PC Game Pass - Infinite loading screen on new game / continue

Whenever I hit continue, or make a new character from scratch, I’m met with an infinite loading screen and can’t play. First time playing, any solutions?

Tried everything from restarting to redownloading. Logged out of everything and relogged. Still met with a blank loading screen. I even tried making a second character.


Hey @SterbenSb :wave:

Let’s see if we can sort this out!

Are you by any chance on Windows 11? If so could you try this workaround below?

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!


I’m still on windows 10 and so is my friend who is having the same problem.

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Same exact issue, fresh install, never played, Win 10.

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I am running version 21H1 of windows 10 home. 64x bit OS

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I have the same problem win 10 and the new update

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Please its take forever to start

I have the same issue, I Haven’t had a chance to even play the game yet, I downloaded it, hit “New Game”, and create my character it shows the story text, then it just goes to a black screen with the Autosave symbol permanently flashing in the top right of the screen. let it sit for a good 10 - 15 minutes and nothing is loading at all. when I alt F4 to quit out and load it up again, theres now a Continue game selection, when i Choose it it just goes back to black screen with Autosave icon in the top right again. Running Windows 10 20H2, have uninstalled and downloaded the game again, downloaded latest graphics drivers, nothing changes.

Edit: Just updated to windows 10 21H2. same results.


I also cannot start playing.

Installed in Xbox App, start the game, sign-in, do a character creation, click start and I’m looking at an infinite loading screen. Black screen with the auto-save icon blinking.

Mouse is moving, I also see CPU load, and GPU load. But nothing happens.

Quit with ALT-F4, get a “Continue Game” option after restarting the game, but that also is loading forever.

New character creation does not help, same problem.

System specs:
OS: Windows 10 Pro 21H2, latest updates installed. (Build 19044.1387)
Hardware: Gefore GTX1080 with 496.76 drivers, Core i5-8600K, 16GB memory.

Repairing and resetting the Xbox App also does not make a difference. Xbox App up to date.


Reporting the same issue, I have W10, up to date.

Hardware is Geforce GTX 1650 with 496.76 drivers, Core i7-2600K, 16GB memory.


Same issue here with myself and my wife. Both on latest Windows 11 Update, and both of us have Reset our XBOX Apps, but still get the same thing, blackscreen with load or autosave icon flashing in top right of screen.


Platform: windows pc

Description: Just downloaded the game on game pass for pc and i can select a character, but i get stuck on the loading screen everytime i click continue or make a new character

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: intel core i7 8700k 32g RAM rtx 2080 gpu


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Same issue here, black screen with the white autosave icon at the top right. When trying to start the game. Me and my 3 friends are all experiencing this with Gamepass.

But (some) people have the Xbox game pass on PC, this when the game is on sale for ~8 bucks, and ~14 for game + 2 DLCs. Maybe the gamepass for 1 dollar for 3 months playing is attractive to test some games out.

Hello everyone :wave:

The issue has been identified and we are working on solving it!

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience :pray:

Temporary Workaround: Although you can’t play multiplayer until we have addressed this issue, the game should be playable in Offline Mode in case anyone wants to do that while waiting for the fix to roll out.

EDIT: About offline play…

See the links below for more detailed information and steps on how to do offline play on PC / XBOX:

:information_source: The “offline permissions” setting on PC is more about allowing offline play and having it enabled allows you to play (some) games offline IF having followed the necessary steps (enabled setting, prepared your game for offline play, etc). Even if you have this setting on, IF you are online you should still be able to play everything online.

The thing with our game is that it is online by default and as long as you remain online our game will try to go online too. Thus, in order to play GenZ offline you need to make it so that your device (XBOX or PC) or application running the game is offline by e.g. putting xbox in offline mode, disconnecting internet cable, enabling offline mode in Steam, etc.


Is the infinite loading screen on new game / continue still occurring for you guys?
Anyone up for re-testing and sharing their test results in this topic?

EDIT: Please restart the game before trying again.


Yes please. for me its the same issue with others as well stuck on loading screen, where as my friends on Xbox one console are playing without a problem and no issues at all :sleepy: :frowning_face:. and i am on “Win10” with latest update and hardware are: “Geforce GTX 1070 with latest drivers, Intel Core i7-6700K, 16GB memory”. I hope you guys really plz fix the issue quickly.

Yup, it sure is. Also how in the heck do you play offline with it being the XBOX Game Pass PC Version?


Yes, I’m still having the same issue, can’t play the game at all because of it. New character or continue, as well as trying to join a friends game, it all doesn’t work.