More complex survival


Yeah I heard them say that it bummed me out but if enough people want it they may just add it.


I don’t think it’s needed and don’t want to deal with it but I remember being told that bikes were unnecessary because of fast travel and it didn’t stop me from wanting them so I wouldn’t be able to argue against them adding it as an optional game mode.
I think they would first have to change it so our characters don’t share the same game save or hopefully just allow us to have more than one save file at a time. I doubt we would be able to just turn the hunger mode off and on once we started a game. and this way we could have a character on each mode if we wanted.


no we don’t :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Didn’t know about these Q&A sessions. Are they available in an archive? Is there a summary somewhere? Did they reveal something about what’s coming?


Generation Zero has it’s own youtube channel where you can watch the VOD’s from past streams.

You can also see it on the official Twitch :slight_smile:


Yeah but no stream thats later than the brand new one they did today would do much help as for upcoming stuff in the near future. But in past streams they have talked about stuff they would like to do later on in development.


No thank you. I remember GTA: San Andreas which had similar mechanisms. It just took away from gameplay.

If you add eat, drink, sleep why not add bathroom breaks or your character will soil his pants? Why not wiping? Why not have to blink manually or your eyes dry up?

I say nay.


I want to do those things! I want to pick my nose in game, or scratch my behind.

Why not?


Ay you can say you dont want it in the game. there are still many games that use the thirst and hunger meters.


@Tri13 I can and I do say so. You mention there are many games that use thirst and hunger meters. Yeah well, I know. And that’s why I avoid them. I prefer to keep the mundane things in life to a minimum. Hence I say nay.


Trust me, if you have tried to pick your nose in real life, doing it in a game will never give you the same satisfaction again :wink:


Okay now I’m imagining a nose picking feature similar to lock picking in fallout.


We need sun lotion! I would hate to see my character developing skin cancer for spending too much time outdoors in the sun :wink::sunny::reminder_ribbon:


It always seems to be night for me but I agree


A nice warm jacket and fleece cap option and if you are out at night without them, your aim jitters all over the place because you’re shivering.

On a more serious survivalist type note, having to keep warm would add another dimension - campfires or inside a house WITH ALL THE DOORS SHUT!!!

Why do Swedish people leave their doors open in winter?

“Its a machine apocalypse darling, lets leave the balcony door wide open.”


This actually makes good sense and I’m inclined to support that, provided that the seasons doesn’t change overnight.

They have very cheap electricity! They placed a nuclear power plant just next to the Danish capital (and I’ll make sure they’ll never hear the end of it :wink:).


Food would be possible because you can already shoot birds out of the sky. They’d just need to add a hunger bar.


Right now the looting system can become boring or pointless sometimes and looting houses takes a lot of time and gives little rewards. If the characters needed to be fed, or food helped healing then going to houses would be a necessity and we would have other things to worry about.


I have other things to worry about, killer machines everywhere.
I’m totally against the eating and drinking idea.
It would only be ok to regenerate health but not as a necessarity all couple min.


Paul (owner of GZ) said in the latest dev stream that this level of survivability doesn’t come into GZ,

Also, there are other games where emphasis is on survivability, like The Solus Project, DayZ or 7 Days to Die.

Edit: Talk about survival mechanics is at 00:45:43 in dev stream.