Mission "Flying Blind" Bug/Glitch - Unable To Complete

Hello all,

same problem on PC here, i enter the locked doors with gas, then forced to quit game because IRL issue.

when back, doors are locked again, and click on power buton does not unlock them, so i’m stuck at " discover what happenned " mission.

I’m having the same issue on xbox 1x lock picked the inner weapon storage before i found the note, then found the note an key. Realised I had to use the key for the quest so travelled away from the area then ran back to find the power was off and outer door was lock and the power button no longer works.

I have exactly the same problem.

I’ve tried this mission three times, once I managed to glitch my self into the wall. Could see all the corridors etc but couldn’t get back in. It also crashed twice. Think this area needs looking at.

I did the same, and have the same problem… :frowning:
On PC…

I’m astounded that QA wasn’t done on these missions. This mission alone has 4 game breaking bugs that keep you from completing the mission, just for doing things out of order. This is QA 101 guys. Did they test AT ALL?

Same problem on PS4 can’t turn on generators can’t find tick number 5

Hey @Fordpower2012 :wave:

A high priority ticket has been created for handling this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!

Hi all :wave:

Thanks for all the save files that you guys have sent :floppy_disk: they helped us a lot when fixing this issue.
Much appreciated! :pray:

This issue has been fixed internally and the fix should roll out to you guys in a coming patch!

Thanks for reporting!