Level Caps Are Not Welcome & Here's Why

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I agree with you that it would be good if the level cap was increased, but I don’t think it is a massive problem, as some of the skills do not make a lot of difference.

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That makes total sense, however, if you take into consideration the fact that a 3-story tall, rocket launching robot, can annihilate you in a matter of seconds in this game, you really cant get OP enough to make the game child’s play…although, it literally is a video game, so…child’s play.

Yeah level cap killed my game with DLCs. I don’t want to do missions because it’s no reward for them. 0 EXP and nothing more. I don’t want even fight with robots because it has no reward other than good gunplay which i had tons in this game

I agree with korzychxp, I was really into the game, and then hit the cap. Without any warning mind you. If people are afraid that allowing people to unlock the tree entirely will make them too OP, then the devs could make it that you can only use a certain amount of them at a time. Perhaps, the equivalent amount of 31skill points.

I think a good option would be the ability to redistribute skill points when the maximum level is reached. many wanted to take something from the skills, but put it off for later. and then it did not happen)

although I would like to have an infinite level for character development, giving, for example, +1 health and + 1% to the stamina reserve, no more. so that having reached level 131 with a huge effort, you would have twice the running time) well, some statistics, except for the number of killed robots

This exact system is already in play at 7 Days 2 Die and it fits in there. However, GZ has different char development in place and it wouldn’t fit here.

In this case I agree. Although character development/level ups leave much to be desired, having that much stamina at your disposal might be a little bit OP. Cause remember, that would also affect the duration that you could use melee weapons.

I like games with level caps just as much as those without.
My main issue with the level cap in this game is simply that the pointless perk to increase XP gain exists. Something else that makes more sense belongs in its place. Reaching your cap faster does you no good in the long run.

Discussion of it in here: [Suggestion] Skill Tree Rebalancing

Thanks, but I’m not certain it would need rebalancing if there wasn’t a level cap. I haven’t given that thought. It’s a “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” or a “you got peanut butter on my chocolate” kind of thing.

I never said that the levels should go on way past the required skills like in “GTA: Online” where players can go up to 9999 which was ridiculous. In that game you finish all of the need for unlocking stuff at level 120…which is where the leveling should have ended at level 120. get-vidmate.com instasave.onl

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I agree with feedtaleone. It’s absurd to be able to go all the way up to 9999, just because you can. But to cap off at level 31 is equally as absurd because not only do you have to waist points on things you don’t want to get to things you do want (Depending how far along they are in the tree), but you also cant recycle points. For instance I thought the tick specialization might be useful, because you can turn them against the robots. But they do MABY .1% damage, and then are killed, if they do anything at all. But now all the people who got that specialization thinking it would actually be useful are stuck with an almost unusable ability, with no way to swap it out. So, there should at least be a way, for instance to use 31 skill points max, but be able to kind of move them around. Example- you don’t want the tick specialization, but you want less visibility. Take the point from the tick specialization, and put it in visibility. But, you can no longer use the tick specialization.

So there are ways to keep people from unlocking all of the skills if thats what the devs really want to do. But there should definitely should be a revamp of the kill tree operations.

Does anyone else feel a little disappointed that we can’t expand our skill tree once reaching the level cap of 31?
like i never even got the opportunity to acquire a specialization because of the low level cap.

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I like the skill cap. If they ever raise it I hope they don’t go above lvl. 36. The idea is to have 4 differently specialized characters, not one Über allround soldier. And remember, you can specialize already at lvl. 6…

The only complaint I have about the lvl. cap is the fact that the game gives you no hint that it’s there.
It’s very common that your 1’st character ends up as a prototype. But don’t worry, leveling up a second character is much quicker than your first. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@NJR87 I agree there should be at least some warning the first time tabing over to your skill tree, also idk I guess I just think that for as big as the world is and them adding to it still building a beefy character just seems fair besides we don’t know if they plan on throwing more toasters into the fray at some point that skills ya didn’t acquire would really help.

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Although a few people may have said that the skill tree should be completely unlock-able, if the devs think that would somehow make the character the “one punch man”, then maby they could make some kind of limit, while making the skill tree unlock-able. For instance, You can unlock all of the skills, but can’t use all of them at ounce. In fact, they could make it so people could use up to a certain amount,( let’s say the equivalent of 31 points) but you can use as few as you want ( all the way down to zero, if your so inclined).

I know some players think it’s functional, and even fun to have 2, 3, and 4 characters at one time, and I’m not saying the devs should remove that from the game. But not everybody wants to spread out a bunch of time over several different characters, over a long period of time, just so they can use all of the different abilities.

And another good point has been made. We don’t know know what kinds of bots will be added later, considering many good suggestions have been made in the past. So that’s yet another reason, to at least make all of the abilities available.

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And unless we play at adventure mode, even with all skills we will not be "one punch man, we will never be super powerful as long as the devs don´t add new skills.
Remember that half of the skills are basically useless, that leaves some tech, health and stamina (which everyone should have) and combat perks.

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