New teasers for the Skyfire Update (25 june '24)

Not for me, yet. Just checked it out.

Let’s try again to take the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • clouds
  • a vulture
  • a sea with a fish and some reflections of a machine, we don’t know yet, set in mountains region
  • a terrifying sound at a spot in mountains region
  • the interior of a base that looks like a FNIX structure
  • a soviet message about starting engines

I think it could really be in general about a new soviet boss-machine. I don’t like the idea of a flying reaper yet, but we’ll see. With the shown locations I could think of a few new story missions in mountains region and maybe lower farmlands. I expect to see soviet machines in regions where we haven’t seen them yet.

In sum that doesn’t sound that much… Not more than the introduction of the firebirds. (Dangerous skies Update?)

I just wonder if we will also get some new equipment, either as free content or as paid DLC.

Will there also be some “unique” items we can just get by destroying this new boss-machine?

How will the spawn behaviour be? Is it a random thing to get a reaper or a soviet version or does it depend on
something like the region with different chances each?
Will it come alone or with some kind of support?

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Guess we’ll have to wait to find out

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Buddy! You’re hilarious! :rofl: :rofl: Hey, if it rains, will you get me an umbrella?


You may need one! :smiley:


It’ll rain bullets… That’s how I interpret this.


So what do you all think that this thing is for?
Is this the Vulture Tracker or the chemical laser?

Or this : Tracking in progress?


Found on Discord

‘Skyfire Update’ Features:

• New Endgame Boss:
Face off against the terrifying Vulture, a new Tyrant class enemy in the form of an evolved Firebird.

• Companion Armor Field Repair:
Equip Armor Kits into your weapon wheel and throw them on to your Companions to repair or re-kit them on the go, increasing their versatility.

• New Weapon & Augmentations:
Fire a chemical laser beam that sets the ground around the player on fire with the new Meusser Hunting Rifle. Unlock new weapon augmentations by defeating Tyrants.

• Revamped Tyrant Spawning System & More:
Discover Tyrant locations after defeating Rival machines, gathering Coordinate Keys, and entering them into Tyrant Terminals located in base assault bases. Tyrant progression will also be updated, along with fixes to machine detection.


If we need something like a tracker, it would mean that the vulture is invisible for the normal map.

I’m still excited about the spawn behaviour of the vulture. Does it have similar prerequesites as the reaper, but is then invisible on the map… Or is it always there …vand has to be found with the tracker?

How can we find the tracking devices and how many are there? Do we have a limited amount of time to track it?

Can we find it anywhere, or just in the regions with soviet presence?


The tracking devices are found in base assault bases.

We need to gather coordinate keys to find where the Vulture is at.


This sounds cool.
Does it mean that we hunt rivals, get the tyrant approximiatly locations and keys from them and then do base assaults to enter the codes into a terminal to get the exact location?
Or are there two ways (by rivals or by farming for Key and then doing base assaults)?

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We need to hunt Rivals to get coordinate keys, those keys we have to input in this machine below. Then we can find the Vulture and deal with it.

We find those Tracking machines in Base Assault bases. So to get to such a machine, we need to go in FNIX’s territory. Not sure what to expect there.

I dont like the part about a “new Meusser Hunting rifle”
Chemical laser beam? Things are getting weirder than giant machines :eyes:

I also wonder what negative effects those augmentations will have, some of the more useful ones decrease damage and give high recoil.


I’m glad they’re reworking the spawning system for the boss machines, it was a MASSIVE grind before so this new system sounds far more interesting


@Gysbert Are they adding another experimental hunting rifle or is that just an augmentation?

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Well, I don’t know. :thinking: But it says “New Meusser Rifle”…

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Interesting, it’ll probably pop up on their twitter sometime soon

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I’d say it’ll be an experimental meusser.

Just for the vulture, not for the reaper, as far as I understood.


Btw. This is an interesting way of preventing spawn issues due to bad luck or changing the whole spawn system of reapers and rivals, too.

It doesn’t depend on region score and level and isn’t as random as the spawn rates of rivals (whether a soviet or FNIX rival spawns).

On the other hand it’s a good way to give the rivals and the FNIX bases another purpose… Without being forced to introduce soviet bases as counter part, although I would really like to see soviet bases for some variety.

I’m really excited. @SR_Carni Sounds good so far :+1:

What do you all think… Are these

entrances to underground parts of the bases where we find those terminals?

Is there an elevator or a useable ladder or are there stairs or a ramp?

Will there just be a short tunnel or some more ways to explore (a small maze), maybe with some scare-jumping ticks?


It would be very interesting, it would make sense at the North Coast and Marshlands regions.


Chemical lasers at least are no scifi. They’re real, somehow. Or they were.

I just wonder how the weapon will look like and if we’ll need another ressource or ammo type for it.

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