Post-Hotfix Steam Crash issue collection thread

That’s the only Info from X

We have identified a subset of Steam users who are experiencing crashes when entering the game world after the hotfix. We have a hotfix hotfix in place and are looking to release it as soon as possible.

— Generation Zero (@GenZeroGame) January 19, 2024

Awesome. I might be a part of that subset. Ill try and load again and send an error report to help the team. Thank you for the update.

Just tried again. Noticed that Steam did not update despite new repair patch being pushed. Maybe this could be part of the issue for the steam subset? My steam settings are to always update as soon as updates are available so it should update before opening the game. Will patiently await developments. Cheers.

Platform: pc

Description: I press my character it would start up then crash immediately I tried making a new character and same thing happened

Steps To Reproduce: I press on character it loads in then crashes

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics 4/4 0.0v
Motherboard: ASRock B450 Pro4
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: Nividia Geforce GTX 1650 (4 gb )

Please wait for the hotfix hotfix.

the warmfix will soon get a hotfix, :weary:, im so glad im on PS4, :dizzy_face:, what computer peoples have to dill with when playing, removing glitches or designing the game, im happy with my simple laptop & PS4, how do you people do 15 screens at once image

Hotfix hotfix is there

I am going to test it now.
Edit: Found no hiccup’s so far.

I’ve still been crashing but i’ve been able to stay in game longer this time like I can go 5-10minutes in game at a time before it freezes again, here is a clip and my pc spec are 32GB of DDR4 ram and a 4060 so it aint my specs

Thanks! We’re working on this one now


I was one of the players crashing on initially loading the game (after hitting continue). I can get into the game now and sometimes can play for over an hour without crashing. I did 2 base defense missions without crashing - BUT… The last 2 crashes happened shortly opening the plundra at my base while re-organizing inventory.


I posted the crash after the new patch and i showed the crash report as well. The original problem (click continue and the game is crashed) solved but the game is became very unstable. Sometimes crashing 5 times in 5 minutes, sometimes i can play 10 minutes without crash. Before the patch i have only about 2 crashes in a day, but now it’s hardly play with it. Various situations in crash but most of it in invertory using. I don’t use mods.
CPU: I5-4460
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 3070 8gb
RAM: 16gb

Did you try the new Beta update?

I was playing gz after hotfix and nothing really changed. Then, i switched to the beta version wich was announced on gz discord and even there I couldn’t play longer than max 20 minutes, beacuse at the end gz always randomly closes.

Nevermind Steam,… Im crashing like this just the same on Xbox One X. Hell, at this point I can sit in a safehouse spawn for 5-10 minutes not moving till screen saver kicks in and can crash while not even moving. Directional sound recognition is off and constant popping-crackling. Soviet Vs Fnix fights bring on the issues ten fold. Game (for me) is essentially unplayable now. Also, I even deleted and reinstalled the game and addons and still, same thing. Usually I found this sorts some bugs out typically. Not this time though.

I assume the game is installed on internal memory? How much space is free?
Did you try to clear the cache?
Does it help if you deactivate the DLCs and activate them one by one again?

Hey! The hotfixes are concluded for now, please raise issues in separate threads again :slight_smile: Thanks!