Loot Respawn Settings

The way I see it, some players want loot to respawn each time they load the game, some want a short timer, some want a long timer, and some (like me), want no loot respawns at all.
The in my opinion ideal way to solve this issue would be to let us customize this in the game settings.


Everyone would simply make it so loot respawns right away, essentially taking that mechanic of the game out of play completely. So in that aspect its not a good solution. We’ll see what things the team acknowledges later this month when we get closer to the June update, i’m definitely looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Personally, I don’t believe this. I know I wouldn’t.
Also, I don’t see the issue if they did. For them it would just be like before the May-Update.
Or have I misunderstood something ?

First people were complaining about loot respawning every time the game loads, now they complain about loot not respawning fast enough. The only way I see to solve this is to let the players choose.
What would be your suggestion ?

There was discussion on what kinds of loot are common and uncommon, take the adrenaline shots for example. At first they were very common and got nerfed based on the feedback our community gave, making them harder to come across. Health packs are also harder to find since the May update :slight_smile:

An option like you are suggesting encourages people to be lazy in their gameplay and make it easy, and is that bad? Not necessarily, but let’s take this logic and apply it to another mechanic in the game. Say users complain that fall damage is too sensitive and want it resolved. They won’t add an option to turn off fall damage because that completely ruins that mechanic in the game, fall damage is an important part of the game. It affects where you can run, climb without dying, and sometimes impacts fighting with machines if you are on the side of a large hill and need to be careful. The point here is that the development team have deemed the loot respawn timer a necessary part of the game which is why it was added. It affects the game in multiple ways that helps make the game a unique experience. Such as being stealthy, stealth is part of the game as you can’t win every fight because of the more limited loot.

I agree it can be annoying, but I wouldn’t go as far to call it an issue in the game. Avalanche has more important problems that they are working on for GZ such as mission breaking bugs.

We are privileged to have such a kind development team to work with. One thing that a lot of users take for granted is that there is nothing forcing Avalanche to listen to our feedback, this is their game :slight_smile:


I said that time ago. In that way everyone happy and they way they want to play it.

The Loot Respawn timer should have targeted Multiplayer Loot and not mess with the Single Player expect of the game. Since the game is heavily PvE based why removed the 4 Standard Health Packs at the Farm (can’t recall the name of the farm) on the Beginning Island.

I understand prior to the update that it was an Exploit, but taking it away barely makes the game any more fun if any Solo players don’t have any bloody Med-Kits or primarily a good source to find any.

Say what u want to, but if everyone starts completely fresh whether the player is on Xbox One, PS4 or PC in its current state most players may agree to a point.


The 4 packs weren’t taken away, items outside of containers are only able to be picked up 1 time. That counts for all your characters

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Yup. Including the starter weapons on the starter island. Meaning a new character created right now is useless because you’ll find no weapons if you already got the 4 “world” weapons on the starter section.

This change was a rather bad idea and really wasn’t thought through before implementation.


but with your other characters sharing the same world and safe houses, it’s not too hard to create new character and either drop them some weapons or fast travel them to a safe house with a weapon box. as long as the weapon box isn’t on a cool down


of course if you are unlucky the box might just have weapon attachments and no weapon

You can absolutely drop stuff to another toon. No issues there. But outside of people who are on the various forums, I can bet not too many people know you can do that. And some who do know consider that “cheating” and don’t want to do it at all.

So in the end, these recent changes were still not thought through very well. I said it before. This patch should bear the name Generation Zero: Unforseen Consequences. lol

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Hey mrjimp, part of this game is applying stealth to your play style. It isn’t intended for you to run and kill every machine you see. In the tutorial it even mentions saving ammo by avoiding fights is sometimes the best strategy to move forward. In which case, your math does not apply to this situation :slight_smile:


So who decides what played decently is?

At the moment I’m slightly confused about how the respawn of ammo actually works, as I don’t time to play long sessions ATM.

I loot an area in Saturday, at the start of a 2 hour session, play for a hour yesterday morning and an hour and a half last night and another hour today.

Today the area is still picked clean and it was well over the 4 hours mentioned elsewhere.

I’ve also left the game sitting in the background (and you do get killed when you do that) and 24 hours later the same area is still empty.

Of course it’s possible I’m a bit thick and didn’t read things properly but the 4 hour respawn timer doesn’t seem to work for me (XBox One)


It’s entirely possible it is a bug. There are some people who have loot boxes that never refill with supplies and they can’t play the game any further because of it


That’s exactly my problem Nothing spawns ammo. I can idle in the game all I want, there’s no ammo to be found. When I killed stuff, it would drop a measly few rounds, but typically far less than I used killing it. Now I’m out of ammo, out of medpacks, and can’t play the game at all. Maybe starting over would work, but I’ll be damned if I’m doing that when I’m at L28 and about 2/3 of the way through the story.

@boston_51 - have the devs actually acknowledged that this is an issue yet? Every time it’s been brought up in bug reports or during live streams, it’s always been dismissed as being due to the loot timers. Are they actually looking into this at all?


Mine respawns eventually but it isn’t anything like 4 hours (which was the time mentioned at the end of May)

I can usually get by by alternating bunkers but sometimes not.

I had assumed 4 hours between game sessions (it wasn’t) then simply 4 hours of run time (hence switching to YouTube for a few hours) neither of which seemed to work.

Maybe the machine you play in matters as the code will vary so as mentioned before XBox One-X in my case (but same issue in my son’s One-S)

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This information provided by Carniv0re is all I have unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face: Obviously it states the tool box loot problem but doesn’t seem to specifically state anything about users who have no loot at all. Of course I want to say it is, loot problems are a huge topic since the May update, but I don’t have that knowledge

Lucky you. I get nothing. I idled in a safe house for over 5 hours while I was doing other stuff on my other monitor, and everything was still empty, so I know it isn’t just respspawn timers.

@boston_51 - That’s my concern. I didn’t watch last week’s live stream, but the previous week, people were trying to tell Graham that all loot boxes were empty always, and he and Matt just dismissed it as loot farmers not waiting for the respawn timers. So I honestly don’t think anything is being done as it’s not being taken seriously.


If the robots dropped a meaningful amount of loot then the box respawn issue would be lessened

At the moment you need to farm a lot of boxes to get together enough supplies to fight the robots, but excluding rare 5* weapon drops off FNIX Tanks and Harvesters, the return on investment (especially ammo) is poor, forcing players into box farming (the only option), making players very sensitive to box loot rates.

If you could additionally craft, buy or trade (from some kind of NPC or the like) or kill your way to more ammo if would reduce the pressure on this one system to be perfectly balanced

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I think what you say is true. For the first twenty hours or so I never worked out that “Fast Travel” was possible (I turned off all “tips” to make it more atmospheric), so I didn’t know I could go back, and collected ammunition as I went, and I think there was enough of it. If I ran out of adrenaline shots and had to spawn somewhere, I noticed that there was something worth collecting again, but got all my ammunition going forward. Now I’ve run out, even when I go back. (The first time I went back, I walked it and it took me a couple of hours to do what I went back for, and then regain my position!)

I’d rather that the machines were worth more ammunition as you kill them. After all, if something has been blazing away at you for ten minutes, you kill it and it has three rounds left, does that mean in three rounds time it would have run out of ammunition?

Just suppose that after some minutes of combat a machine you were having trouble killing had to run away to a Harvester to reload, and if you killed it, it would have whatever ammunition on it it hadn’t used. It would introduce a different dynamic. You might even be able to follow it and find a Harvester…

On the other hand, you might have to limit the amount of ammo a player could carry - ammunition is heavy! Oh, well, let’s wait for the June update…