New Features (Weapons, vehicles, machines & mores)

Hi !

I have some suggestions for items of all sorts and perks. I’ll update this message with new ideas :slight_smile:

Useful clothes:
-Tactical glasses: It could be equiped on face or helmet. You could use the 3 different modes like with the weapons modes: night, xray or thermal. This way you’re not forced to aim with weapon to see like that. It would be great to be able to equip it with the gas mask too.
-Azmat clothes: Helmet, Shirt, Pants, Boots and Gloves. If fully equipped, it would protect us from any chemical or gaz damage.
-Riot Shield: To protect yourself from ennemies, could be in the left hand while holding weapons.
-Jetpack: to jump a lot higher and fly for a short time
-Backpack: Different backpacks that allow to carry more weight.
-Exo-armor like the Phenix one but that give more bonus (weight carrying, jumping as Hunter, charging like runners…). Or an update to the actual Phenix Armor.
-Utility belts: Some belts to equip and attach pistols and other items. Or simply to add bonus like more weight carrying, faster reload, faster weapon swap or faster items use.
-Camo Clothes like the sniper Clothes that makes you look like a bushes,increasing stealth.

Only-cosmetic clothes: (could be DLC)
-Police uniform: It would be legit to get it as there are many police car.
-Terminator look: Clothes inspired by the terminator franchise. The best part would be face make-up with red eyes and half the face show a metal skull… Would be an epic style to fight robots !
-Viking armor: A funny way to explore this nordic area… A viking helmet, beard and armored clothes with some fur. Would perfectly fit with the electric KVM for a modern day son of Odin !
-Predator-like armor: A huge metal helmet with dreadlocks and a futuristic/tribal armor. Inspired by the predator franchise.
-Space Troopers: A white armor inspired by the clone/stormtroopers of star wars
-Metal Armor: An Iron Man-style Armor to fight our Iron enemies !
-Astronaut clothes: would be nice with a Space-style dlc
-Super hero costume: with a cap and a mask, to have a badass or funny look. Different colors for it.
-Professor Clothes: Some clothes inspired by Doctor Who.
-Detective clothes: To look like Sherlock holmes
-Rangers clothes: Clothes inspired by the power Rangers, with different colors.
-Survivor clothes: Clothes inspired by Ranbow the soldier.

-Motion Detector: A tool that detect movement. We could collect it on machines and it would replace the furtivity help. You could use it to hunt machines and detect them at bigger range. We could carry it in our left hand while holding a pistol or it could be equipped as a watch. You could select a specific type of enemy to detect. It could show how many machines are around, in which direction and maybe wich model it is… Better quality of tool, better range ! It’s inspired from the Alien Motion detector in the Alien franchise. It would be useful. You’re walking and then you hear the device starting to “bip” more and more… It would be fun !
-Flashlight A change to the actual way it works. Right now it looks like the light come from nowhere… Having different lights to hold in the hand or attach to shirts, helmets and Weapons. With different qualities that change the range/power of the light, and the stealth of the character.
-Hacking computer/device: It allows to hack and control machines. It should work better with the associated perk
-Bear trap to slow/stun enemies
-Radio blocker: You can place it in an area and it will Block the ability of harvesters in the area to call supports.
-Harvester emettor: You collect it on harvester. You can place it somewhere and it will spawn hunters around as long as not destroyed.
-Gasoline tank: you can open the tank and put gasoline tracks on the floor. Shoot it and the track will burn. It would be perfect to trap enemies.

-Plastic explosives: You can place them on the ground, walls or machines and make it explodes with a radiocommand.
-Inflammable gaz tank: A new gaz tank or an upgrade to the actual ones. You quietly open the tank and the gaz get out, making a cloud like the smoke grenade around. But when you shoot the cloud it will burn/explode! If not shot, the cloud will disappear after à while. This way it could be more spectacular and funny to explode!

-Grenade Launcher to shoot grenades. As ammo it could use the different classic grenades. It allows a more accurate and a longer distance shoot ! The Experimental could shoot the same grenades as the apocalypse tank explosives Mine.
-Sword: We need melee weapons to fight the robots ! With the aim control you could protect yourself from the Hunter blade too. You could get it this blade by killing Hunters! The experimental could have a laser blade.
-Flamethrowers: The robots have it and it’s OP. So we should get it on their corpses for a more egal fight ! Let’s melt some bots ! The experimental could freeze enemies instead of burning them.
-Crossbow: To shoot craftable arrows. You can have normal arrows, flare arrows, firework arrows, EMP arrows, explosives arrows, remote-explosives arrows and a tracking arrow that highlights the enemy as long as it’s not destroyed, making it easier to follow. A cable arrow would be fun to use, you could attach bots together or attach them to wall or ground to stop them from moving, totally changing the way to fight them. You could use the cable arrow to climb buildings too. The experimental crossbow could automaticly reload.
-Minigun: It slows the character but is extremely powerful. The experimental could shoot laser bullet.
-Experimental Squovist that shoot flares ammo, highlighting enemies
-Experimental AG5 with acid bullets that inflicts damages to armored plates.
-Experimental AL with electromagnetic bullets that slows the target movement speed.
-Experimental Altgstudare with auto-targeting system: once activated it locks the view on the target and follow it automaticly.
-Experimental Meusser: Low speed stealth ammo that deal damages to machines without them detecting it.
Experimental HP: The bullet bounces on enemies and surfaces many times.
Experimental KVM 89: The more you shoot without stopping, the more accurate it becomes.
-Experimental Moller: Tracking-ammo, the bullets will automaticly aimed towards enemy.
-Experimental Magnus: Russian roulette-style, one ammo per reload is randomly explosive.
-Bowling ball with explosives inside. You throw it and it explodes, would be a funny weapon.
-Molotov cocktail to put the bots on fire

Weapons attachments:
-Motion detector: As the utility tool described sooner but this time it could be attached to Weapons and we could see it while holding the weapon without aiming.
-Bipod for rifles and machine Guns ! While lying down or aiming from the border of à Windows, you could shoot while aiming easier !
-Laser: to help targeting ennemies at short range. It could also highlights the Target to help the teamates to aim at it.
-Different skins for Weapons as different camouflage and colors.
-New heat-tracking ammo for the rocket launcher.
-Grenade-launcher attachment for assaut rifles.
-Bayonnet attachment to Weapons.

Perks, abilities and others:
-We should be able to swim in lakes and rivers, using stamina.
-We should be able to lie down on the ground ! Being more stealth but moving slower.
-Being able to glide while running and then crouching.
-Having a melee attack when holding a weapon to hit ennemies that are too close.
-Being able to climb on things with a double jump: Helping to get on top of building or trucks for exemple. We could also get climbing picks to reach the top of big buildings and mountains !
-Ability to build construction as barricades (like the one around the Himjfall hotel)
-Ability to upgrade safehouses: Adding defensives things as wooden plates on windows, mounted weaponry, alarm detectors, camouflage or hacked bots that will protect the safehouse.
-More destroyable things like: trees, walls, doors.
-More damaged-specific behaviour to machines: If we destroy their captors, they can’t see us. If we destroy their legs they can’t move anymore… Explosions break them in multiple parts, fire make them melt.
-New tracking IA: the machine Detect players independantly. They will attack one without always detecting his teamates. When you’re in a building they watch the doors and Windows but they don’t EXACTLY know where you are unless they have a visual on you.
-Special Harvester convoy: Like the Rival system, there could be special Harvesters with specific rewards when killed. Those ones will try to flee from you and will be heavily escortes. But they give a lot more ressources than others.
-Weather conditions and machines: Fog should make you stealthier, rain should make EMP more powerful, lighting should strike machines sometimes with the same effects as EMP.
-Double Weapons holding: You can use two pistols or two Light machine guns at the same time.
-It would be nice to see the equipped weapons on our characters: Both main weapons could be attached in the back, the pistols could be attached to the belt.

-Car, there are so many so it would be great to be able to drive one.
-Trucks, there are some of them and it could be fun in coop or to block the way to tanks and harvesters.
-Armored tanks: There are some, both destroyed or unused. Could be epic to use but it may attract machines because of the noise, especially tank machines.
-Aircraft: Like the tank, there are some of them and it would be good to use. But it would be targeted by harvester and tanks. Maybe the robots would shoot tick pods to it and the tick would dissassemble the aircraft while it flies (like the droids that attack the jedi starfighter in Star Wars III)
-Boats: Small boats could be fun.
-Motorbikes to move fast everywhere

New regions:
It would be good to have more areas to explore. Other Islands around the mainland could offer some opportunities. Another idea, looking at the retro scifi style of the game, could be to use “teleporting portal”, StarGate or Stranger Things-style. It would fit the style and bring a whole new dimensions to the scifi in the game. The teleporting portal could transport us to other country, continents, planets (like the moon) and maybe other time period or dimensions. This way we could get a lot more diversities in places and context to fight the robots ! It could be huge new maps or just some small islands, valley lost in mountains (all roads blocked by rocks) and other possibilities… It would refresh the way we play the game with totally different context. Robots could use the portal to try invading other places ! Or it could be the result of other country experiments too.
-Tropical map: More trees and bushes. Maybe some natural fauna ? Less building so you’ll need more furtivity. We could have more sun too, wich would change a lot the ambiance. It could be inspired from the Amazonia in Brazil or Bolivia… Or in Asia too. Imagine being lost in the jungle and hearing the robots without seeing them because of the trees !
-Desertic map: Less places to hide, it would be perfect to introduce vehicles like a jeep. Could be inspired by north african countries. A great context for battles with more fire power!
-City map: Fighting robots in a big city (Stockholm, Berlin, London, New York…). Could happen after a global invasion by the robots… Seeing famous monuments would be cool and fighting robots in big building or mall would be fun ! It could also be a “fake city” to avoid the “observe & copy” work of recreating a real place. It would be a good place to introduce a better AI for runners that could explore buildings and rooms. You could enter cinemas, bowlings, museum, huge retro mall, warehouse and stadiums. And fight robots in those funny places !
-Cruise/Military ship:
Fighting robots on a huge ship could be cool: Through the machines rooms to the Command room it could be fun ! This place would be smaller than other map so can be a part of another map or even added to the crurent one (maybe a rescue ship attacked by the robots, both a Titanic-like huge ship or an Aircraft ship.)
-Submarine base: A secret Submarine base of the Swedish army, it could be hidden in the sea around the actual map and would work as a huge bunker.
-Space map: It sounds crazy but what about fighting the robots on the moon ? If Sweden has robots, maybe another country (Russia, USA…) has an hidden base on the moon and the robots tried to invade it. A funny place to fight and when you get out of the station, you move with lower gravity ! It would be epic !
-Medieval map: A map with castle and old houses… Could be a new small map or the actual map but with different buildings/places ! The actual ruins that we see in the classic map could be replaced by full castle. A little time-travelling version of the game that could be fun. Maybe with knights/vikings clothes and weapons too.
-Futuristic map: A new small map or a new version of the actual map: With more robots and futuristic building made by the robots. It would be fun to see how the map will change since the robots invasion.

New bots:
-A robot with wheels that could spawn mines on the ground. It would carry a lot of explosives but it’s heavily armored. You should take care while biking, if you roll on a Mine…
-an engineer bots that collect pieces of destroyed machine. It can spawn a lot of ticks and heals other bots. Kill it to get a lot of machines components.
-a bulldozer-like bots that can destroy barricades, doors and maybe walls.
-Artillery bots: an Heavy and slow bot with a huge canon. It shoot from far away without even seeing you. It shoots where the flying drone sentinels communicate to shoot.


Tons of feature requests, but it is always nice to see.

The minigun was invented by Richard Gatling in the 1860’s. The electrical version was prominently used in the Vietnam War, so there’s a good chance it can appear in the time GZ takes place :slight_smile:


What i read here is a plethora of suggestions with no consideration to the location (Sweden), time (1989) and setting.

I’d rather see ideas that fit well into current game world and it’s setting, rather than random ideas thrown all over the place.

Few examples:

No, just No. GZ isn’t Fortnite.

Already in the game. Screenshot of it here: What is your skill build?

Again, already in the game.



Sorry forgot but i was thinking about something hand held. because if mini guns were in the game they would be in base building.

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Managed to get the Experimental M/49

Swap the double shot for target lock

Thanks for the comment !

Don’t worry there is no problem about some good criticism ! :slight_smile:
I didn’t know about the Minigun !
For all other ideas that are inadapted with the time-period, I thought it was still useful to suggest because of the Scifi-style of the game. With robots and the AI-turned guy, more scifi, if implemented with a good storyline, could be fun even if innacurate to the original context. Scifi offers some freedom!
But I’m also okey with a more accurate game that will feel more “real”! The two different options seems nice to me, I just suggested more scifi “just in case”.

For the emettor to spawn hunters: Actually it’s truly difficult to fight them but I was suggesting this by anticipation some fixes that would make hunters fighting more enjoyable (but I agree, Actually they are so OP nobody would like to spawn them). I like the Himjfall mission to the hotel with waves of enemies so I tried to find a way to implement this kind of fight in the main game.

Truly thanks for your comment ! It will help me developping more ideas and, maybe I’ll add more scifi ideas, but I’ll still try to focus more on more adapted ideas now ! :smiley:

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Thanks, I didn’t know about the clothes ! But is there clothes for a male police officers too ?

I know that many of my suggestions are scifi-oriented so more or less inadapted to the time period and locations. I just wanted to add more diversity thanks to the scifi theme. After machines, experimentals and the big AI, I think that more scifi isn’t that bad. I tried to keep the spirit of the game through my suggestions like with experimentals Weapons, New machines and perks. Even if other ideas (like maps or time travel) are more about adding “diversity”, New context, I thought it could fit into the GZ World. You just have to look to series and movies like “Dark” “Stranger Things” or a bit of “StarGate” to get portals and other technology well implemented in a “retro” world ! I just suggested some scifi ideas but I’m also OK with a more accurate game ! :slight_smile:

For the weapons skins, I would hate it if it starts looking like Fortnite with pink rifles and other over-crazy things. I just suggest to get colors pattern already in game: Like the machines (proto, army, phenix) or clothes (blue camo, desert camo, forest camo, Green…). It would be a nice addition to see. I thought of it because I kind of think some purple weapons looks better than gold ones that are too “shiny” to me.

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Police outfit is so rare to be found in the game that i have ever found only female police hat. But chances are that the male set could also be in the game.

I, in the other hand, like the new/shiny finish of 5* weapons more than matte finish of 4* weapons. Though, do your preferences outweigh mine and devs as well, where game is changed to your likening? :eyes:

For weapon skins, we have dedicated topic in the forums where this got discussed in-depth,
link: Weapon reskins customization

I am GZ loyalist and i’m all about keeping the essence of GZ.

While most of your ideas would make interesting gameplay to your likening, it would also destroy GZ’s essence, where what would be left wouldn’t even be the shadow of former GZ.

For example: vehicles.
Vehicles is popular demand by many since quite a lot of players don’t want to walk/run the entire map, instead they want to travel between places fast (like Fast Travel isn’t enough already?). However, many also forgot that GZ map was designed for you to walk it, not drive it or fly it.

Devs have had hard time making the beautiful scenery and also including small POIs along the way, which will be completely missed while driving/flying. Even when walking/running, it’s possible to miss smaller POIs. I have, and while returning to same area, i’ve discovered new, small and interesting POIs that i missed previously.

Here's one example of such small POI

This small POI is in the middle of nowhere, next to nothing and easily missable. While the story it tells is quite heartbreaking.

In games, where there is nothing of interest between bigger POIs and where there is no Fast Travel feature in the game (like DayZ or 7 Days to Die), vehicles do make sense since they give you faster method of travel across the empty and boring map.

And i’m not even going to talk about time travel, stargates and storm troopers since those are way out of the GZ’s setting.

Can we get a ship or shipwreck of the HMS Visborg in the game or something NATO like a killed squad or crashed jet.(just thinking)

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From your reply in here: New Features (Weapons, vehicles, machines & mores) and rather than posting offtopic reply in there;

New Features (Weapons, vehicles, machines & mores)

that is no tom baker good sir…

Since i don’t watch Doctor Who myself, i used Google findings about his outfit. Specifically, i took the 11th one as a guideline, visible from this link:

(Don’t mind the long link, that’s how Google works.)

Btw, i’m female and “sir” isn’t correct term.

Quoted from the Code of Conduct;

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Disruptive posts edited & removed. Thanks for understanding.

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The funny part is that many of my suggestions won’t destroy the essence of the game:

-Weapons skins are not about my likening it’s about the likening of ALL players that could choose the way their weapons look. Instead of forcing people to have only one available skins, wich would mean that YOUR preferences should outweight all others… I’m not asking for the actual skin to disappear, I’m asking for additionnals skins. You would be able to keep your favorite skin. And other players could choose the skins they prefer. Everybody would be happy with it, unless some people’s happiness depend on the fact that they have what they want while others shouldn’t get what they want, wich would be a very selfish way to think.

-In terms of gameplay, the essence of the game won’t be that destroyed: The gameplay of the game is already evolving: we got the bikes, the experimentals, rivals, crafting… Did it destroyed the essence of the game ? No, it makes it better! Same way with my suggestions, if devs tried to implement some of them in the game, I’m confident that they’ll do it the right way, as balanced as possible. That’s my loyalty, supporting the game evolution! Other way we all should just keep the game at V 1.0.0, to keep the purest essence of GZ wich wouldn’t be loyalty but nostalgia.

I don’t get the vehicle argument: We have bikes, other vehicles could be implemented in the same way. The map isn’t made for cars ? It’s okey it’s a survival game not a driving simulator, no need to build highways, players will adapt to the map, not the other way.
And the whole POI argument… You already miss as much POI as possible with the Fast Travelling. Vehicles wouldn’t be implemented as a substitute to walking, it would be implemented as a substitute to Fast traveling: a way to travel Fast between points A and B. And vehicles allow you to better enjoy the map than fast travelling. And, of course, cars won’t be available since mission 1 if it’s what scares you. It would be a great way to discover the map again. And of course, nobody is going to force you to use them. You want to walk, walk ! Again, those additions won’t stop you from playing the way you play, it will only offer alternatives to you and other players that maybe would like those alternatives.

It’s nothing personnal, I just don’t understand why the game shouldn’t evolve. If some of those suggestions make their way to the game, I think the devs will balance them enough to be enjoyable for everybody. And again, if you want to walk through the entire map with only a Meusser and a Moller, no fast travelling or bikes, looking for every POI, you’ll can. If you want to use a double rocket Launcher against machines after fast travelling to any safehouse, you can.

Not everybody play the same way but at least we enjoy the way we play. Having new ways to play would make more people happy, even bringing more new players too.

Oh, I had no problem with the doctor who reference, I thought it was appropriate to the thread as an answer to the other comment :o What happened ?

I don’t get the vehicle argument: We have bikes, other vehicles could be implemented in the same way. The map isn’t made for cars ? It’s okey it’s a survival game not a driving simulator, no need to build highways, players will adapt to the map, not the other way.

So you drive the car, see a tank, decide to stop and fight the tank, so you stop the car and booom, here goes the car and you are downed. Plus cars are loud, I don’t want to alert half of the map by riding the car.

Weapons skins are not about my likening it’s about the likening of ALL players that could choose the way their weapons look. Instead of forcing people to have only one available skins, wich would mean that YOUR preferences should outweight all others

I would say OK in case the diverse weapon skins would be limited and based on EXISTING weapon skins back in '89 - which makes green skin, black skin, sliver skin, cammo and that’s it… But not any farcry-style nonsens.
On the other side there is already a weapon skin based on quality, how would you adapt you idea to that? Fancy shiny level 1 shotgun?

Re portals and similar sci-fi stuff - no thanks. While machine AI (it’s not AI actually) is something which was more or less realistic in eighties, stargate-style does not belong here.

I found some of His/Her ideas good and i think if DarkAngelLord95 had His/Her own game i would think that it would be a hardcore 1980s sci-fi game, good ideas but not here if you make a new game, go head.

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That’s the idea with the car: faster than bikes but with some down. This way you have to learn when to use it/or not !

For the weapons skins I totally agree ! Just classic weapon skins would be great !
One idea could be to equip the skin on the weapons but the painted pattern would be more or less well-painted/degraded depending on the weapon quality.

Thanks ! I like scifis and I have many ideas about it, so I suggest them !

But I would also love more “normal” content too ! I just have a lot less ideas of content to add based on the réal Sweden in 80’ ^^’

Reason why bikes are in the game is because there are bike props in the game and many players wanted to ride with it.

So, devs added them into the game as rideable vehicles. But they didn’t make bikes OP. Only place where the bike is semi-good is on the paved roads. Take it off-road and you’ll see how cumbersome it is. It also can’t travel uphill without great difficulty.

There is quite a bit of outcry how bad the bike is off-road but then again, idea is that you walk the map, not ride it.

What the additional weapon skins give to you? Do they increase weapon damage? Firerate? Something else beneficial?

I just don’t get why there is need to pain/skin everything. Why not just accept it as it is? Speaking of that, what’s next? Skins for grenades and weapon attachments (scopes)?

Some of the new features did destroy the essence of the game. Most notably the popular demand for Machine Loot, introduced in June '19 update (notes).

Before that, each machine you destroyed gave you ammo based on the weapon machine had. E.g FNIX tank - .50 cal and rockets; FNIX hunter - .50 cal; harvester - rockets etc.

Also, each machine gave you machine components based on their size. E.g small fuel cell and small EMP was obtainable only from seekers and runners; medium fuel cell and medium EMP dropped only from hunters and large fuel cell with large EMP dropped only from harvs/tanks.

Makes sense, right?

But with that nice system, there was problem. Some players didn’t want to play the game as it was intended - by looting for ammo from loot boxes. Instead, they instantly wanted to get their ammo back from the machine they just killed.

And so the devs implemented the Machine Loot, where now, you’ll get about 80% of ammo YOU used against the machine, from the machine, not the ammo machines used against you.
With it, you can now easily get 500+ 9mm Glock ammo from proto tank or no rockets when taking down harv.

Same goes with machine components. Back in the day, there was more value to take down bigger machines to get bigger/better components from them but now, you can get large fuel cells and large EMPs from runners as well.

Of course, this isn’t all. You can also get first aid kits from machines (simple from runner, standard from hunter and advanced from harv/tank). Before the update, only harvs/tanks had advanced first aid kit on them and that too rarely.

And now we have it. Machines are walking loot chests, giving back first aid kits and most of the ammo you used against them. And all that just because some lazy players who didn’t want to play the game as it was intended.

Am i happy about it? No, not at all.
Not every new update/feature is beneficial for the game, despite being popular demand by players.

Another, more recent new feature, is list based inventory system. Many players asked for the rework of the old grid based inventory system (mainly to better sort it) and once players got what they asked, a lot were (and still are) against the new inventory system. There is even a big dedicated topic about it: New Inventory system complications
I’m indifferent about it. Took me some time to learn it but it is what it is.

Before you can Fast Travel, you 1st need to hike to each and every safehouse to unlock it. It at that point where using vehicle misses the POIs. Since once you have safehouses unlocked, the fastest way to travel is Fast Travel.

Speaking of vehicles and as mentioned above of them being one-shot instant kills for you, if machine happens to fire at it, there is another thing that doesn’t make machines operable.

All cars and trucks in game are looking seemingly fine but somehow, they are inoperable. Only one thing can do that and it’s powerful enough EMP. Latter fries any electronics, making vehicles inoperable.

Also, your player char is supposed to be a teen, without any special knowledge how to repair complex electrical systems. Unless tying the ability to repair vehicles into Engineer specialization.

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Weapons skins is like character clothes: just a way to make your character look like you want. I don’t think it should add bonus, except maybe a very low stealth bonus with camo skins. I think it would be a nice addition to the character customization like the events clothes for example.

-bikes are well-balanced ! But it was introduced when I already explored the wall map on my feet so it wasn’t a problem to me. Cars should be an “end game” unlock I think, hard to get. Maybe it could carry a whole squad (4) of players and, as the bike, would be better on road. Maybe it just shouldn’t explode that easily? Do real cars REALLY explode that much…? I don’t think so, unless it’s a Michael Bay movie! Cars could carry many people, maybe being a moveable storage box too and of course faster than bikes. But it would attract machines and be slower offroad. And hard to get/build/repair. So it could be a Nice balance and great for the endgame. It’s a good idea to connect it with the engineers perks !

It’s crazy all this things with the loot ! On wich platform do you play ?
On PS4 (with the ammo and components perks) I mostly get ammo used by the machines against me (especially with runners and Hunters). With tanks and harvester I get a mix of both the ammo I used and the ammo it uses against me.

They do. Put few rounds into it’s engine and look how it blows up. In the other hand, trucks are completely immune to any damage. Go figure.

Cars in the game are currently part of the environment as hiding in plain sight traps. I, personally, don’t like blowing them up (enough devastation in the game already) but it’s solid tactic to fire at and blow up the car when machines are near it.

Example: i unlock the car (since my 4th char is lvl31 with Engineer specialization). I’ll join random MP game (new and/or low lvl players) and spawn my car in there. Other, low lvl folks, jump in my car to drive/ride along. <- how is that end-game thing?

That is way too OP. Unless you remove every other Plundra from all the safehouses.

PC (Steam).

To showcase the Machine Loot best, here are few screenshots (click on them to expand):
Note: i have Salvage lvl2.

Proto tank loot table before Machine Loot came

Proto tank loot table after Machine Loot came

See the difference?

Following is more interesting:

FNIX tank loot table before Machine Loot came

Back then, it was 100% guaranteed that you got random 5* weapon from each FNIX tank and 50% chance of getting random 5* weapon mod as well.

FNIX tank loot table after Machine Loot came

Now, you get your “precious” ammo and have to grind/farm if you want a weapon from it.