Military Bikes and other bike related things

(I don’t know if there where any topics about bike skins and model out yet)

I hope the GZ-team adds a diffrent bike to the game or a skin to it.
There are diffrent types of Swedish military bikes and there are nearly any diffrence, but the bike are a bit heavy.
For fun they should also add a
bicycle trailer, so in multiplayer two sits on the bike and two sits on the trailer and can shoot robots.

Cykel m/42, Cykel m/104A and Cykel m/105A

Cykelkärra s/78


And bicycle robots with robobike craft from its materials…

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when i was young , we would “dink” , that meant someone sat on the handlebars lol , also you could put stunt pegs on the back wheel that someone else could stand on making it a 2 person transport.


Maybe, I wonder if the Runners can catch up, I forgot to put in the desc. that the military bikes are quiet heavy.

Did they came before or after the 80s? The stunt pegs?

I also hope they do an upgrade list that you can spend skillpoints on to improve the bike.

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tough one to answer , this post suggests they where early 80’s , becoming popular in 88 .

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@jakel Well then, I hope they can be a thing to upgrade the bikes with.

Is adding mopeds a good idea?
Maybe an Vespa 150 TAP to get at those Tanks and Harversters.

lifehack: you can achieve something similar to this using this simple hack and a rocket launcher:

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