Player circumventing Invite Only setting by "IP Joining"

Platform: Steam, Windows 10

Player ThE LeGeNd 27 joined my game and proceeded to spoil the fun of taking down a reaper by using some auto-fire grg mod.
So i closed the game and restarted and changed to Invite Only.
He joined again.
So I closed the session.
He joined again.

Steps taken:
I returned to the menu and read up on the issue here in the forum, restarted the game and applied the suggested solution but the guy joined my game again.
I asked how he managed to join an Invite Only game and after getting salty and threatening about it and he suggested something called IP joining.

That sounds extremely dodgy and surely breaks all sorts of codes of behaviour.


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if ur on pc and steam , check that its not a friend trolling you. also it might be worth doing a port check for backdoors (RAT) - google that. im not staff just community.

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That guy was kicked out twice today. Walking virus…

Btw, is it possible to report him to Steam to get him at least kicked out permanently from GZ… Obviously breaking the EULA. (And many others too…)

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Already filed a Steam complaint


He’s not a friend, thanks for the port check suggestion.

You could try a VPN, if nothing else it might make it harder to join.

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Most routers will have a way to block external ports and/or IPs. Just block his IP.

How to find out his IP?

If this is legit, it’s incredibly bad that it is at all possible.

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You can screen shot his profile and send steam a report with the screen shot and explain what he is doing.

Edit: After the landfall update I have had players I have kicked and then switch my game to invite only and still join. At times can not even kick them from my game and have to close my game completely. It may not be the player doing anything more than just trying to join a co-op game and match maker is broken.

In steam here is a good write up about this issue under settings and then in game setting, down at the bottom. Steam Support :: Peer-to-Peer Networking and Sharing Your IP Address

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Thanks. However I think something is broken. Two times in a raw with some hours in between, having my game set in “Invitation Only” two users joined my game and I had never seen those before. Meaning I don’t think they were aware of my IP address in beforehand. And the game was started up in “Invitation Only” (No flipping when it was up running).


Shared with the team! We’ll take a look at it and see if there’s anything we can do!


Just confirmed this bug with a host that kept kicking me out of his game. I was able to ask him to change his settings and he stated it was on invite only.


I have seen this happen again with other players and indeed with myself joining a supposedly invite only game a few times in a row. I told the host of the game I kept rejoining how to apply the change and restart and it seemed to work for him.
It was the response from the player in my game that made me most suspicious but as it turns out it seems to be a fault in the game where the “who can join” setting is not applied while the host is running. You have to change the setting and restart the whole game.

That could be the quick fix for now but I hope this is something that can be resolved quickly and I also hope this “bug” is the cause of the other issues that started with the landfall update. The problem with not being able to join at all but instead keep getting the time out pop up message.

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Is your steam profile set to public by chance? Perhaps people are finding you that way. It’s not like these people are punching in random IPs, there must be a way they found you.

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I don’t think that is the issue. I am pretty sure it is in the way the game fails to set the multiplayer mode. But yes, my steam profile is public.

This “bug” is setting your game to invite only and then random players joining in your game, and it has nothing to do with finding someone via IP address. Matchmaker looks for a public game, and if someone changed their game from anyone can join to invite only, then match maker sees it as a public game still. The change doesn’t take place till you exit the game and restart it.

The other problem that also started the same time this did is not finding a game at all but after a minute of the matchmaker “looking” for a host you get a time out message or the host is no longer there. And you again have to exit the game and restart in hopes it goes away.

Since both these issues started the same time I think it could be the same thing causing it. Fix one and it fixes the other.

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I can confirm this does NOT help unfortunately. Even starting it up, or restart for that matter, will still let random people in despite having the setting to “Invite Only” And it has more becoming an issue as it appears like more people are running cheats and we really don’t want those people in our game…