Multiplayer mission progress not synced (Steam)

Hi there and a happy new year,

me and two friends bought the game with all the DLCs and we had a total blast so far, but apart from the little bugs and glitches there is one main issue for us: Multiple times our mission progress is not the same for the multiplayer clients. Items and levels are saved, but not the completed missions. We are forced to replay many missions as single player to catch up on progress of the host, which costs a lot of our time. We are aware of the alert like “progress only saved for host” in the log, so we always ensure that it is not displayed when we start a mission. Is there any advice to prevent this?

I just registered to post this because its a huge game breaker for us in this overall very unique and great game.

Edit: I just read this thread but the issue seems not to be solved:

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