Machine Body Modification - The Grand Petition

Now you are taking about the crap remake of Red Dawn. The original from 1984 is the one to watch.

And historically resistence groups haven’t used that much armed vehicles. It’s better to sneak and attack and then disapear. If you have a tank or armored car you can’t hide that easy from an enemy that’s more powerful. The danish and the polish resistence during ww2 built armored cars but that was for an uprising not hit and run attacks.

Great way to support the developers in their future developments. At the end of the day, GZ is ran by a COMPANY. A company’s main goal at the end of it all, is to MAKE money. NO MONEY equals no future for GZ.
Keep that in mind. I’ve bought all their content even if I don’t use them all, example the Outfits. But I still bought them because I WANT to suppose the Dev team. And I have bought DLCs for my friends that can’t afford it. BECAUSE It’s my way of supporting their project and genuinely love their work. But hey, continue with the childish mentality. “I don’t like it, so I wouldn’t play it” lmao. Ridiculous!


I haven’t seen the 1984 version. I wasn’t born yet! But I saw the 2012 version and they had vehicles with turrets. Check it out! As for my point, ALL Military Faction has some form of military vehicle

I’ve seen both. You know you can see older movies from before you were born.

No they don’t. A small group can’t afford the risk of driving around in military vehicles. You will die it’s as simple as that. If the resistance in Holland during ww2 would driver around in a german panzer they had stolen. The germans would blow it to pieces because they have more tanks.
IRA during the troubles didn’t ride around in armored cars because then the british would have spotted them and taken care of them. I can give you plenty of examples of factions that didn’t use military vehicles.

No, I’ll pass on the 1984 Red Dawn. I only made reference to it because Swe111 mentioned it a few times above. I couldn’t care less about that movie tbh. And if you think military vehicles are not needed for the Resistance, then maybe all the World Leaders today to get off their military vehicles too lmao. Make sense right? lol And YES, list the military groups that didn’t have vehicles lol

But this isnt a cod game or a battlefield! this is GZ you need to understand that not everything needs to change! We can have a fun cool game without vehicles. And yes we have a lot of military vehicles in Sweden.

  1. Vehicles are fragile loud and need gas. The machines are built to not only hunt but they are built to destroy. One shot from a hunter whould pierce an armoured car and rivals that use the railgun whould not even have to use it because the vehicle whould just be some metal left. This is not Dayz where a vehicle whould work or be good for your survival. And just look at Warzone, the vehicles there blows up just from one shot with an RPG. VEHICLES ARE FRAGILE THE MACHINES ARE STRONG!!!

Fragile and needs gas???!! WTH lmao. Do you know what the word ARMORED means, right? And as for gas, I don’t see you complaining about not having food and water for the survivors now? lol Don’t they need sustenance too? You’re overthinking this as usual lol.


I wouldn’t want game-changing Cyberpunk 2077-style internal body mods because I think that would be taking the setting too far. But I think that something like a small exosuit (like the FNIX outfit we already have) would be okay.

Though I don’t think we need to be even more powerful than we already are to be honest. I’d rather see bug fixes than even more powerful gear and items.


Love you Tenebris but I dont think body modifiction are a good thing for generation zero


@tene Maybe its time to close this no? :slight_smile:

It seems half wants it, half does not want it.

At the very least, it could be a bit more on-topic.

I for one think it’s an interesting idea :+1:

Edit: Off-topic removed. Keep it clean.

To make an vehicle enough armoured it whould be slow. And i am thinking lore wise.


We, the resistance, are no military faction.
We are survivors who take what we find to fight the intruders. Nothing more, nothing less.

There are no others but us up to 4 players who assault the machines. There is no army and we are no soldiers. Just teenagers.

Now, with the soviet intruders, the danger is even greater. Our only chance is using our surroundings and ambushing the enemies. Silent. If we would drive anything motorized, we would have machines in our necks as soon as we would leave the garage.

To topic:
Exo suits would be ok, as we already found/got some as clothes. More would be too hard to explain. I see no chances for body modifications. That’s not the game for that.

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The flaming and disrespecting stops now. Agree to disagree and move on.



There are NPC’s in the game and more “mentioned in the stories and letters” that are part of the Resistance. Here are a list of people that I can remember. Veronika, Elsa, Anita, Calle, Aamiina. I’m sure there are more in the game we’ll need to find. And we’re NOT teenagers, we’re young adults. It says it in the trailer Generation Zero - Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

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I Agree to disagree

Vote still is a very constant. I’m surprised it’s as of now 57 votes and almost 100 posts in total, in just one week!

Vote is constant, but the end result seems to be only one.
That at least the GZ online community is really divided on this subject, that is not good at all, or at least it would not be good if the devs would make this happen, many people would not be happy.

PS: The posts are mostly by the same persons, not that many if you count.


For your info I have purchased every DLC even the ones I have no intention of using, so please don’t accuse me of not supporting the Devs. What I want for GZ is for it to be what it was originally intended for. I would like the devs to spend their time and effort repairing what we already have instead of constantly trying to change things to please a whining section of players.
Who knows there would probably be many more players in a game with a good reputation than a game with a reputation for constant and repeated introduced errors and bugs.
How many have bought the game and then been lost to it because of the errors and bugs that get introduced by updates brought about by the shouty people?


You’re pretty on the money here @Mr_A1992 so the poll is done, and thank you to those that took part rationally in this discussion!
As per usual with generation zero, there’s a very vocal dissent but overall a mixed opinion, and one I think the team can fully consider moving forwards, if that is something they wish to do.

As well thank you for cleaning this one up @Zesiir :pray: