New added locations

I’m still waiting for an analogy for ikea :grin:

Just “furniture shop” in swedish (möbelaffär) is too boring. Maybe shortened to “maffär”?

Just don’t confuse with mataffär, even if many just go there because of the hotdogs and köttbullar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes it was (like Zesiir said)!

I gave a hint for a new name before :smiley:

In Eurotruck 2 IKEA is called IKA . Pherhaps that does fit.

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Hey its the guy from the Vesslan Bunker!

Has anyone came across this Housing Development Area in the south coast?, I’ve never seen it before and thought it was a base location but it doesn’t have a icon🤔! ( sorry about the reflections it’s very sunny out) image|666x500




Yeah I noticed this a week or so back​:v::+1::+1:

Sure, I found that site and everything else on the first two days of the Recon Update. It was only a small update. This construction site has no name, found several of these no-name spots. :coffee:

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Could you possibly list some of these locations? I just started out fresh during the recon update and curious to see the little changes everywhere!:grin:

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I found this new lighthouse near Tokeröd Farm in the South Coast Region.

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so that is new??? i was wondering why i didnt have this location marked when i found it yesterday lmap

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That’s a new lighthouse. Looks cozy, I could live there. I bet the view is great too.

The map doesn’t work for me, I’m not good with technology

Yeah it’s pretty nice this, initially I was also confused on first sighting :v:

Were ar coordinates for both? I’d like to check them out