Makeshift solution for motivated time travellers

Continuing the discussion from Generation Zero (2021) Oversaturated Mediocrity:

In case you want to download older GZ builds, here are the Steam Manifests. It’s not very detailed (and might has some mistakes) because I only bought the game last week.

You need to prove that you bought the game to download those files using DepotDownloader. Depot ID is 704271. AppID is 704270.

ManifestID Description
3631723860058315816 current (May 2021)
4435360168112689425 Farmlands revamping + bug fixing (February 2021)
2143698668752660901 Revamping (December 2020)
3259785596341947018 Reaper Rival + revamping (November 2020)
3335764524470265270 FNIX Rising + toned down difficulty (June 2020)
3451379420993415644 Tweaks and Bug fixes (April 2020)
6956380329861453146 Anniversary Update + Hotfix: map revamp, New Difficultt, Crafting, etc. (March 2020)
1888533704292891567 ? (25 February 2020) (Generation Zero® - February Update - Patch Notes - Steam News)
4908732400933839020 January 2020 Update + Hotfix (balancing and fixes)
7983053929427382796 Alpine Unrest + Hotfix (Free: Apocalypse Class Machines and New Weaponry) (November 2019)
668655440985869230 Rivals Update (Rivals, Experimental Weapons…) (October 2019)
1379809832468964460 September 2019 Update: Challenges
2275814383059165542 August 2019 Update (with 2 Hotfixes): Storage Boxes, etc. (August 2010) (Generation Zero® - August Update Now Live - Steam News)
2231261890808866491 June 2019 Update + Hotfix: Bikes (June 2019) (Generation Zero® - June Update Now Live - Steam News)
4119634721009804258 May 2019 Update: Photo Mode (Generation Zero® - May Update Now Live - Steam News)
8355129340910593452 April Update 2019 + Hotfix (Generation Zero® - April Game Update Now Live - Steam News)
4015436565875201114 Launch Day + Hotfix (27 March 2019)
5204573709285814253 Launch Day: 26 March 2019 – 17:46:23 UTC
4335821894153459493 Launch Day: 26 March 2019 – 08:54:55 UTC

You’ll need to launch the current version of the game first; then switch Steam to “Offline Mode”; close it; then copy-pasting some folders; then you should be ready to reload. I never tried doing that with a game which has DLCs though…


tried this a while back, didn’t work.

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While I would like to go back to an older version of the game, this is not the way to do it. This is third party software that might break the ToS or EULA. Much better would be if the devs just put it up on steam.


they’re not gonna do that sadly, would be cool if they did though


I would definitely prefer to see more developers adopting the BETAS feature on Steam.


agreed, would be really cool. kinda like the old minecraft versions.


I did this some time ago with other games - the ‘problem’ about this solution is that it is neither guaranteed to work in the future, nor is it allowing for multiplayer, co-op gameplay or participation in events. It is a valid option (although of dubious legality) for those willing to tinker.

I had a poll for adding a beta option a while back, but it didn’t seem to get follow-up comments so I shelved it for the time being…

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