Machines (esp. Harvesters) shoot at player, weapon points somewhere else


Machines sometimes shoot at you although the used weapon is pointing somewhere else. I usually experience this with harvesters (see photo) but some time ago I experienced this with runner also.
Since the harvesters still can do this I guess every machine can do this.

Steps To Reproduce:
Let an aggroed harvester turn away and shoot at you at the same time, although the missile assembly points in another direction.

Images / Videos:

The video is a bit older.

Host or Client:
Both == solo

Players in your game:
Only Mathilde.

R5 2600, 16GB RAM, Game on PCIe NVMe SSD, Win10 64bit

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Does the same on PS4

Considering how slow Harvesters are moving they probably wouldn’t shot even one salvo during an engagement with the player - that is understandable.

What I don’t understand is how right now Tanks can shoot backward :flushed:

Well, maybe. Not from a physical standpoint but from a gameplay one. The thing is, this bug affects all machines more or less. Runners, which are terribly agile also can point somewhere but still shoot at you.

I guess it’s the same bug. They know where you are so they can shoot you regardless of the weapon’s LOS.

The entire weapon assembly is hooked to a tank’s main body with a bearing joint that can rotate 360 degrees. That’s how.

It’s same as how regular tanks (e.g M1 Abrams) can shoot backwards, despite their main body facing forwards. The entire turret turns around to shoot backwards.

Took some doing but here's a screenshot

While tank is sideways towards me, it’s weapon assembly looks directly at me.

No no no no no, not 360. 180 at most… at least from my observation (I never saw the “head” of a tank facing backwards). Even on your screenshot it’s not even 90° to the right.


im going with 0L0 on this one

Yup, you’re right. Had 2nd go on this and tank’s weapon assembly rotates about 180 degrees.

Few screens

Since i always face tanks head-on and saw weapon assembly track me always, i kinda had an understanding it rotating 360 degrees.

As far as fixing it in-game, there are two ways:

  • make so that tank can’t fire where it’s weapon assembly can’t rotate to
  • add the additional animation of tank’s weapon assembly rotating the full 360 degrees

Since I forgot that I already opened a thread about incorrect shooting machines (thank you @Aesyle :+1:) I got an very obvious occasion the other day again. So I put the above mentioned plus the new one in a highly slowed down compilation. Have fun :grin:

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Mortars have almost the same problem. But they can never shoot correct the way they ar mounted.
Here is the thread I made about that issue.

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