More skill points

We can now respec our skills.
We have no longer a Level Cap.
But we still have the same number of skill points since March 2019.
Could we have a few more skill points in a well balanced way?

Do you want more Skill points?
  • Yes, a few more
  • A lot more!
  • No
  • Unsure

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Although I voted for “yes, a few more skill points” , I wanted to highlight that the question is confusing.

Topic:… More skill points
Question:… more skills
Poll:… More Skill points

So what do you want? More skill points to spend or more skills to spend them on? Or both?

I personally wish I had just about 4 more skill points at the moment, but I would like to see some new or updated skills, too.

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A few more skill points to spend don’t hurt. If the devs decide to revamp the skill tree and/or add some more skills we would need more skill points anyway imo.


I would love 3-4 more skillpoints to complete my build, however…

Forcing people to compromise and make hard choises is part of the fun, you cant have it all!

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Forcing people to get skills they dont want to reach a skill they want is not that fun…and costs skill points.


I’d prefer to choose my own skills to spec into. Some of the tree paths seem a bit strange. I’d also like to see character selection IN MULTIPLAYER so that you can tune a squad without having to leave the server.


The way multi-player is set up now you don’t know the skill specialty of other players and matchmaker also puts any level of skill together. A level 1 can be added to a level 70 player and all between. It would be nice if it would just let you pick players close to the same level other than the present selection of 1 player or 2 or 3. Even those are not selections, you select 1 other player and you may land in a 3 player game or visa versa.

This is why the lobby wants totally reinventing.

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I think an extra 5 XP would be nice and would allow for much better rounded builds for solo play.

Been playing since 2019 on PS4 with my husband. Would LOVE more skill points to spend and some revamping of some of the current skills! I don’t mind the skill trees but I do think some of the skills you have to select are a waste or worthless… I think if we could get up to 45 skill points to spend it wouldn’t be so bad. Then I can waste a few more easily…

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You can specialize up to four characters.
Of course, one for all would be best, but the game provides limited skill points that you can chose a specialization.

It’s meant to be played in coop, therefore four specilized characters.

And as there is no difference in playing alone and with others it is as it is.

But I agree that the skills need a revamp.

But we don’t need to be able to get all skills.

Not everyone can play it co-op, especially with how terrible buggy the game is currently. If I get too many hunters or ticks on me at any given time, I can’t even look at what’s shooting me due to the frame rate drops. The multiplayer function isn’t good enough for co-op to be played all the time. I never said we should be given all of the skills, but we should be able to unlock more than one specialization with one character. Sorry, but I don’t want four different characters to play solo.


If they revamped the skills then you wouldn’t need more skill points. One way to revamp would be where you didn’t have to waste a skill point on something to get to the skill under it. Other than the bottom skills on each specialist group, you could not skip the one above them and only one specialist per character.

What would also be nice is when joining a co-op, you can pick your specialist character after joining the map.


True, they could maybe interlace the skill trees even so that you could use multiple pathways to get to what you wanted


10 more skills and being able to not force select a skill to reach another would be enough i believe.


Yeah, that sounds like a great combo! Perhaps now that levels go so high before the maximum, additional skill points could be purposefully harder to obtain. Keeping the difficulty scaled as players gain more skills, of course. If the skill trees allow multiple pathways to the same specializations, the first 30 can be as normal but maybe additional skill points are every 2 levels instead of every level or so ?

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Would be a good way to go, just not too many points, having everything unlocked is obviously not intended by the devs.


Or what about less percentages given at each skill, but more levels that you can spend up to 5 skillpoints on each?

While I can understand your point, I do have to point out that some portions of the skill tree are a an odd mix bag, specifically reffering to the medic tree, it’s all over the place and cannot seem to really decide what it is there to do. Everything is geared to kill you as fast as possible, if not flat out kill you on the higher difficulties, and with a complete lack of UI for someone to really act as a medic…well, it looks like it was an idea that was later outdated and just hasn’t been revisited in the playable version of the game.

With the currant skills, I agree, a few more would be better. However, are we really asking the right question? Should the question be, do we need more skill points, or as Madchaser said

It is a very good point. What are we hungry for more of?
1.) More skill points with what we have already?
2.) An updated set of skill trees?
3.) More skill options added to what we have already with little to no changes to the existing skills available?
4.) The option to freely pick and reject what we do and don’t want in the currant skill trees?
5.) A mixture of some or all of the above?

You make a very good point, but there is far more to it and yet there is also something important to remember here. While we may have a strong desire to see a change in one way or another, we need to keep in mind not to stomp all over the things that exist already, because those were someone’s idea at one point, the team worked hard to turn that idea into a reality, and while change can be a good thing, we want to do it in the right way. Besides, we don’t want to demand too strongly that they change the system, because change may destroy everything about your build and how you play. Change is rarely anything less then somewhat painful, so as we try to propose new ideas, and point out the potential of those ideas, always try to keep that in mind. Through mutual respect we can help the studio and devs flourish and along the way we might get some shiny new toy.

Then again, I’m exhausted, and probably am speaking in gibberish.


Well spoken.

I once made a suggestion for another skill tree:

With a little additional rework of the current skills (for example less percentages on each but more levels to spend skill points at) there could be more skill points in total.

By stretching the skill point reward from every level to for example every second level they could easily stretch the finalization of the skill tree over a large amount of skill levels.

For me it’s not a problem to spend a skill point on something I never need to use or I never wanted just to become able to get what I want.
There are many many examples from real life, too. If you want to become a master of programming you need to study maths as well, even if you’ll never need it anymore.

Many other skill trees in many other games work the same way. If you want a special skill you have to spend points on many less important skills, too.