down on much steeper angle. Latter also explains longer travel time. Also, that’s how artillery works. It fires the rounds up rather than straight to the target (like tanks do).

It is a good possibility.


i will head out to the resistance camp and see it but after i will fast travel to the arty base and see if they fire (this could be interesting)


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