New added locations

I just watched a video of the begin missions where the two new NPCs Therese Knutsson and Corporal Pontus Kovács appear and have have texts. I have written it all down. However this player did not check for all mission items, nor did he once open the mission log, to show what he found. But I now have at least a pretty good record of the new mission acts and texts.

They were basically added as a tutorial aid. :coffee:

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I was trying to work out if I could start over at some point, Ty for post :+1::+1:

Yeah I got this as it was downloading , curious :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::v:

From viewing a video; I have written down a transcription of those (New Dawn) altered begin missions.
Not all missions items are in there, but it has all spoken texts of NPCs; Therese Knutsson - 18 years old - Student - Born in Yttervik and Furir Pontus Kovács - 32 years old - Corporal in the Swedish Army - Born in Östervik.

Long read, and a Spoiler - Click here

Break of Dawn

objective: Search the house for anything of use

(Picked up pistol, flashlight, binoculars, pamphlet, recording)

Mission item: “If the war comes” Civil defence Pamphlet

Mission item: Recording:
[Single answering machine beep] Grandpa, grandma! What’s going on? I’m scared, I don’t know what to do! I’m at the church…
[Next message beep] It’s me again… Of course you guys aren’t home, what were you thinking, Therese?*
*If you ever hear this, or if the police hear this, please… Help me. I’m at the Iboholmen Church… [final double beep]

Objective: Search the police car for ammo

Mission Item: Police note
(don’t know what it says)

Objective: Locate and destroy an enemy

Mission completed

New Mission: Sanctuary

Objective: Follow the road to look for a safe place, and maybe find Therese.

Objective: Follow the road to look for Iboholmen Church.

Objective: Reach the vantage point to observe the church

Objective: Use the binoculars to analyze the church grounds

Objective: Make your way to Iboholmen church

(entering Iboholmen Church)
Therese talking: Hello?..Is anyone down there? …Oh, thank goodness! I’m upstairs, by the organ! I’m in pain, I need help!

Objective: Find the person who talked to you

Objective: Find away through the barricade

Therese talking: Oh, you’re real… I didn’t imagine things.

Objective: Talk to Therese.

Therese answers: My name’s Therese… I hurt my leg and arm pretty bad. If that’s okay, can you make me a first aid kit? There are some instructions on how to do it over there.

(picked up schematic)

Here, you can have this walkie-talkie. We should make sure not to lose contact, right?

Mission item: Schematic for medkit
Mission item: Therese’s walkie-talkie

Objective: Collect the materials needed to make a first aid kit 0/3

Therese talking: Could you go and get my scout gear outside, if you don’t mind. It’s next to Miss Bikey. I have all you need to make a first aid kit.
I… I can’t get back out myself. I had to drop all my stuff, I was to slow and I was in so much pain.

(Picked up stuff outside; textile, thread, accelerant)

Objective: Use the Consumable Crafting Station to craft a first aid kit

Therese talking: Okay, good. Come back and 'I’ll walk you through how you can make a first aid kit yourself. They always taught us you can craft anything out of almost nothing. We’re lucky our priest Johnny is also a bit of a handyman…

(crafted medkit)

Objective: Give a simple First Aid Kit to Therese

Therese talking: Aaah…This helps a lot. I feel a bit better already… Thanks, I appreciate it.
Look, my grandparents have gone missing. They weren’t home when those things… Can you help me find them?

Mission completed.

New Mission: The Farm

Follow the road to look for clues about the disappearance of Therese’s grandparents

Therese Talking: This island has only one main road anyway, so if we wanna get help, we need to go west. There’s a clearcut nearby, we can start there.
Grandpa used to be a woodcutter, he’d work there sometimes. If we’re lucky, we might find something there.

Objective: Check out the clearcut near the church.

Therese talking: I haven’t seen or talked to anyone for … 4 days. yeah, since friday.
Do you know where everyone is? Those machines, they just showed up out of nowhere…

Objective: Destroy the machines at the clearcut 0/2

Therese talking: There are more machines at the clearcut? Don’t be reckless, please…

Therese talking: What, they’re distracted? By a radio? wow, that’s so great! So let’s keep an eye out for anything that makes noise…

Objective: Search the cabins for signs of Therese’s grandparents

Mission Item: Whiteboard message
(read whiteboard message in the barrack)

Therese talking: Stenhaga Farm? Yeah, it’s just a bit further down that road. Alright, so some people in the area gathered there, that’s good.

Objective: Go to Stenhaga Farm

Therese talking: Our family has known the Anderssons since forever. So maybe it was my grandparents’ idea to meet up there? They do have lots of space on their farm.
It’s good you found me. There’s no one else I can turn to. We we’re on a camping trip with my old scout group.
We all turned 18 this year, so it was a … party, you know. We were there for a couple of days, having a great time, but when i came home…
That’s when it all started. My buddies, even the police… They’re all dead. My family, maybe they’re dead too… I hope someone helped them.

Objective: Destroy the machines roaming at the Stenhaga Farm 0/4

Therese talking: Shoot… Are we too late? Do you think you’re able to get rid of them?

(Out one of the houses (the one with the key) we hear a radio.)

Emil Sandberg on radio: [SR4 News jingle] “The time is 12:34 and we are interrupting our regular broadcast for an important Public Announcement. All citizens are to go to the nearest shelter or gathering point immediately. Residents of Inoholmen should go to the bomb shelter in Salthamn where personnel – [Radio signal lost]”

(killed all 4 machines)

Objective: Find out if anyone is at the farm

Therese talking: You’re really someone I can count on. Do you see or hear anyone? maybe in the barn, I remember they had it well-stocked just in case.

It’s locked? Weird… You can probably find a key in their house

Objective: Find the key to the barn
Therese talking: Hey, how about I meet up with you at the barn? I feel much better, and no way I’m staying cooped up in here on my own. Don’t fret. I’ll be cautious.

(picked up the key on the table)

Mission item: Key to the barn

Objective: Unlock the barn
Therese talking: I know the folks at the farm. They’re around 70 I think. Their daughter, Anita, she’s pretty cool. My favorite grown-up, you could say. We sometimes talk on the radio when she’s driving, or when I’m out camping.

(unlocked the barn)

Objective: Search the barn for clues about the missing people

Mission item: Recording from Anita

“Hey, this is Anita! So sorry I couldn’t call earlier. It’s been busy as hell here. Where the hell are you guys? Everyone in the area needs to get to Dalthamn right away. [civil defense siren blaring] Call Johnny at the church and see if he can give you a ride. He knows that Dad can’t really drive anymore…
Okay, I gotta go!”

(picked up ammo schematic in the barn)

Mission complete

New Mission: The road to Salthamn

Find your way to the village of Salthamn, and look for answers.

Therese talking: Yeah! I’m so relieved! So Anita and the others got everyone to go to the bomb shelter in Salthamn. That’s awesome! So that’s where everyone is! They have to be!
Wait, before you go, could you get their toolbox? They keep it in their boat shed down by the jetty. You’ve helped me, so I gotta help you now.

Objective: Find the toolbox for Therese

Therese talking: Yeah, I made it to the barn! Phew, that was close… So weird to be in here, it’s been ages

(Got the toolbox)

Mission item: The Anderssons Toolbox

Therese talking: You got the toolbox? Awesome, bring it here. My secret plan is to try to repair a field radio for you.

Objective: Meet Therese in the barn and give her the toolbox

Therese talking: This summer at scout camp, I showed everyone how to fiddle with radios. We had such a blast…

Objective: Locate and reach Salthamn

(Talk with Therese)

Therese talking: Thanks! Just give me a sec… There, it should work now. Take it, you know how dangerous it is out there.

Therese talking: Now all we need to do is to head to Salthamn and meet up with everyone, right? It’s just across the bridge. [chuckle] That’s the closest thing to a “town” we have out here in the Archipelago.

Therese talking: By the way, I just want to say… Thanks, For finding me, and for making the area a little safer. Don’t wanna think about what I would have done without you…

Therese talking: Alright, what would Anita do Therese? Think…
Let’s piece it together: We know the government issued an important Public Announcement on the radio on friday morning.
The outdoor siren rang, and according to the Total Defence program, everyone is supposed to go to the nearest shelter in case war comes…
Here that would be Salthamn. Then this means they all got to safety on time before those machines showed up.

Objective: Clear the bridge

Therese talking: You should be coming up to the bridge pretty soon. The town’s on the other side. There’s really neat cinnamon buns at the bakery too.

[radio signal interference sounds] Don’t forget to use your field radio if you – hey, you’re breaking up a lot right now. There seems to be a big source of interference near you.

(cleared the bridge)

Objective: Reach Salthamn

(shot the interference, a beacon on the bridge)

Therese talking: Nice! I’m hearing you a lot clearer now. It was really choppy before. Seems the thing you destroyed was sending some kind of radio signal.

Objective: Locate and explore the Salthamn Bomb shelter

Therese talking: You still don’t see any people around? Really? God… Where do these machines come from, and why are they trying to kill us? Do you think… a foreign country declared war on Sweden? Good job on skipping history class, Therese, good job.

Objective: Turn the power back on in the Salthamn shelter

Therese talking: What? A dead person? No! How did these… ticks get in there? No no no no…

(Turned on power)

Therese talking: Alright, I’m leaving now, I’ll meet you at the shelter soon. Maybe it makes no sense if they’re all gone, but I don’t care, I’m coming.

Mission Completed

New Mission: Civil Defence

Therese talking: Please tell me that you’re finding any clues in the bomb shelter. Anything at all…

(trying computer in bomb shelter without password locked it)
Wrong password. A note says Civil Defence members have the correct password

Objective: Look for information about the Civil Defence Members

Mission Item: Salthamn Civil Defence contact list (on board on wall)
Mission item: Map of Salthamn (on board on wall)

Therese talking: They got evacuated from there? Right… The Salthamn Civil Defence must have coördinated it, so… If you have their addresses, check their houses, try to find some documents or something.

Objective: Search the members’ homes for the password for the computer

Therese talking: They can’t be dead, they just - oh shit! [machine searching sounds][whispering] Alright, talk later…

(in Anita’s house)

Mission item: Recording
Anita’s message to Gösta bengtsson: [civil defense siren blaring)" Gösta, this is Anita. Where are you? The IPA has been going for minutes. I’m trying to get a hold of Peter to see if the Army has contacted him, but I have the evacuation plan at my house, so call me as soon as you hear this!"

Therese talking: Anita sounded really panicked on the message, didn’t she? And she never panics…

Therese talking: I made it. I’m at the shelter now. Oh God, everything’s so awful… We’re not going to find them, are we?

Mission item: Peter Hammargren’s to-do-list

Therese talking: Oh, you got the password for the computer in the bomb shelter? Let’s try it out then. I need to know.

Objective: Get the evacuation plan from the computer in the shelter
(walking past destroyed military tank)

Therese talking: So this is even worse than I feared. If even tanks can’t beat them…

(back at the shelter)

Therese talking: There you are. Good that you’re not dead too. Let’s check this computer.

Mission item: Salthamn Civil defence evacuation plan

So… The Salthamn Civil Defenced got in touch with the Army, who asked them to bring everyone to Saltvallen - that’s the sports field, it’s really close. Alright…

Mission completed

New mission: The Home Team

Find out where all the civilians living in Salthamn and Iboholmen were evacuated to.

Therese talking: You go on. My leg still hurts like hell, riding a bike here was touch enough. I’d better stay and support you from here…

Therese talking: But you know what? You and I are gonna keep trying, that’s what Anita would do.

Objective: Get to the evacuation site at the Saltvallen sports field

(approaching the sports field)

Objective: Find information about the evacuation near the Saltvallen sports field.

Repeating Radio message from Pontus: Vesslan Command, come in! This Corporal Pontus Kovács, grenade launcher platoon, Engineer Regiment.
We need reinforcements from the main forces in the Farmlands immediately. Request status update, over!

Mission item in truck: Radio recording found at the Saltvallen sports ground

Recording text: “Anderhage, the evacuation is complete. Return to base, over. [radio silence] Lieutenant? We will lock Vesslan down in 10, what is your status, over. [radio silence] Anderhage!? Goddamn it!”

(picked up radio)

Pontus Talking: Vesslan Command… Request – What… Who is this? —Alright, listen carefully. The situation is critical. Are you able to rendezvous at the Command bunker Vesslan?
It’s a big military bunker on Dödra Saltholmen. See of you can find a military map. We need to make contact with them. Over and out.

Objective: Find a map to the “Vesslan” military bunker

Mission item: Archipelago Map

Objective: Meet Pontus Kovács at the entrance of Vesslan

Therese talking: The army? Really? Wait, I’ll switch over to that frequency. [static]
This is Therese Knutsson. You have no idea how relieved we are to find another survivor! Over.

Pontus Talking: Corporal Pontus Kovács. I’m on my own i"m afraid…
The enemy has killed my entire platoon. heard the same thing happened to several other companies in the archipelago… Over.

Therese talking: Sir… Can you tell us what happened? Why hasn’t the army fought off all these… machines? Over.

Pontus Talking: We tried… Within 24 hours, it was war. There were so many of them. I even heard reports of even bigger machines. It was brutal. Over.

Therese talking: Do you know who sent them? And have you seen all the people?.. Over.

Pontus Talking: Negative… No idea where they’re from… I took part in the evacuation of all civilians to Vesslan before the attack. But since then, Vesslan went radio silent. Over.

Therese talking: Radio silent… “Always be prepared”, they said… Over and out.

Pontus Talking: Kid! I made it to Vesslan’s main entrance. Are you on you way here? Something is wrong… Vesslan still isn’t responding, and I am unable to get in. I’ll investigate while you get here. Over and out.

(arrived at Vesslan)

Pontus Talking: There you are. This is Vesslan. Obviously a highly secured facility - grunts like me don’t have the required clearance. However… those damn machines do, I’ve seen them!
I had a look at one of the dead machines, found this access card: it’s damaged, but I think that’s how they’re able to get in. If you can find more, I think we can put together a complete access card and use it to get in! In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to make contact with Command.

Objective: Search destroyed machined on Sodra Saltholmen for barcode key-cards 1/3

Mission item: Vesslan Bunker entry barcode

Objective: Use the barcode key-cards to unlock access to the Vesslan bunker

Objective: Restore main power to the bunker

Pontus Talking: It worked! Okay, our first objective is to turn the power back on. We need to find the generator room. Let’s split up to cover more ground. And stay outta trouble!

Therese talking: Let me know what you find over there… if you find anything. And watch your back, okay? I need you. Over and out.

Side-mission unlocked: Unbearable Lightness
Corporal Svoboda’s distress call for reinforcements

Corporal Svoboda talking: “This is Corporal Pavel Svoboda, Minken command. [heavy machine footsteps heard in the distance] The enemy is approaching and about to engage us. We require urgent reinforcements, repeat, urgent reinforcements. Respond, over! [machines getting closer]
We have a visual. 4… 5 machines approaching. We won’t be able to hold Saltholmstungan much longer. Respond, over! … Platoon, get ready!”

(moving on with current mission)

Pontus Talking: Kid, kid! [gunshots fired]Engaging several hostile machines over her. [machine alerted sounds] They are everywhere! [gunshots fired, the quiet again] Enemy neutralized.
So far, no trace of any living person, military or civilian. I don’t like this at all… I’ve located the command Center. Going in…
It’s completely empty too. I repeat, the whole bunker is empty. Do you copy? Over.

Therese talking: Copy that. Then it’s just us who are left. For all we know everybody else is really… gone. Over and out.

(turned on power)

Pontus Talking: Hey, the power’s back on, good work. Get back up here and join me in the command Center! Over.

Objective: Find the bunker’s Command Center

(found it, safehouse unlocked)

Pontus Talking: Ah, there you are… Come and take a look the warboard.

Objective: Examine the Vesslan warboard

(checked warboard)

Pontus Talking: Vesslan command’s MIA. All we have is their warboard. This is what the Swedish army uses to plan our military operations and monitor the current situation. This war isn’t over. You and me, we’re going to pick up where the army left off. We’ll find the recent hotspots and go there to push back the enemy.

Therese talking: Sounds good! We’ll keep exploring, and hopefully we’ll find some answers somewhere. Find our loved ones, and understand what those machines are. That’s our only option anyway, right?

Mission completed

Mission Another Castle

[Transcript of the evacuation (fax)]
Pontus: “Sheltering the evacuees in the base’s underground hangars as per orders”…
Pontus: That fax… I don’t get it. Why did the Army bring civilians to Saltholmen. It goes against protocol.
Therese: But it sounds like they were really brought there, right? All this time we’ve been desperate to find out why everybody vanished, if they’re even alive.
Pontus: I think that maybe we will really find your grandma and granddad, your friends, and everyone else in there. Whatever happened, we’re really close now

[Enter the Saltholmen bunker]
PONTUS: This is it! The Saltholmen bunker. According to that fax you found, this is where the population of the Archipelago was brought to on Day 1.
PONTUS: The lights are out? Well, let’s not lose focus: we know all the doors inside are equipped with an electronic lock system, so first of all you should turn the power back on.

[Switch the power on]
PONTUS: Good, one thing at a time. Now you can investigate the bunker. Let’s try to find those evacuees.

[Search bunker for any clue about the disappearances]
THERESE: I don’t expect they’ll still be in there… If only we could find any clues about where they were taken…

1[Radio transmission from Minken Command Center ]
SERGEANT ANDERSSON: “This is Sergeant Johan Andersson at the Minken Command Center. I have seen the orders to evacuate to Saltholmen Naval Base, and to Fiskebäck over here. This is not in any known protocol. Have you received verbal orders from Command? Over! [static] Evacuation protocols are to evacuate to the mainland directly, and we have lost contact with Command at this point. We had… there was a contact. I was informed that something was about to happen, several days ago. And now this attack, and these evacuation orders. I need to know what the hell is going on. Respond, over!”

THERESE: Clearly, several soldiers were having doubts about the weird orders they got. The Army… does this mean our Army is involved in this, Pontus?

PONTUS: I… I don’t know anything about any of this, I promise. To me it feels like the enemy knew everything about us: our protocols, our communication channels. And they attacked from within. (?inside job?)

2[Toxic gas label]
THERESE: Sleeping gas?! Why would the Army bring that to a bunker full of people? Is that why everyone’s vanished?

THERESE: So all the people were really in that bunker, but our own Army sneaked in sleeping gas canisters, and… made everyone go into a coma? I can’t believe this…

PONTUS: I’m so sorry, Therese. I really don’t know what part the Army played in all of this.
3[Gas canister shipment receipt]
THERESE: The gas canisters were delivered on the 10th. That’s when everything went to shit.
“Shipment ID FNIX”? What the heck does that mean, Pontus?

PONTUS: No idea, sorry. Maybe an operation code name. It has something to do with all of this, that’s for sure.
4[Dr. Sköld’s accident report]
PONTUS: An accident involving what? Some coma-inducing gas? Wow… This doesn’t make any sense…

Mission completed

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Just checked out Måsskär, and they fixed the rockets barrage scene, which started everytime we revisited the island and opened the gate.

They also made it a bit easier to get into the lookout next to the gate. Jump up barrel, jump up plank, jump in. :grinning:

Also found a 7th Runestone

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Hi @Gysbert i found also another new Runestone at the left side of the street when you going from the starterhouse at Yttervik :smile:

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Yes, that’s the 6th one I found. I added all to route 6.

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The Grain store i found as well. I was astonished as i saw this. A Kundsam Grain store. I think this revamp is a piece of art what they have done- Hagaboda looks really awesome with the new townwall.


Had this for a while now.

“Customer Service” apparently

What do you mean with “Customer Service” and why?


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Because Swedish and Dutch are very close, I always thought, it was a contraction of kund (client) and sam (together) so like a Supermarket called Co-op.

The location on the picture, I see as a food storage and whole sale for supplying all the supermarkets on Östertörn.


A supermarket is a kind of customer service, too.
Funny name for a shop.

Problem is when I ask google I get this… How can this be?

It can also be interpreted as Customer Sam :rofl:

Funny you would say that, in Sweden we have a store chain called Coop. Funnily enough it also go with a green theme like Kundsam in game. And the word “kund” in Swedish is actually client. “sam” isn’t really a word though it may be used from “tillsammans” (together). It could also derive from “hjälpsam” meaning helpful, I’m no linguistic so idk to be honest.

Well, “samen” is together in Dutch, that’s why I thought this.

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Coop used to be named Konsum (Consume) in the 80’s. And had the exact same lettering as Kundsam so it’s a reference to that.

Kundsam itself is just a nonsense word, it doesn’t mean anything.


Love how you try to find the meaning of Kundsam :smiley: As Zesiir said, there was a supermarket chain called Konsum here in Sweden and its a play on that.


Wasnt Konsum just renamed to Coop?

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