Machines materialising in front of my very eyes!

I have actually seen this before and honestly its not a bug bug.

However the times i have seen it were more intense. Like running away from a whole lot of toasters and suddenly they lose me but new ones show up just meters ahead.

Not sure if its on the options on xbox but it has to do with render distance. They were always there you just could not see them


Maybe fnix tries to hide for the rest of the world and uses a new kind of stealth generator?

I think it’s just a bug that happens due to unfinished revamps in some regions… Some entities the devs forgot to remove before the release of the latest update. At least I hope so and it will be fixed with the next update in june.

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maybe a joke but also a good idea. imagine a class above apoc the turns invisible with yellow level suspicion. the stealth bar could turn into a circle that says how close they are to finding you, but not what direction. or no stealth bar when invis, and you have to rely on hearing footsteps. maybe during combat they wouldn’t be 100% invis, but would turn invis to run away or something. could be a cool way to fight robots


I dont think its to do with render distance, purely because this doesnt happen anywhere else. Also because the military tank (furthest away) sort of falls down when it spawns, as in it spawns a bit elevated then falls to where it should be. Also because they always spawn in the same place, even after letting them move a bit before hand.

I also know what u mean about runing into new machines just as u escaped others. Thankfully i was going on a rival hunt in the forest region and i knew this rival would be relatively isolated. Made me jump nonetheless when i bumped into them lol.

Cool idea, but most likely would be limited to a boss or scripted event. Unless the devs deemed it otherwise if they chose to do something like that. I mean theyve already got self healing robots and shield generators out the wazoo lol. But having said that, this post probably isnt the best place to be posting ideas, try feedback/feature requests

Myself and @incendito both can attest to the disappearing Tanks in that area in your first post.

I also had it happen somewhere in this general area in the Forest with a group of Hunters:

There’s some annoying white noise in the video for some reason:

I think this might be intentional, as a sort of scorched earth solution to terrible console performance in the Forest Region. It hasn’t gotten much better though.

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Yeah, I do remember some militry hunters being buggy around that area, its just a little ways into the forest from the camp control point. They were also bugging around, walkign a few steps then rubber banding. Again combat fixed it

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Indeed. I would definitely not go with a draw-distance problem here. This looks more like an issue where certain objects, in this case enemy robots, do not spawn into a neighbouring map-chunk until the player enters the same map-chunk.

The player is already very dependent on having working directional hearing in order to locate a threat. As someone who has recently lost hearing on one side it is already difficult enough to find the current enemies. If there was at least some visual aid introduced to help hearing impaired players then that might be a fun idea but as far as I’m concerned it would be game over for me.

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The render distance on machines in some locations is abysmal on this update. Genuinely shocked.

These tanks popped in and out of existence while trying to fight them, their bodies even exhibited the same behaviour after they were defeated.

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The interesting point about this issue still is that not just we can’t see and hear the machines until they suddenly appear. The machines have the same problem. If they would be able to see us or hear us even if we can’t see them, they would attack us. This is why I call it an invisible wall and why I think that it’s intended (but works not as intended) due to the control points.

Otherwise the machines could possibly see or hear our bases and would start to attack them if they get close enough. I think the devs were looking for a way to prevent this.

I took a picture of @AliasDJA from another topic to show what I mean. The radius of the circles are just as example and not proofed. Don’t mind the stars, that’s something AliasDJA used to show something different.

I would bet that you won’t find enemies within these circles around the control points. You can watch out of them to spot enemies, but at the borders of these circles you can experience that machines seem to suddenly appear in front of you. That’s to prevent random machines to accidently see or hear a players base (jukebox, fireworks) or to join a running base assault.

Imagine random wolves, tanks, harvesters or rivals or the reaper suddenly joining a base assault /defence.

It’s a bad solution. The idea is ok, but they need to find a better way. Maybe these “borders” should just work if you’re actually doing a base assault or defence mission.

On the other hand it could be interesting and an additional challenge to have random enemies joining a battle… Maybe even soviet units (why should they not try to destroy a fnix base) if they come along.

And random attacks on the players bases would be cool, too. You could be warned that a base is under attack. But of course there is a risk that this could happen every few minutes and would prevent you to do what you like to do. And it would be sad if you’re not able to fast travel to your base which is under attack because you’re in a fight somewhere else… And if you finally are able, maybe the base got destroyed in the meantime by a ranged fighting tank/harvester/wolf. :man_shrugging:

Maybe you have other good ideas to improve that?

@Avalanche_Pontus : Do you know if it works like described and can confirm that?

I thought again about the circles and came to the conclusion that the home base can’t have this radius. You’re able to spot enemies from on top of the hill in further distances. But the home base doesn’t need that in that way: the mountain where it is at already is as great that no enemy gets close enough to hear or see you in general.


If this is an intentional feature to account for Control Points, then that is very worrisome. Already a lot of formerly populated areas have become empty because of these Control Points.

If they are indeed going to add Control Points to every region, is the whole map gonna be full of empty areas and 5 foot render distance?

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That’s what I’m afraid of.
But can you comprehend my thoughts?

Yeah, what you said makes sense. Hopefully it’s wrong though and this render distance nightmare is just limited to the Forest. It would make sense since on console the whole southern quarter of that region is extremely laggy to the point of being unplayable at points, so maybe that’s why machines disappear in certain places?

If disappearing enemies is a byproduct of Control Points, then I am very worried about the prospect of every Region getting them.

Besides, enemies joining in on a Defense/Assault sounds like a fun challenge.


I’ve had the Rare Tank that can spawn east of Granhugget (1633, -1818)
and North of “Granhugget Control Point”
Which shoot at me while i was Razzing the “Granhugget Control Point”
after it spotted me on the north side of the base and trough the destroyed walls on the north side
I think it was a Mortar and Missile Military tank, which i destroyed.
I probably should have checked it it went vanished if i moved deeper into the base or to the the south side… <.<;
The odd thing were it didn’t charge in as Tanks often do when your spotted by a Seeker…
(Also seekers and Hunter’s with shoulder mounted Snipers and sometimes even Turrets see and shoot you trough the walls…)

But aside that…
This seems like the Pattern I’ve experienced with Vanishing/Pop-in machines around the Forrest…
as when i think about, it only seemed only to happen a stone toss away from Base Locations:

“Storkogen Control Point”
Tanks near Crashed truck and police car on road, which we all know about…
Additionally i found a Harvester on the opposite side of the clearing
which also Re-spawned last spawned machines when Harvester reappears

“Øster Mark Control Point”
Soviet Machines vanishing near the Barn on the Midle east Farmlands with road going into the Forrest (893, -1474)

“Granhugget Control Point”
Vanishing Harvester Wreak that spotted vanishing west of Granhugget
I completely forgot about that one and only re-found it when were i looking for the the one with Soviet Machines…

“Sundby Camping Control Point”
The Reaper were invisible on the road from Sundby camping site to south of the mountain
Me and my friend were Trying to find the Reaper
after having destroyed the Base at “Sunby Camping site” so it would not harass us, while fighting the reaper…
I just noticed the reaper popin for a sec and quickly took a step backwars and it disappeared again (resetting my detection?) and tried to warn my friend whom just passed me at the same time and Angered the Reaper, here is her Recording:

What you don’t see is me seeing my friend get up from the Ground and storm past me and then the Reaper came charging out of thin air directly at me D:

Also i could not spot the Reaper from the Tylövende Base either
even though it were less then 300m away from me when i stood at the top near the Radio Tower <.<
My longest “Kill” is 412m, so that was odd to me…
It is probably the same thing…

I have not seen anything like this at the Gardberg Mine or Ælgbakken Control points…
But for me the “Ælgbakken Control Point” North West of Østervik have a Different issue and I’m not sure what it is… <.<;
Though some Military Runners just ignored me and ran for the base instead
But that is also why i Avoid that And Østervik due to a Tick Rebellion there, which can cause a crash… -.-

I would not be a fan of “Random Attacks your Bases” it is something that happened in Fallout 4… “A Settlement is under attack…” which it got old very quickly and aged like Milk left outside the fidge
as you could be in the middle of something you much rather wanted to do <.<;
or get the notification when you were looking trough your inventory, were AFK or tapped out of the game… -.-
That is also the Reason why i only have the 1 Base on top of Tylöveden.
and i only attack the Fnix Bases and don’t build new Base when I’ve destroyed a Fnix one ;p

But i’d much rather have Attack-able Fnix bases in a Zone
where you can better Farm Threat points, Like the Farmlands.
(Which might be happening from what I’ve seen ^.~)
Before 1989 The Farmlands were used to grow and farm corn fields
Post 1989 the Resistance use it to grown and farm Rivals and Reapers ;p

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That makes sense, altho at some control points machines do come into the area, like the one near the west of ostervik i once had to kill a seaker who came into the base, and the one in the middle of the forest region (sorry i dont know the names of the control points) had a military tank spawn not too far away and one of the sniper towers started shooting it, and hence the tank got mad and attacked my base.

But i do think there is supposed to be a radius around control points, inhibiting or even stopping machines from spawning. Its killed the forest region for machine hunting and gets real annoying when pretty much all of the big ones, tanks and harvesters, get turned into rivals. You could be gunning for a reaper but all you can do is kill the odd hunter pack and a few runners.

Honestly if there intention with these radii is to protect the base from unwanted attacks, then why not make bases destructable only during base defense? I believe it was like this when it was only tyloveden but that may just be because its very out of the way and hard to experiment on that.

Also the random attacks on bases imo isnt a good idea, take gta online for instance, your mc businesses can get raided randomly (granted ur in a session with more than just urself). If you dont complete the new objective or die trying, then it could potentially be weeks worth of grinding down the drain. I dont want gz to have the same issue with random attacks which could destroy ur base, meaning that ur resources are wasted and 20 command points gone too. Its even worse if its ur only one and dont have any more command points.

Although having said that im not against the idea of extra tanks and harvesters n such join in during defense missions, that added challenge would be greatly appreciated. Same with extra fnix machines defending their control points, and soviet machines attacking them too.

This is a huge problem. Areas like the North Coast border used to be loaded with machines but now they’re a ghost town. And since I’m on PS4, I have to steer clear of the urban area all around Östervik for fear of another save data corrupting crash. That leaves very little Forest area left to fight machines.

In my case, two Soviet machines simply disappeared after two hits, the first disappeared after it was behind a tree, briefly seen on the other side Puff away, the second rolled along the edge of the forest next to a path, after the second hit Puff disappeared

This started happening also in Farmlands :frowning:

In an area around that Rival that I’m looking at:

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This game is in desperate need of a viewing distance slider!

I cant understand why this is not a thing in the game already.
The draw distance was much greater when I started playing a few years back…