More skill points

We can now respec our skills.
We have no longer a Level Cap.
But we still have the same number of skill points since March 2019.
Could we have a few more skill points in a well balanced way?

Do you want more Skill points?
  • Yes, a few more
  • A lot more!
  • No
  • Unsure

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Although I voted for “yes, a few more skill points” , I wanted to highlight that the question is confusing.

Topic:… More skill points
Question:… more skills
Poll:… More Skill points

So what do you want? More skill points to spend or more skills to spend them on? Or both?

I personally wish I had just about 4 more skill points at the moment, but I would like to see some new or updated skills, too.

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A few more skill points to spend don’t hurt. If the devs decide to revamp the skill tree and/or add some more skills we would need more skill points anyway imo.


I would love 3-4 more skillpoints to complete my build, however…

Forcing people to compromise and make hard choises is part of the fun, you cant have it all!

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Forcing people to get skills they dont want to reach a skill they want is not that fun…and costs skill points.