New to game and really could use these features

So I just recently started to play and I am running into some issues that would improve my game play so much if it was included.

  1. The ability to lock a weapon or favorite it so that I do not accidentally recycle it. I have lost many weapons now because items get highlighted and flash and I forget that though it is doing this it is not selected and then poof your weapon is gone forever. Or I start to get click happy with recycling and instead of moving to the next item on the list, all of a sudden the list is changed and some other new item is up top instead of the next item on the list and then poof gone forever.

  2. It would be nice to be able to sort my inventory like alphabetically or highest dmg.

  3. The ability to respec my skills. I invested in inquisitive mind but now that I have read around some I think that was a bad idea because several reasons. There is a level cap and once you reach it this skill is a waste then to have. It will be helpful leveling up but being that there is only so many points having a skill that becomes worthless is horrible.

These 3 things are very common features in any game you play. It is not ground breaking innovations but rather quality of life changes that make the game more enjoyable. You do want to keep people playing right? At this point I am not sure I would even suggest this to my friends or buy the expansions. Simple little things like this will just make me hate the game over time. It is already a naissance. Just letting you know.


Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:

However, most of your suggestions already have dedicated topics within forums:

1. Couldn’t find a topic.
2. Better inventory sorting: Stash Box sorting
3. Skill respec: Skills Respec please

Due to this, it is better if your 2nd and 3rd ideas would be discussed within their specific topics. Since if all that discussion would take place here, it can get confusing very fast. :worried:

With this, lets keep only the 1st idea discussion here, in this topic. :slight_smile:


Yeah being able to favorite items would be helpful. I have recycled weapons on accident that I’ve wanted to keep before which is pretty painful. Adding another button option other than E or R might do the trick.

I agree with that. It would also be nice if the mods that are in weapons don’t show in your inventory or your stash.

I messed up one day, jumping into someone else’s game and dropped a few guns and mods. My mistake I dropped a 5* kvm 59 ammo mod that was attached to a gun. Never found another one since.

Hopefully soon we will be able to get some kind of feature to protect our items

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In inventory view, when attachment is equipped to a weapon, it gets an indicator.


You can see that i have 2-4x handgun scope, handgun silencer and IR/OPV module equipped to my handgun (.44 Magnus), 4* KVM59 mag mod is also equipped to a weapon, while 8-16x scope, a-rifle and SMG silencers are not equipped to any of the weapons.

However, when attachments are equipped to weapons in Plundra, they do not get that same indicator. Latter has been requested a lot and i hope it also comes to the game soon.