List of biggest issues (as suggested by pontus)

I am on the XBOX One; lots of crashes, mostly near bigger areas like Hagaboda and Ostervik area, but also other areas. I think that the Home Base is broken because no matter what I have done, or how much my region threat increases I have not been able to enable the defense thing. I have only been able to play one round of the defense thing. It’s an older issue, but the schematic in IGA facility is still unreachable.
I would like to say that I absolutely love this game and have actually restarted it twice and am now on my third round of play, but it is almost unplayable because of the crashes.

Apex account is a problem (for me) it causes crashes and makes savegames unusable

It’s already in the list (second point). :wink:

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Happens even if you look through a scope. They don’t appear until you get close to them.

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Could you tell us on which the team currently is working on?

I would add something like “acknowleged” or “WIP” to the specific detail-summaries.

I added some more issues and put in some examples/proofes.

SysteM: PC (Steam) Win 10

At Soviet Recon camp just north of the starting point for the Mission Foreign Machines one of the three guns are under the ground, not able to pick it up.

You can pick it up, but it’s very difficult. You need a perfect position to be able to reach it. Can’t give more hints, but it’s possible.

Oh, I can’t believe someone has not mentioned this yet:

IGA Facility, the HEDP Schematic is still underground.


Because the EMP Round schematic is currently locked in a room that seems like it’s going to be used for a future mission, I wonder if the same is true for the HEDP schematic.

Maybe they’re gonna end up putting it in a new location in an upcoming mission or revamp, and that’s why it’s not available right now. Same as the EMP schematic.

It is really annoying that it’s been buried for months now, though.

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I gave up, spent like 15 minutes trying to get a good angle on the gun but after that I was like f-it.

THIS IS A BUG NOT A FEATURE in my opinion.


Well yes. Definitely a bug.

Added some issues, for example the version missmatch for gamepass between pc/xbox.

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ps4 almost like you but crashes when I’m defending the base (good news) or every now or than and the mission another castle saying no power to the doors but the worst part is it won’t save no mater what it’s fully up to date same as the ps4 maybe adding a manual save might fix it but I’m no expert

Something ive been seeing reported more and more since the version mismatch of Xbox and PC gamepass, possibly related, is peoples save files being deleted when heading to either one from the other. Both sides will have no save file forcing the person to stick to one platform only.

Another thing i dont see mentioned is the fact ADSing near anything interactable immediately forces you to hipfiring, this can be deadly towards the player mid fight.


Thank you @Indominus-J,
I added them.

I set the starting post to be a “Wiki”.
Are you too able to edit it?

Yep, i can edit the contents.

Ok, perfect.
Now it’s not just up to me to keep the list alive and up to date.

I just hope that no one abuses that or accidently delete something.

@Zesiir: is there a way to be secure?
@Avalanche_Pontus: maybe you or someone else of the team could edit, if an issue is acknowleged or WIP?


The security lies in the fact, that every wiki-change is logged, by who it did and copies of before the changes are kept. If abused, the system allows the recovery of the previous content.


Yep, pretty much. I can see what was changed, when and by whom. So if you notice anything that seems amiss just let me know and I’ll investigate.