Nerf/buff on inventory/weight system

do you guys think there should be a change to the weight system, seems im always over encumbered due to the amount of bullets i must carry to take on the millions of enemies im taking on…or should i just be more tactical minded and choose my battles to work with the way the inventory is in the game, just seems my box is always full and im always full, carrying very few weapons (3 main) and no materials, opinions?

I’ve played generation zero for some time now, and i remember the previous inventory system. I could carry about 30 kg less back then, before the inventory update. But i am chronically overweight, i seem unable to limit myself, i just pick up everything i find useful and drop the excess when i cant run anymore.
So even if i could carry aditional 100kg, i would probably still be 0.5kg from overweight pretty much all the time.
And i honestly think that the game experience would suffer from not having to manage my inventory (and hoarding behaviour)… :slight_smile:

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I am rarely overweight, because I do not pick up everything. You can store upto two hundred kilograms into the plundra (storage box). And it is a good idea to be more tactical minded and choose and plan your fights.

In the beginning (launch day), there was a good challenge of what to bring and what to leave, since what you only had, was your carry capacity. And it was limited to max 50 units (slots). Also, there was no Plundra what-so-ever.
Did all that stop players from playing the game? No, it did not. I completed all the vanilla missions with the now seemingly very limited storage space. Also, i enjoyed it a lot back then.

But hoarders weren’t happy and wanted storage box where to stash the loot. So, the Plundra was introduced (August '19) where to store the loot.
Did Plundra made the situation better for hoarders? For a while, until hoarders met the 100 unit (slot) Plundra limit and weren’t happy, again.

Even more requests were made to increase the Plundra capacity limit. And with the new inventory system (March '20), Plundra storage got doubled to the max of 200 units. Also, carry capacity was increased as well, from the max of 50 to the max of 80.

Next update (April '20) increased the carry capacity even more, from the max of 80 to the max of 96.
Is all that extra storage space enough? Seems like it isn’t.

Since the thing is, hoarders will never be happy until there is unlimited storage, both in inventory and in Plundra.

If it were up to me: i’d remove Plundra from the game completely and reduce max carry capacity back to the 50 units it initially was. But luckily for hoarders, it isn’t up to me.

What i had in the beginning was:

  • carry capacity of max 50 units
  • no Plundra
  • no Recycling Station (since crafting wasn’t a thing back then)

What hoarders currently have, are:

  • carry capacity of max 96 units (or 112.999 without able to run)
  • Plundra with 200 units storage
  • Recycling Station with 250 units storage

And people are still complaining? Like, for real? :eyes:


I am rarely overweight, because I do not pick up everything. You can store upto 200 kg into the plundra (storage box) And it is a good idea to be more tactical minded and choose and plan your fights.

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So I wonder are you still keeping yourself to the setting it was in the beginning? Because you could do that to have the game like you prefer it. I’m not a hoarder but I like the settings we got now. I doesn’t need to be really hard for me to enjoy the game. I play on easiest settings that is hard enough. :wink:

Sometimes, yes. For example, when Alpine Unrest DLC came, i completed the entire Himfjäll (missions, collectables etc) without accessing or using my Plundra at all.

Even now i rarely use Plundra since the vast storage space you can carry is more than enough and then some.

I play on hardest difficulty (Guerilla) and it’s too easy for me. Though, the time between post-April '20 and pre-June '20 update was a good challenge difficulty wise and i miss it.

Having limited storage doesn’t make the game itself inherently harder. What it only does is forcing you to make decisions of what to keep and what to leave.

i see your point but then again i dont think it should be touched atm.

i have three main weapons and a gun or a bat.
for the porpouse of arguements some players like to have eavrything i can understand that.
But you can use the plundra or not thats up for each player.

i think its fine for now since you are not forced to pick eavrything up but what is necesary and needed.
So in that regard we agree.
I also think more people should think about what to engage when and how.
Sometimes it is better to back of and come back later.
But it does add that you can pick eavry weapon up ingame and than really have ammo for them in the plundra so i dont see anything wrong with that.
but the weight is fine for now keep it as it is.
Think more pressing issues should be adressed. Rather than implementing more we should focus on bugs and fixes on this game.
It really needs it.

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I would still like to see a take half button in the plundra, Yes i found the way to make taking things out of it faster but it is still a 5 minute wait to not take a massive amount of ammo, Otherwise my invent is filled with ammo i really don’t need and making me over encumbered when i pick up anything :expressionless:

In the beginning we had 1 char to play and 3 more “mule” chars we used to store all the items.

Yes. And some knowledgeable players are still using their other char(s) as mule(s), especially since you can have unlimited storage on the mule char, if you know how to do it. One friend of mine has stored 2.5 tons of crafting resources on his mule char. That’s 10 times more than Recycling Station can store.