Mouse working in menu but not in-game



I’ve tried it with a controller (both wired and wireless) and it still doesn’t work.


this could be great :calendar:


Well, I’m sure we will get an extended beta period for the compensation. A part of the community has been deprived of gameplay and I’m pretty sure the devs will extend the beta period. We also know that this won’t be the only beta period. Graham confirmed that we might have more beta periods in the future, so I wouldn’t worry much.


Tengo el mismo problema lo probaré en otro pc con otra cpu haber que pasa


I have an xbox controller for my pc and same thing there.
No way to turn around using mouse nor controller


do we not have a fix for this yet I have a friend with the same exact issue


sent the email hopefully we can get this fixed because the game looks amazing :slight_smile:


For me the mouse is working in game and in the menu. But my controller (xbox 360) is not working at all. Not in the menu and not in game.
Edit: restarted the game and controller works


Ma souris ne fonctionne pas je ne peux pas déplacer la camera pourriez vous m’aider ?.
My mouse does not work I can not move the camera could you help me?


bro do not you think this is not enough people who have reported the bug? do you think you are the only one who wants to play?


Same problem.
I also can’t move camera with right stick on my gamepad, while i can move character with left one.


Platform: PC
Impossible to use the mouse.


the same thing for me…


Yeah The Mouse don’t works into the game, only on the main menu.

But I do not see the mail to send my DXDIAG …

Sorry for my English.


They have enough dxdiag reports now, they don’t want anymore. We will just have to wait it out and hope we at least get one day to play it. Maybe we should try to work out what we all have in common!?


Two days until the beta ends and most of us still have the bug. Thats just great.


Mouse do not work in GamePlay.

Menu UI : if you make transition btw two menus like press escape , go to setting,go back and click some button . I was not able to click ui button but after 1-2 seconds.


Mouse working on menu and map but don’t work in game, how to fix?


My god, read the damn thread!


The devs are seeing what we have in common from all of the specs we’ve emailed them through the dxdiag. Still though, I installed and launched the game as soon as I got emailed a key, so it would be nice to maybe have some additional days as I can’t wait to play this :slight_smile: