[PC] Lagspikes while playing (RESOLVED IN APRIL UPDATE)

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (64-bit)

Even when playing at lowest resolution and lowest graphics settings lagspikes occur every 2-3 seconds which causes the game to freeze for about 0,1 seconds. This makes the gamepalay rather choppy and not very enjoyable.

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(can’t be seen when recording)

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RAM: 16 GB, 2133 MHz
CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 Skylake (Quad Core, 3.2 GHz)
GPU: ASUS Radeon RX 580 Dual OC (8 GB)
Graphics Driver: Radeon Adrenalin 19.3.3 (latest as of this writing)
Monitors: 1
HDD: Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX-60M2NA0 (1 TB, 7200 RPM)


Similar issues/reports seem to have one or two things in common: CPU (Intel Core i5) and/or OS (Windows 7). Based on Muzza’s comment below, upgrading to Windows 10 appears to have solved the problem. So the game’s compatibility with Windows 7 might be worth looking into.

EDIT (2019-03-27):


After looking through different reports it appears that most people having an (older?) Intel Core i5 processor experience problems with bad framerate or choppy gameplay. All of them had decent GPUs like GTX 1060 and up.

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Aye I have a gtx 1070 and experienced similar with multiple nvidia graphics drivers, only thing thing tho is my CPU is a 7th gen i7 so I think it’s graphics card related?? Not sure, similar issues with the 20 series cards as my mate was experiencing similar quality and he has a 2080

Same problem for me. But game was running really smooth for like 40min and then lagg spikes… But i have an really old i5 and a GTX 1080, so i figured later in the game got more processor heavy. But might be something else, not sure.

Also everyone has the same version of windows. I have the same problem, and I have the same version of windows.

Interesting… Most of the posts I saw just mentioned CPU and GPU, not OS.

What OS do you use?

I had used windows 7, i’ve just upgraded it to Windows 10 and I can play the game on high with no issues


After receiving an update to the game today I can inform that the lagging has decreased, but that it’s still there. It’s less frequent (about every 3-7 sec) and also doesn’t last as long… It MIGHT be playable if I’m in a good mood.

However, now the game crashes after approximately 5 minutes so I can’t really play much at all.

Have you guys tried clean install on Windows 7 without any windows update patches?

Microsoft has released a bunch of Intel CPU patches for various CPU bugs lately. Maybe it impacts the performance. Nvidia issue?

I run a FX-8370E @ 4.4 Ghz with a Radeon R9 Nano 4GB. With Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit. 8 GB Ram

I max all the settings in 1080p. And it’s over 60 fps. It runs very smooth. Even If I run as a host with one client (friend) connected.

So Windows 10 seems to work good. All so my bud that have a similar config in CPU and Windows 10 Pro, but with a Radeon RX480 8 GB. It runs good there.

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I can confirm, exactly the same symptoms as Vincent described, exactly the same CPU and OS. Unplayable 100% CPU usage on lowest possible resolution and graphics options.

Windows 7 SP1
i5-6500 Skylake
GeForce GTX 970
16 GB DDR4-2133

I really dont want to have to upgrade to Windows 10 just to be able to play… however seems this is becoming a trend over the last few months with other new games so I may have to bite the bullet eventually.

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I haven’t, but that shouldn’t be necessary as some updates can be disabled or otherwise just uninstalled. Though I have not experienced any noticable difference in performance since I installed the updates (not even when benchmarking it) so it’d be odd if performance suddenly started degrading now.

Yes, that is strange. Hope they solve it soon.

But I know there was a patch that did some odd effects with the performance of mouse and graphics.


But again. I don’t know if this patch all so hits Windows 7. If it did: Should have a different KB nr.

I’ve noticed that people with Windows 7 seem to be having this problem but Windows 10 are not. Maybe a DirectX issue? Also I think I saw it mentioned that somebody had run the beta without issue but was having trouble with the proper release. Hope that helps.

I’d really like to play.

As far as I have gathered the intel from this proble, this monstrous GPU usage is not that uncommon… many people is saying that they have MASSIVE FPS spikes and therefor cant paly…

For me, im having 1-30FPS ranging from 1second 30fps and on the next game freezes and 1 fps… its a rollercoaster, even thou I have triggered from the options that i want 60FPS, I have put ALL the options to minimum as far as i can and tried with and without latest drivers, nothing works…

So far, this game is unplayable for me and it seems many many others as well… For what I can tell, i5 is the problem atleast the older ones…

Little from my computer
Windows 7
Intel Core i5 750
nVidia 1060 6g
16g RAM
2 monitors
USB keyboard and mouse

I really hope some tech support would read all this feedback and give ANY information whats happening or what to do…

A question to you all. Have tried to switch between Vertical Sync? On/OFF ?

Yes, multiple times. Didn’t make a difference.

I have not had a chance to really trouble shoot the issue since win 7 does not support 100% Windows ADK.

But there seems to be something causing an issue with at least the I5 series and windows 7 it self sort of … not sure … Several have reported to me though that upgrading to win 10 / doing a fresh install with win 10 resolved there issues … Its nothing i wanna say i want to recommend and i suspect something else in the background might cause the issue together with GenZero … really hard to say though again and really hard to track without having access to a pc and running the ADK kit and analyzing how system resources are used and if there is something else that might cause an issue …

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As of the April update the bad FPS and lagspike issues have now been resolved on my system (the game still crashes after a couple of minutes, though).

Good work so far, devs!